Statewide Student Information System Commission by PxCq3k


									DRAFT 3/10/10

         Statewide Student Information System Commission
                       Final Report Outline

  A. Overview

        1. Background of Commission – House Resolution / RIDE Strategic Plan

        2. Commission’s definition of an ideal SSIS

  B. Rhode Island Background
        1. Objective of the Legislature

        2. Previous studies on statewide student information systems

        3. Other initiatives informing this process

  C. Current Status of Student Information Systems in RI

        1. Current statewide system(s) used by RIDE

                a. Uniform Chart of Accounts

                b. Comprehensive Education Information System

                c. eRIDE

                d. Data Warehouse

        2. Current systems used by the 39 districts and the 16 charter/state-operated
           Schools – February 2010

        3. Current costs

        4. Recent/current studies and RFPs

                a. RI SIS Consortium Replacement Strategy (Appendix)

                b. Providence RFP
DRAFT 3/10/10

  D. Work of the Commission

        1. Members

        2. Meetings

        3. Research on other states

        4. Research on other state agencies or efforts

        5. Research on LifeSpan

  E. Evaluation of SSIS Options

        1. Chart: Functionality requirements at different levels (state, district, school,
           classroom, parent, student)

        2. Chart: Unique data needs of districts and schools

        3. Advantages of a SSIS

                a.   All:
                b.   District/school:
                c.   RIDE:
                d.   We are so small that it’s very doable

        4. Requirements of a SSIS

        5. Challenges of a SSIS

        6. Evaluation of using a SIF-based system

        7. Vendor factors to consider

        8. Scalability

        9. Cost comparisons

  F. Recommendations


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