Civil Drafting Technology - 7th Edition by UXJGPP


									Civil Drafting Technology - 7th Edition
Chapter 10 – Horizontal Alignment Layout
Chapter Test

Answer the following questions or respond as needed. Type your answer on the line below each

10–1 What type of survey is used to lay out the road initially?

10–2     What is the point at which the curve begins?

10–3     What is the delta angle?

10–4     How is the degree of curve measured? Show your answer in a sketch on
         a separate sheet. Label the question number and give your name at the
         top of the sheet.
10–5     What is the point at the end of the curve called?

10–6     Define the point of intersection (P.I.).

10–7     Briefly describe how you would locate the center point of a 400-ft-radius
         horizontal curve given two centerlines and a P.I.

10–8 What is a scanner, and how does it apply to computer-aided drafting?

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