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					         Sample Conversation:                        Restaurant Role-play            You are a waiter in a restaurant. When
      Ordering Food at a Restaurant
                                                        Waiter Sheet                 people sit down at your table, give them
                                                                                     some menus and take their orders:
Waiter: Welcome to Antico’s. Here are your          Name   Food       Drink      Complaints Comments
menus. Today’s special is grilled salmon. I’ll be                                                        (1) Welcome.
back to take your order in a minute.                                                                     (2) Give Menus.
                     ...                                                                                 (3) Tell the guests the
Waiter: Are you ready to order?                                                                          special of the day.
Customer 1: I’d like the seafood spaghetti.                                                              (4) Give them some
Waiter: And you?                                                                                         time to look at the
Customer 2: I’ll have a hamburger and fries.                                                             menu.
Waiter: Would you like anything to drink?                                                                (5) Take their orders.
Customer 1: I’ll have a coke, please.                                                                    (6) Confirm their
Waiter: And for you?                                                                                     orders.
Customer 2: Just water, please.                                                                          (7) Wait for the
Waiter: OK. Is it to eat in or takeaway?                                                                 guests      to  finish
Customer : ……………………….                                                                                    eating and ask you to
Waiter: Here is your food. Enjoy your meal.                                                              check bill.
Waiter: It’s……………?
Customers: Here you are.
Waiter: Thank you very much.


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