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									“Sometimes when you want more business,
   and need more business, you need to
     communicate more effectively. ”

What’s missing
from your marketing

Answer the questions on page 2

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Identify what’s missing from your marketing communications strategy that’s
preventing you from achieving the results you want with your marketing. Answer
each of the questions below, add up your total NO responses then get in touch.
                                                                                        YES NO
 Do you have an integrated marketing plan strategy document?
 Do you have a business plan?
 Do you have a sales plan document?
 Do you have a social media marketing plan?
 Do you have a PR Plan?
 Do you have a website?
 Do you have a FREE Item of Value to engage suspects, prospects & build your list?
 Do you have a Squeeze page to generate signups, subscribers and/or downloads?
 Do you have a branded newsletter or ezine?
 Do you have an autoresponder and series of follow-up emails?
 Do you have offline Book, Course, CD, DVD, Report Sleeves or product packaging?
 Do you have branded banners for online advertising?
 Do you have a PRESS or MEDIA pack?
 Do you have a SPEAKERS Kit?
 Do you have a white paper or report on your industry, solutions or experience(s)?
 Do you have ready supply of articles for online or offline distribution?
 Do you have a talk, workshop or presentation already prepared?
 Do you have keyword research to know what people want and are searching for?
 Do you have branded seminar or workshop invites (postcards)?
 Do you have an enquiry pack, mailing pack or catalogue in response to enquiries?
 Do you have an effective business proposal format?
 Do you have corporate leaflets?
 Do you have classified ads for use ONLINE or OFFLINE?
 Do you have an effective sales letter (or sales page)?
 Do you have an effective 30 second commercial /script for use on the phone?
 Do you have a book, ebook or kindle book demonstrating your expertise?
 Do you have a script or presentation for teleseminars or webinars?
 Do you have a branded blog, twitter account and facebook account?
 Do you have a branded smartphone ‘APP’?
 Do you have branded VIDEOs, SOFTWARE or ANIMATIONS?
 Do you have branded pens, mugs, key rings or other branded promotional items?
 Do you have emails for cross-selling, up-selling or backend selling?
 Do you have an exhibition stand or roller stand for tradeshows or events?
 Do you need to raise awareness of you, your brand and your ‘services’?
 Do you want next year to be the same as last year & face the same challenges?
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