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									       Bay Vista Fundamental
        Elementary School
         5900 9 St. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33705
                Phone: (727)893-2335
                 Fax: (727)893-1800

August 20, 2012
Kris Sulte, Principal
Ward Kennedy, Area 3                                               A Message from the Principal
PTA President, Amy McCurdy                                                   What a terrific first day of school. Thank you to all
SAC Chairperson, Mark Moon                                         our new and returning parents for making this day so smooth.
                                                                   In this newsletter you will find a few safety reminders as well
                                                                   as information about dress code and Open House.
                                                                             Students will be bringing home a first day packet
DATES TO REMEMBER                                                  with information that needs to be filled out and returned. We
                                                                   have listed all the information on the second page of this
August 20         First Day of school                              newsletter. Please keep and read your parent handbook. The
                                                                   handbook is part of your agenda for grades 1-5 and a separate
                  First Infraction Period Starts
                                                                   document for Kindergarten students. This is a wonderful
August 21         Open House- Required Parent                      reference you can use throughout the school year.
                  Meeting Bay Vista                                          Our first required parent meeting is Open House.
                  5:30-6:30 K, 1, 2                                Please refer to the calendar to the left for dates and times.
August 21         Open House- Required Parent                      This meeting is for parents only so please make arrangements
                                                                   for your children. Our Specialists and ESE teachers will be
                  Meeting- Bay Vista
                                                                   available from 6:30-7:00 in their rooms if you would like to
                  6:45-7:45 3, 4, 5                                speak to them.
                                                                              The first week of school will again have a grace
                                                                   period for families that were not placed on probation from the
                                                                   previous school year. Families will receive a gentle reminder
             School Hours                                          of any fundamental infractions they would’ve received. This
       Student hours are 8:15-2:15.                                will give teachers the opportunity to review procedures with
                                                                   families at Open House. Please take time to read this
Students may arrive on campus no earlier                           newsletter and our handbook this week so you are familiar
than 7:45 and should report to the cafeteria                       with the fundamental expectations and the processes in place
if they will be eating the free universal                          at Bay Vista.
                                                                             I hope all of you had a restful summer and were eager
breakfast. Students not eating breakfast will                      to return to Bay Vista Fundamental as we begin our 9th year
report to the covered court for the walking                        together.
program. Students may enter their                                                       Mrs. Sulte
classrooms at 8:05.

EMAIL and the newsletter!
                                                                   Please return this portion:
In an effort to cut down on the paper that you receive from
Bay Vista we will be emailing important information such as        Parent Name________________________
the newsletter, PTA flyers and other forms of communication
that we typically send home. Your email address is what was
entered into the Student Reservation system and is now in          Child(ren) Name__________________________
portal. So that we have the correct information, please fill out
and return this portion so that we may update your email
address in the system.

                                                                   Email address____________________________
                                                                   Please return by August 31, 2012
                                                              Bottom of Form
                                                                     Take Home Packets
                     Dress Code
To avoid receiving warnings/detentions due to improper        •Free/Reduced lunch applications
dress, please adhere to the following code as it relates to   (Student lunch costs $2.00/ and $.40 for reduced.
school shorts:                                                •Yellow Clinic Card...Please return this tomorrow.
                   Acceptable Shorts:                         •Parent Commitment Letter...please return this
•Khaki (tan) or Navy Blue in color                            tomorrow.
•Cuffed or uncuffed                                           •Student Accident Insurance Flyer You can now
•Belted or unbelted (most Uniform Style shorts are            enroll on line for this optional insurance.
belted)                                                       *Media Release- This data will be entered into our
Shorts must hit at or above the knee. You will be             Student Information System and will not be given to you
asked to hem shorts if they hit at the calf.                  again unless you wish to change your answer.
                  Unacceptable Shorts                         (Kindergarten only)
•Cargo (This includes the uniform cargo pants that can        •Code of Student Conduct. Please sign and return the
be purchased at Target.) Carpenter or Culottes type           acknowledgment page.
•Color other than Khaki or Navy                               •Student Directory Form-This is voluntary for Bay
•Baggy, long or very short in length                          Vista families. Due date is by August 31. Please note
Scooters- Acceptable scooters are the ones that look          that this directory will be issued to families who have
like a skirt but have the attached short underneath.          joined PTA.
Leggings/joggings may no longer be worn with                  Carpool Information – If you wish to try and join a car
anything.                                                     pool, please return the letter in the packet. PTA will
Students must have sturdy sneakers daily for PE. Please       work to comply this and you can set this up with other
help us by having your child wear their sneakers daily.       parents.
There is not enough time to have them change prior to         Internet Usage Agreement- Please return this with your
going out for PE. Please read the parent handbook for         signature so that students can utilize the internet at
more information. Students will receive a total of 4          school. (Kindergarten only)
reminders about dress code during the year. All future        Volunteer- Please fill out and return if you plan on
dress code violations would result in a warning or            driving on field trips or volunteering. If you volunteered
detention.                                                    last year, you will need to log on to the computer in the
                                                              office to reregister. (Kindergarten only)

