What IW ish Id Known by HC12091220211


									 What I Wish I’d Known
About Transitioning to UHS:
   Current 9th and 10th graders
    share words of wisdom
FOCUS on classes more
 than pointless drama
 (Don’t create drama)

    Be ready to WORK!
Stay on top of your priorities:
        School First!
    Any missing work can drop
       grades very quickly
           and easily.
It’s not so BIG.

  Not so BAD.
There are no quarters, only
semesters. You keep your
 grade until the end of the
  It’s not big, and it is easy to
            get around.
Stay up on work.

 Put school before
  anything else.
AP Prep classes aren’t as hard
 as they seem, so try them.

  Your grade can go from an “A”
        to an “F” in a day!
Use Study Support to get
   homework done.

  Make sure you do all your
  work and study for tests or
        you will fail!!
 Don’t get too excited.
Keep up with your work.

 Get involved with sports or
The seniors “upper-classmen”
 are not mean. They become
         your friends.
        It’s not that big,
       you won’t get lost.
Do ALL work and homework so
  the teachers will leave you

   I wish I had known there were
             three floors.
Avoid the middle staircase
    (when possible).

   Use Study Support wisely.
Always dress for PE!

Stay on Ms. Yarber’s good
         side. 
Keep good study habits and
   do your homework.

      Join Drama Club.
Ask a lot of questions because
everything might not come as
easy as it did in middle school.

   Take as many classes as you
Know what you want to be in
       the future.

    Be prepared for hard work.
Pick your friends wisely. Don’t
be upset if you drift from your
High school is fun. First thing
you have to know is to follow
the flow of people. The halls
get really crowded, but keep
      your head up and
 concentrate; you will have

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