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									Sales Management Executive Profile
Michael Chaires
847.408.4123 | mike@mikechaires.com                                             Palatine, Illinois

Passionate, perseverant, action-driven, stop-at-nothing Master Seller, empowering
 Leader, Manager, Trainer and lifelong Coach with heightened self-expectations and
 drive to be an expert, with a record of routinely hitting or beating quotas since
 knocking on that very first customer’s door —
Quickly built stellar company reputation reaching #1 in market share in a matter of
 months, smashing at least triple sales of industry average, routinely penetrating new
 markets and winning dominant market share time and again — becoming competition’s
 #1 threat for growth beyond expectations —

Personal & Professional Hallmarks
Providing inspirational, empowering, can-do, best practice and ethically committed leadership.
 Expecting and getting the highest standards and practices, setting and making or
   exceeding ambitious sales targets and achieving #1 rankings against competing interests
 Known for creating a culture of excellence with the highest professional standards,
  rewarded by stunning employee retention rates and loyalty from sales force, staff, and
 Record of successfully turning around companies even in unstable environments or poor
   market conditions
 Taking advantage of cutting edge technologies such as CRM to greatest benefit
 Recipient of numerous awards for contributions in sales, management, recruiting,
   technology, and giving back to the community
 Recognized for empowering sales leadership, earning trust quickly, manifested by
   individualized attention, powerful communication, intensive training and personalized
   coaching, innovative and best practices
 Creating traditional and web-based solutions that take the client experience to a new level
 Building tight, trusting and loyal relationships with multiple stakeholders, solidified by
   strength of communication
 Proven track record as a top-performing producer in multiple industries for both products
   & services
 Consistently attracting the best available talent and leading teams to unexpected heights
 Insatiable thirst for learning new concepts, technology and soaking up information
 Rose from new agent to top-ranked status in a single year, in three years earning $300K in
   commissions. In six years built and grew sales team to over $20 million with only one
   assistant and one sales agent in training — in only half the expected time
 Personally trained already well-established high income producing sales professionals (up
   to $1 million plus) to incorporate changes and best business practices to further increase
   profit and efficiency
 Reputation for delivering complete training courses on any part of the sales process in a
   quarter of the usual time, and can readily transfer, apply and teach any skill to any industry
 Utilizing numerous innovative sales techniques such as High Trust Selling, which create an
   emotional attachment to the company solution conducive to success
 Seeker of a diversity in perspective and personality, people who value intelligence,
    integrity, and excellence to put the best ideas into practice
 Regarded as a powerful communicator who spurs action and achieves win-win even in the
    midst of conflict, establishes clear agreements, ensures accountability, provides implicit
    and explicit support, and creates an engaged environment of continuing success
 Consistent record of driving margins and ROI to better-than-expected levels
 Conducted training on Strategic Planning including every phase of the sales process for
    groups of up to 200, resolving objections on the spot with the coolness of a surgeon
 Knack for breaking down barriers between rival departments and creating a team dynamic

 Launched a new regional sales office with 11 associates and built to 5 offices with 165 associates,
  from ground floor to $750 million in annual revenues, ranking #1 in market share within two years of
  penetrating new territory, as well as #1 in all 5 markets
       Recruited, built and empowered sales force to more than triple the national average sales
        volume and #1 share in local markets, reaching a phenomenal Premium Market Share of 30%
        plus in 4 of 5 markets
       Managed $1.8M operating budget with full Profit & Loss responsibility, and handled over 2,500
        annual transactions
       Recruited and developed only the most experienced talent, adding over 100 strong producers,
        and enjoyed a retention rate more than double that of competing offices
       Cut the recruitment process from initial meeting to onboard in half to six months utilizing proven
        High Trust Selling techniques
       Pioneered a landmark, award-winning website solution for 150+ regional offices with 3,000
        agents, the first US region of the company, which dramatically increased leads, new business,
        market share, and attracted a million unique visitors by the second year, a model adopted as
        standard nationwide by the international parent enterprise, setting the stage for company
        reaching 1 million visitors per month and 5,000 leads per day
       Orchestrated acquisitions of four offices and merged two sister offices and retained 100% of
        qualified sales associates
       Developed successful joint ventures and vendor partnerships that further increased lead
        generation, lead support and company revenue
       Inspired all 165 agents to donate a percentage of every sale to the Children’s Miracle Network
        charity and won awards for personal involvement year after year
   Established a profitable in-house customer service center six months ahead of schedule, prompting
    promotion to more responsible outside sales position (KL Spring)
       Maintained 100% retention of priority accounts and never failed to resolve a single escalated
        account challenge
       Increased account revenue to earn status as a proven profit center, with Customer Service
        evolving into a permanent department within six months
   Exceeded annual quota within the first 30 days in sales position and was consistently recognized
    with numerous sales awards including representative of the month. Quickly tapped to serve in
    mentoring and training capacity. Named as competition’s No. 1 threat (Uni-Copy)
   After just two years in sales, sold and trained more than 3,000 sales representatives and C-level
    Fortune 500 executives with in-house and live training events of the “Psychology of Selling” and
    “Psychology of Achievement” courses (Brian Tracy Learning Systems)
   In an early position, recognized as competition’s No. 1 threat after having grown annual revenue by
    $2 million, adding transitioning company from basic service into full line vendor (Express Coffee)
   Started a mortgage company in 2002 and trained in-house loan officers in capturing 21-23% in
    industry that considers 15% a good rate

Mike Chaires                                                           847.408.4123 | mike@mikechaires.com
Career History
RE/MAX Northern Illinois                                                      1997 - 2012
Managing Partner / Business Development / Regional Sales Manager
Recruiter / Trainer / Broker Associate
Century 21, Chicago, Illinois                                                 1994 - 1997
Sales Associate
KL Spring, Chicago, Illinois                                                  1992 - 1994
Manager Customer Service/Inside Sales
Uni-Copy, Phoenix, Arizona                                                    1988 - 1989
Sales Rep
Brian Tracy Learning Systems, Chicago, Illinois                               1987 - 1988
District Manager
Express Coffee & Vending Service, Chicago, Illinois                           1985 - 1992

US Air Force (Sergeant E-5, 4 years)

BA, Psychology and Business – University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

Certifications, Training
   Buffini and Company: Working by Referral – Certified Mentor
   Pathway to Business & Successful Living: Leadership & Communications
   Todd Duncan Group: High Trust Selling
   Mike Ferry Organization: Business Development, Sales Mastery & Coaching
   Brian Tracy: Psychology of Sales and Psychology of Achievement
   Advanced Executive Leadership Course By RE/MAX International
   STAR Sales Development Program By Floyd Wickman
   Thousands of hours participating 1-5 day workshops/seminars/DVD & audio programs
    with the top trainers in North America consistently through every year

Select Awards
   Broker-Owner Of The Year – 2000, 2002 & 2005 (Akin to the “Super Bowl ring” in the business,
    based on recruiting, retention, market share growth, community work and technology advancement)
   Centurion Award for top 10% in volume
   100% Award for Sales Performance
   Technology Award - 2003
   Above the Crowd Award – 2007
   Outstanding Citizens Award – 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2007
   Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Multi Office Award – 2002 - 2008

Mike Chaires                                                      847.408.4123 | mike@mikechaires.com

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