                Parents’ Right to Know                                         Student Arrival and Dismissal
  The “No Child Left Behind” Act requires that all
parents have the right to request information about the       Morning: Parents may use either the BLUE or the YELLOW car
qualifications of their children’s teacher (s). The           circles to drop their child(ren) off at school. You may only make a
                                                              left into the blue car circle. Once you exit the car circle you may only
information available to parents on a request must            make a right onto MLK.
         Whether a teacher “has met state qualification       If you use the YELLOW car circle enter it by driving north onto Dr.
and licensing criteria for grade levels and subject areas     MLK St. S, making a right turn into it. As you leave the yellow car
                                                              circle you can take a right or left turn onto Dr. MLK St. S.
in which the teacher provides instruction;”
         Whether a teacher is “teaching under emergency       If you use 58th Ave to drop off your child, you will need to park on
or other provisional status through which State               the side street or past the light pole and walk him or her across.
qualification or licensing criteria have been waived;”        Please do not allow your child to cross the street unattended.
         What major each teacher earned his or her            Students may be on campus no earlier than 7:45.
                                                                                        Afternoon Dismissal:
bachelor’s degree in;                                         We ask that you display the children’s names (on the side window or
         Whether the teacher holds any “graduate              on visor) on the paper given to you today to help facilitate dismissal.
certification or degree” and in what “field of discipline,”   Both car circles are open to all students. Please discuss with your
and                                                           child which car circle to go to. Students will sit by grade levels. We
                                                              will call the last name and number we want you and the child to meet
          Whether a child is provided services by             at in order to load them in the vehicle. Students need to be picked up
paraprofessionals/teacher assistants and, if so, their        by 2:40 each day.
  All teachers at Bay Vista are certified and have met        Please leave yourself enough time in the morning so that you are not
the highly qualified status.                                  late. The St. Petersburg Police will resume school zone traffic
                                                              enforcement when the school year begins. Please obey the posted
  Parents should direct their request, in writing, to the     speed limits and be alert to walker, bicycles and bus riders. Our goal
principal.                                                    this year is to cut our tardies in half.
Bottom of Form
Bottom of Form
Bottom of Form
         Welcome Back
  Bay Vista New and Returning
Last year Bay Vista Volunteers were very generous with their
time and talents. Our Volunteers logged in more than 14,600
volunteer hours!!! Once again Bay Vista was awarded the
Golden School award for outstanding volunteering. Below are
just a few reminders about paperwork.
                                                                      The beginning of the new school year has arrived!
Returning Volunteers—Re-activate your volunteer                    I hope all of our Bay Vista families had a fun and
status via the portal instructions below:                          relaxing summer and are looking forward to a new
Step 1-Using the computer at School, click on the Portal icon      school year. I wanted to take a brief moment to tell
on the desktop. If signing on at home go to

                                                                   you about your PTA executive board and our new
                                                                   fundraising opportunity this fall. Your President is
Step 2-Sign unto Portal using your v. account,                     Amy McCurdy, 1st Vice President Fundraising and
Username (Last name, First initial) ex: (v.smithr)                 School Programs is Jessika Mallardi, 2nd Vice
         Password is Last name (the first letter capitalized)      President Volunteer Coordinator and Community
immediately followed by your birth year.
         Password Example: (Smith2000)
                                                                   Outreach is Ann Hudock, 3rd Vice President
                                                                   Membership and Communication is Kelly Franck,
Step 3:- Click on” Volunteer Info” icon                            Recording Secretary is Susan Walzer, and Treasurer
Step 4:-Click “Add Hours”                                          is Megan Balduff. If you have any questions or
Step 5: Answer questions and then Log Out in bottom right          concerns please feel free to reach out to one of us
hand corner
                                                                   and if you have any interest in helping with one of
                                                                   our many activities planned for the school year. We
New Volunteers- Please fill out the Volunteer form                 also have a great list of committee chairs that have
and return to the office with a copy of your driver’s license.
Unless the driver’s license accompanies the application, I         volunteered their time to help manage our fun
cannot process the application.                                    activities.
                                                                   Our exciting fall fundraising opportunities this year
Thank you again for your willingness to give of your time and      is with Sally Foster and Cookie Dough. It will be
talents to make the Bay Vista students become the success
they are striving for. If you have any questions, please contact
                                                                   begin with a Kick Off on September 7th at the
Debbie King @893-2335.                                             Jaguar Jamboree with the sale ending September 24,
                                                                   2012. Also, for those who do not want to
                                                                   participate in our fall fundraiser, but want to
                    Birthday and Treats                            contribute, a buyout option will be available. Lastly,
After much discussion our staff has elected to not allow treats,   we have a Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A on 4th Street
including food, balloons, bags or flowers to be given out          North on September 13th from 5-8pm! Bay Vista
during the school day. With different food allergies and a
focus on the health, wellness and academic success of our
                                                                   receives 15% of what you spend. Hope to see you
students we will not celebrate birthdays during the school day.    there!
Thank you for adhering to this policy.                             Welcome back & thanks for your time,
                                                                   Amy McCurdy
                       PTA Happenings

Mark you calendars for this year’s PTA Family events.
8/22- Membership kickoff                                           Our Mission at Bay Vista Fundamental is to educate all
9/13- Chick Fil A Night 5-8 pm                                     learners to become successful, productive members of society
                                                                   by providing a safe, positive learning community .

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