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					   Digital Notebooks:
Five Must-Know Features

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#1 Lesson Navigation Know-How’s & What’s

 Student View Menu
 •  See the Student Text and Digital Notebook from your students’ perspectives.
 •  See the Reading Challenge (game-like activity). Use as a whole class or just preview what students will do.
 •  View the online glossary and maps.

 Lesson Management Menu
 •  Share a variety of files with students.
 •  Create assignments—assign the entire lesson or sections.
 •  Track student scores on Reading Challenges, Digital Notebooks, or online assessments
 •  Send messages to students that they read in their Student Subscription.

#2 Create Digital Notebook Assignment

      Your students can always see the complete Student Text including Reading Challenges, the Digital
      Notebook, and assessments. You can communicate a specific due date by creating an assignment.

  •   Click “Create Assignment” in the Lesson Management menu and then click “Create a New Assignment.”
  •   Click “Assign entire lesson” or select the sections you wish to assign by clicking the box next to them.
  •   Click “All classes” or select the specific classes you with to make the assignment for.
  •   Use the calendar icon to select a due date.
  •   Click “Save Assignments.”
  •   Your students will now see the assignment on the home page of their Student Subscription.
  •   Watch a short how-to video at

#3 Student Subscription Home Page-Where They See Assignments

•   Assignments are front and center on the home page.
•   Students have message notification on their home page.
•   Maps and glossary are available from any page.
•   Student Subscription is iPad compatible.

#3 Chapter Home-Student view of chapter/notebook assignments

• Blue icons indicate a notebook activity for the section. Progress bars show students what they need to
  complete and check marks indicate complete activities.
• Paper clip icons indicate a shared file.
• Burgundy number lists indicate an online assessment.
• Green star icons indicate a Reading Challenge.
• Students can see their scores by clicking the purple question mark in the Lesson Score section.

#4 Digital Notebook

• Students use the keyboard or built-in tools to submit an answer. They must click “SAVE YOUR
  ANSWER” for it to record.
• Students complete Digital Notebook activities in writing and by drawing or annotating images.
• You see their work (and can score and comment on it) in the Student Scores screen of your
  Teacher Subscription.

#5 Seeing, responding, and grading student prompts.

                                                                         This is seen
                                                                         only in the

   Student Scores let you track your students scoring on Digital Notebook assignments, Reading
   Challenges, and online assessments.

  • Click “Student Scores” in the Lesson Management menu.
  • Use the drop down menu to select the lesson you wish to see scores for.

#5 continued…Seeing, responding, and grading student prompts.

  • Drill into individual student scores by selecting or the score in the appropriate column. You can score and
    add comments to Digital Notebook activities by clicking “Set Score.”
  • You can export your scores for record keeping purposes by click the “Export table to CSV” button.

Resources and Further Information
Click “Feedback and Support” at the top of any page to access TCI’s knowledge base, give us your
feedback, vote on other users’ feedback or submit a support request.

Be sure to check out our growing list of super short how-to videos at


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Description: A guide that has snapshots of five features from the 2012 TCI Digital Notebooks. As a teacher, see how to create assignments, see and grade student responses. See a student view of the notebook and how they record their answers.