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Infancy Narratives by 3Ve76z44


									Infancy Narratives

In the Gospels according to
     Matthew and Luke
              Infancy Narratives
 From the early Church’s desire to
  understand better who the Risen Christ is
 Not overly concerned about historical
  Details (not a newspaper account)
 BUT more concerned about the Religious
       God so loved the world He gave His only Son
        to be like us humans, except in sin.
              Infancy Narratives
   Matthew                        Luke
   Primary Audience:                  Primary Audience:
                                            Gentile Communities
        Jewish Christians
                                             (no Jewish background,
        (have Jewish                         treated as lowly
        background, know the                 outcasts, poor)
        Old Testament and the          Jesus is the Savior of
        prophesies about the            All, loving and caring
        Messiah)                        towards the outcast
   Jesus as the
    Messiah, the King
    Same Events but Different Details

   Matthew                          Luke
        Jesus, the promised             Jesus’ lineage is
         Messiah has His roots            traced all the way to
         from KING DAVID and              ADAM—the father of
         ABRAHAM                          all of us human beings
             From a Royal Line          Jesus as the Son of
             An Israelite                God the Father—
        # 7 (14 x 3                      shows Jesus’ divinity
         generations), symbolic           as well
         number of fulfillment           He is the Son of God
                                          who has come to save
                                          humanity from sin
    Same Events but Different Details

   Matthew                       Luke
        Joseph received the          News was given by
         news from an                  Angel Gabriel to Mary,
         unnamed angel                 who being a woman
         through a dream               was considered lowly
                                      She says “yes” – FIAT
                                      Jesus has come to
                                       save all, even the
                                       poorest of the poor
    Same Events but Different Details

   Matthew                              Luke
        Magi, wise men,                     Poor shepherds to
         gentiles, astrologers                whom the angels
         from the East                        proclaimed the good
        Showing that Jesus is                news: Savior is Born!
         the King of kings                        Considered as unclean
                                                   and outcasts
        Had symbolic gifts                       Luke shows how the
             Gold—for the King                    Savior reaches out
             Frankincense—offering                compassionately to the
              to God                               poor, sinners and
             Myrrh—foreshadowing                  outcasts
              of Jesus’ death and
        Unique Details in Matthew
   The Holy Family’s
    Escape to Egypt
       Parallel to Old
        Testament’s Story of
        Moses and the Exodus
            Both were saved from
             slaughter so that they
             could carry out God’s
             saving plan
                  Moses the liberator
                   and teacher of Jews
                  Jesus is the New
                   Teacher and Savior of
                   the World
            Unique Details in Luke
   Visitation of Mary to her
    cousin Elizabeth
       Show’s Mary’s trust in God
        and her goodness to be of
        service to the needy
   Jesus’ Circumcision
       Given the symbolic name
        Jesus: God Saves
   Jesus is presented in the
       Simeon and Anna were the
        first to proclaim the
        significance of Jesus’ birth,
        marking the era of the end
        of the Old and the
        beginning of the New
    Common Elements: Mt & Lk
   Jesus is born of the
    Virgin Mother
    (through the power of
    the Holy Spirit)
       Jesus is unlike any
        other person!
       He is God made Man,
        the Incarnation of God
       The importance of
        Mary in our Salvation
    Common Elements: Mt & Lk
   Jesus was born in the
    time of King Herod
    the Great (4-6 B.C.);
    Caesar Augustus
       The inclusion of such
        historical facts would
        show that Jesus’ birth
        really did happen in
        our history
    Common Elements: Mt & Lk
   Angels brought the
    Good News
       Sacredness of a place
        or event, showing
        God’s presence in a
        visible way
       A literary form
        common in the O.T.,
        now used to symbolize
        God’s action (of
        sending His Son)
     Jesus in His Growing-up Years
   Only Luke has this story
       Finding Jesus in the
          Symbolic   story
             Jesus was a practicing Jew
             Jesus’ special relation with
              God the Father
                 His special mission of
                  obeying His Father’s
             Jesus remained obedient
              to His earthly parents
                 Part of fulfilling His
                 A visible sign of His
                  relationship with His
                  God the Father
 The Message of the Hidden Years
    Three lessons we learn in Jesus’
1.   Silence: external and internal, not like a
     noisy gong or an empty can (nonsense &
2.   Family: communion of love, simple joys
3.   Work: (as a carpenter’s son) not to be
     lazy, spoiled and dependent, but to strive
         What’s the point, Bro?
   If Jesus spent His hidden years preparing
    Himself for His future mission (of
    preaching the Good News) by deepening
    His wisdom and relationship with God-His
    Father, strengthening His character and
    discipline, practicing His compassion for
    the poor and needy…

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