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									Subject: Computer Aided Drafting I

Unit: Plans – For Industry, Your Career, Your Future
       This unit focuses on career opportunities in engineering design and

      Standards and Benchmarks
      I.     Demonstrate comprehension, computation, and applied technology skills.
             D. Use proper terminology as it relates to drafting.
      II.    Develop communication, employability, and life management skills.
             A. Demonstrate good preparation and organizational skills for class.
             B. Demonstrate an understanding of the educational qualifications and
                 levels of Computer Aided Drafting
             C. Demonstrate punctuality, responsibility, reliability, and honesty.
             D. Demonstrate self regulation.

       As a result of this unit the students will know the meaning of:
                   Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)
                   Computer literacy
                   Conceptual design
                   Design drafting technician
                   Design drawings
                   Design Engineer
                   Designer
                   Drafter
                   Drafting technology
                   Engineer
                   Production drawings
                   Prototype
                   Specifications
                   Technical drawings
                   Technical promotional drawings

       As a result of this unit students will be able to:
                   Use CAD terminology as they are actively involved in class
                   Communicate with others about class activities.
                   Complete class writing assignments.
                   Research jobs related to CAD
                   Research college requirements and degrees.
                   Explain the differences between educational degrees and
                   Explore attitudes and aptitudes required of CAD users.

Plans – For Industry, Your Career, Your Future (French, Svenson, Helsel,
Urbanick) Reading Assignment
 The students will read Chapter 1 pages 12 - 24 and answer Review questions 1-
14 on page 24. The estimated time for the activity is 45 minutes.
Resource: Mechanical Drawing CAD-Communications 12th edition (French,
Svensen, Helsel, Urbanick)

Employment Research
The students will check employment advertisements in local newspapers for
listings of positions related to the fields of engineering and drafting. As a class
we will prepare a chart showing job titles, experience and educational background
required, and starting salaries. The estimated time for this activity is 90 minutes (2
class periods).
Resources: Newspaper and internet

Career Explorations Project
The students will investigate an assigned career that involves the use of a
Computer-Aided Drafting or Design system. Students will be required to turn in a
3 page research paper at the culmination of the activity. The estimated time for
this activity is 225 minutes (5 class periods).
Resources: Internet (,, , Career books (Media Center), Choices database (Media

Mechanical Drawing CAD-Communications 12th edition (French, Svensen,
Helsel, Urbanick)

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