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									                                        STUDENT PROFILE FOR LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION

Student Name:

What is the name of the scholarship or program for which you are applying?

To whom should the letter of recommendation be addressed:

[Get this from the attendance office]
Grade Point Average                       Class Rank

What 3 adjectives best describe you?

List of your hobbies:

List extracurricular activities in school such as sports and clubs. List any offices that you held.

List jobs and a description of your duties and responsibilities including any leadership roles such as
manager, assistant manager, shift leader or trainer.

List co-curricular activities and offices that you held. These are activities related directly to a class
such as MESA and FBLA.

List any student government positions you have held and your responsibilities.

List community service you have participated in and to what extent.

What is your career choice/dream job?

What have you done so far to prepare yourself to achieve that career choice/dream job?

If necessary, explain a fault or incident that you have taken part in that you can turn into something
positive. (i.e.- A negative decision you chose to make that your learned from)

List and describe any challenges/obstacles you have overcome in your life which have made you a
better/stronger person. Use the back of this page if needed.

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