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					                                          Running Time: 97 Minutes
                                                  Rated R

          An elsani Film production in cooperation with Screenart and Revolver Film
                                         supported by

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      As a subsidizing partner, German Films is providing funds to support the U.S.
                              theatrical release and marketing.
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Gerlinde von Habermann          Hannelore Elsner
Francesca Conchiglia            Esther Zimmering
Antonietta Conchiglia           Kim Schnitzer
Enrico Conchiglia               Aykut Kayacik
Snickers                        Egbert-Jan Weeber
Inge Grewe                      Friederike Wagner


Production Company              elsani Film
Produced by                     Anita Elsani
Co-produced by                  Screenart, Susanne Kusche
                                Revolver Film, Raymond van der Kaaij
Written and directed by         Angelina Maccarone
First Assistant Director        Till Boße
Director of Photography         Judith Kaufmann
Production Accountant           Jutta A. Groß
Production Manager              Christian Fürst
Second Assistant Director       Steffen Müller
Location Manager                Jose Pires Fernandes
Second 2nd Assistant Director   Deniz Meray
Film Editor                     Bettina Böhler
Sound Mixer                     Michael John
Chief Lighting Technician       Peter Fritscher
Production Designer             Peter Menne
Costume Designer                Ute Paffendorf
Make-up Artists                 René Jordan
                                Sophie van der Windt
Music by                        Jakob Hansonis
                                Hartmut Ewert
Stunt Coordinator               Jaymes Butler

                       DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT

On Christmas Eve, three women of different generations meet.
They could be the same woman at different turning points in
her life; in their unfulfilled desires and their loneliness,
they seem to be soul mates. On that sacred day that others
spend in the circle of their beloved, the Christmassy
atmosphere is all around but never where they are. For them
it shall become that day that unsettles their lives.

Rotterdam, a city of contrasts between village and metropolis,
is where their paths lead them. The place becomes the symbol
for their lives, where all three women have to let go of their
old beliefs. The film is about the decisiveness to live one's
dreams and desires, instead of dying for them.

The script has the structure of three stories which meet at
one point and become one. My concept of starting each story
at noon on Christmas Eve and covering the main events for each
character until they all meet on the day after, allows
experimentation with different cinematographic styles to
underline each story's perspective.

Angelina Maccarone


From award-winning filmmaker Angelina Maccarone and starring German
veteran actress Hannelore Elsner, Vivere is a romantic drama about three women
on the run from their lives.

Francesca (Esther Zimmering) and her younger sister, Antonietta (Kim Schnitzer),
are as different as day and night. By day, Francesca holds the household together
and earns a living operating her own taxi at night. Antonietta, however, is a
rebellious teenager and desperately wants to get away from the grey confinement
of their Cologne suburb. Together with her musician boyfriend, she runs away to
Rotterdam followed by a concerned Francesca who goes in search of her.

On the way, Francesca rescues the lovesick Gerlinde (Hannelore Elsner) from a car
wreck. The two forge a connection, and Gerlinde accompanies Francesca on her
journey to Holland. As the three lost souls reveal themselves and their secrets on
the emotional journey, it becomes harder to distinguish who needs the others the
most . . .

Vivere received its U.S. Premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, and has been selected
to screen at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. The film won Best
Screenplay at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the
Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award for Maccarone at Outfest.

Vivere is written and directed by Angelina Maccarone. The film stars Hannelore
Elsner, Esther Zimmering and Kim Schnizter. Vivere was produced by Anita
Elsani, and co-produced by Raymond van der Kaaij, Susanne Kusche, Christian
Furst and Jaymes Butler.

Regent Releasing and here! Films will release Vivere February 29, 2008. The
film has a Running Time of 97 Minutes and is Rated R by the MPAA.

                                 ABOUT THE CAST

Hannelore Elsner (Gerlinde von Habermann)
The career of legendary German actress Hannelore Elsner spans over five decades. A
star on stage, screen and television, Elsner’s recent credits include Die Unberührbare
(No Place to Go) for which she won Best Actress at the Chicago International Film
Festival and the German Film Award, Mein Letzter Film (My Last Film), Frau Fährt,
Mann Schläft (Woman Driving, Man Sleeping), and Alles auf Zucker (Go for Zucker). In
addition, Elsner is the German dubbing voice for Liza Minnelli and French actress
Fanny Ardant. Among her several honors are the Order of Merit of the Federal
Republic of Germany as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Bavarian
Film Prize Jury. Elsner is also trustee of the German AIDS Foundation.

Esther Zimmering (Francesca Conchiglia)
Esther Zimmering’s breakthrough came with the 2002 mini series “Towards Love”
for which she won the Förderpreis (Most Promising Actress Award) at the German
Film Awards. She has appeared in some of Germany’s most popular TV series’
including “Tatort,” “Polizeiruf 110,” “Eva Blond” and “Sperling,” as well as the TV
movies Blindes Vertrauen, Gisela and Hochzeit um jeden Preis. Other films include Im
Schwitzkasten, Lulu and Schwesterherz.

Kim Schnitzer (Antonietta Conchiglia)
Kim Schnitzer is one of Germany’s most talented breakout actresses. Prior to her
lead role in Henner Winkler's feature film Lucy in 2005, she appeared in three short
films: Anfänger by Nicolas Wackerbarth, Tanzmäuse by Maren Erdmann and
Wolfstraum by Anna Rimpfel. Her recent films include Lamento and Zeit der Fische.
From 1997-2002, Schnizter performed in the Children's Ensemble of the
Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin.

                           ABOUT THE FILMMAKER

Angelina Maccarone (Writer / Director)
Angelina Maccarone wrote lyrics for renowned German musician Udo Lindenberg
before becoming one of Germany’s leading independent filmmakers. Her credits
include Everything Will Be Fine and An Angel’s Revenge, which screened at various
film festivals including Toronto, Los Angeles, and London; the critically acclaimed
film, Unveiled, and Hounded, which won the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno
Film Festival.

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