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					                    Ship’s Ahoy!
                       A WebQuest for 7th Grade (World History)

                                      Designed by

                                      Mr. Williams

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The year is 980 A.D. You are a jarl (military chief), living in Jutland and
controlling a small band of warriors. Your people (The Vikings) have been
conquering parts of Western Europe in search of loot and plunder for the
past thirty years. You have never left Scandinavia but have always dreamed
of crossing the North Sea to discover new lands. Your luck is about to
change. A messenger has just informed you that the Anglo-Saxons of
Britain have planned to launch a counter attack against the Norseman. All
hands must be on deck to prepare for battle.

Having never left Scandinavia you have not been properly schooled on
building a Viking long ship. You must follow the directions given by the
messenger to have you and your groups of citizens build a ship for battle.
Remember, this was the only logical means of transportation that would
meet the Anglo-Saxons head on in battle.

EQ: What advantages did the Vikings have over the Anglo-Saxons with regards to ship
building in the late 900’s? How did these advantages benefit the Vikings?
The Task
In this Webquest you will learn the following:

      How to formulate attack routes against the Anglo-Saxons by using
       mapping skills acquired in Geography and World History Class. (Maps
       will be provided but you must use coordinates and directions to explain
       the routes you chose).
      The piece by piece construction and complexities of ship building
       during the Viking time period. This will include brief video clips and
       tutorials of proper instruments used.
      How to create your own model Viking long ship which will be displayed
       and voted on in the library at the culmination of our Viking Unit.

The Process

To accomplish the tasks listed above you must do the following:

   1. Open the following link to a map of Scandinavia and Europe.
      This map closely resembles the European landscape at the time of the Viking age. Take
      out your Viking Webquest answer sheet and complete # 1 by doing the following:
      Using this map briefly describe, using location directions, the best route you would take
      to invade the Anglo-Saxons. Along with your description, provide reasoning why you
      would select this route of attack.
2. Once you have provided a map that is ready for battle you must now be schooled on the
   proper methods of ancient Viking ship building. As you know the Vikings used the dense
   forests of Scandinavia to locate some of the best timber in the world. Using the
   following website
   please find out how many square miles long Denmark is and currently, what
   percentage is that land is covered in forest.

   What could you assume about the forest density of Denmark over time?

3. Now that you have planned your attack route and located your timber you must look at
   the information that the messenger gave you and plan out a logical method to build your
   Viking ship. Visit the following website and answer the ten questions the messenger has
   provided for you on his instructions.

4. Seeing only pictures of these Viking ships could be difficult for one to fully imagine. To
   get a better up close view of how a Viking ship sailed please go here When you get to the YouTube link,
   fast forward to 6.00 minute mark. Using your headphones, watch the final 2 minutes and
   44 seconds of the clip. Answer the following on your Webquest sheet: What did you
   notice about the individual Viking workers while they built the long ship?

5. So far you have plotted your attack route, located your timber, studied the messenger’s
   notes and saw real-life footage of a Viking ship. Your final task is to construct your own
   Viking ship. Everyone will be using the same format to create their ships which can be
   found here:

6. When you reach this point of your Webquest you may watch the five minute tutorial of
   how to build the ship to give your group a better idea when we start building our ships

7. Time permitting you could work on some of the artwork that your ship will need. You
   may look at the five examples listed below of what the Vikings may have added to their
   ships to intimidate their enemies or make their ships stand out:

   8. Now that you have a better understanding of what décor was used, put your own finishing
      touches on your Viking long ship that will make it unique to you and only you.

Scoring for this Webquest will be divided into five different categories. In
each category you have the potential to score anywhere from a 1
(Beginning) to a 4 (Exemplary) based on how well you completed each task.

                Beginning     Developing Accomplished          Exemplary        Score

                     1              2                3               4
                              Description of
                               attack route
               Description of                                 Description of
 Create and                    choices and   Description of
                attack route                                   attack route
describe an                    explanation    attack route
                choices and                                    choices and
attack route                    reflecting    choices and
                explanation                                    explanation
against the                   development     explanation
                reflecting a                                  reflecting the
   Anglo-                           and        reflecting
                 beginning                                    highest level
   Saxons                       movement       mastery of
                   level of                                         of
                                  toward     performance.
               performance.                                   performance.
                                mastery of
                            Description of
            Description of                                    Description of
Locate the                  characteristics   Description of
              identifiable                                      identifiable
  timber                       of timber      identifiable
            characteristics                                   characteristics
reserves in                     reserves      characteristics
               of timber                                         of timber
 Denmark                       reflecting     of timber
                reserves                                          reserves
                             development      reserves
             reflecting a                                      reflecting the
                                   and        reflecting
               beginning                                       highest level
                              movement        mastery of
                 level of                                            of
                                 toward       performance.
            performance.                                      performance.
                              mastery of
            Description of    Description of Description of Description of
              identifiable      identifiable    identifiable    identifiable
  School     performance       performance     performance     performance
yourself by characteristics   characteristics characteristics characteristics
completing    reflecting a       reflecting      reflecting    reflecting the
   the         beginning       development      mastery of     highest level
messenger’s    level of             and       performance.          of
   page     performance.        movement                      performance.
                                mastery of

                               Description of
             Description of                                  Description of
  Followed                      performance Description of
               identifiable                                    identifiable
the steps to performance       characteristics  identifiable
  building                        reflecting   performance
             characteristics                                 characteristics
your Viking                     development characteristics
              reflecting a                                    reflecting the
    Ship                             and         reflecting
                beginning                                     highest level
                                 movement       mastery of
                 level of                                           of
                                   toward      performance.
             performance.                                    performance.
                                 mastery of
                               Description of
             Description of                                  Description of
  Put your                      performance Description of
               identifiable                                    identifiable
 own touch performance         characteristics  identifiable
on your ship characteristics      reflecting   performance
 by adding                      development characteristics
              reflecting a                                    reflecting the
   extras                            and         reflecting
                beginning                                     highest level
                                 movement       mastery of
                 level of                                           of
                                   toward      performance.
             performance.                                    performance.
                                 mastery of

Congratulations you may let out a loud V-I-C-T-O-R-Y chant to all the
members of your Viking clan! By utilizing your strong map skills you were
able to create a clever route to surprise the Anglo-Saxons. Not only were
you able to plan well but you were also able to hunt down some of the best
timber in Scandinavia for your ship. You truly are a jarl by being able to
follow the intricate directions that the messenger left you on how to
construct your ship. Your enemies were so intimidated by the dragon head
mast on your ship they turned their ships around in retreat! You saved the
Vikings from further bloodshed!
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