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					                                                     California Polytechnic State University
                                                                San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
To:             CPSLO Faculty, Staff and Students

From:           Registration & Scheduling Committee,
                OAR Staff, and ITS Staff

Date:           September 22, 2004

Subject:        Registration Changes – Effective Winter Quarter 2005


In FY 03/04 the University-wide Registration & Scheduling Committee was charged with
the task of reviewing Cal Poly’s registration processes and was asked to make
recommendations for equitably and efficiently allocating available course/section seats.
The Committee’s initial goals were to: 1) maximize student success in the classroom,
and 2) treat students equitably in their pursuit to meet their educational objectives.
Later those goals were expanded to include 3) make recommendations that would be
cost-effective during this “transition period” from our current student system (SIS) to our
new (PeopleSoft) student system, 4) stabilize class enrollments early in the term and
minimize add/drop transactions after classes begin, and 5) initiate academic instruction
as early in the term as possible while utilizing all available classroom space. To achieve
these goals, the Committee reviewed and considered many ideas, from which the
following were developed and will be implemented with the opening of registration for
Winter quarter 2005 (October 27, 2004).

Summary of Changes

         Increased number of rotation cycles from two (2) per day (7am & 1pm) to three
          (3) per day (7am, 11am & 3pm);
         Reduced number of units during the “Initial Rotation” period (the maximum unit
          value will be reduced from 16 to 14);
         Increased maximum number of units a student can enroll in without special
          approval beginning with the Open Enrollment period, the maximum without
          special approval will change from 20 to 22;

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      A “Waitlist” function will be initiated for “closed courses” which will automatically
       enroll students when space becomes available (providing all other conditions are
      Reduced number of days in the enrollment period after classes begin from
       eleven (11) to eight (8) days;
      An “ePermit” (electronic permit) function will be initiated with the beginning of
       classes and will be the ONLY way students can add into courses/sections after
       classes have started;
      Classlists will be available for faculty to view or print on the Portal
       (MY.CALPOLY.EDU) as soon as enrollments are received for that
      Classlists with ePermits will be available for faculty to print on the Portal
       (MY.CALPOLY.EDU) beginning three (3) days before classes start and
       remaining until the eighth (8th)academic day of the term;
      Enrollment and Waitlist status will be available to students on the Portal. In
       addition to viewing their enrollment status on POWER (including Waitlisted
       courses), students will be able to view their schedule at MY.CALPOLY.EDU and
       at MustangInfo;
      CAPTURE (voice registration) will be terminated and ALL registration
       transactions/requests will be via POWER.


Initial Registration Rotation (Alpha Rotations)

Students will be assigned to one of three (3) daily registration cycles (7am, 11 am or
3pm). This additional cycle will save seven (7) registration processing days each
quarter, thus giving more publication and planning time to both students and academic

During this period, students will be able to register for a maximum of 14 units. The
reduction in the initial maximum load will spread acquisition of desirable
courses/sections further into the alpha rotations and should reduce future dropping of
“un-wanted” early selections. As a result, students later in the alpha rotation period will
have more available courses to select from.

Furthermore, when a course/section becomes “CLOSED” a Waitlist option will be
presented. This will provide students with a “place holder” should space in a desired
course/section become available (providing no conflicts exist and other conditions are

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While ADD transactions will be available via POWER for OPEN courses, students will
only be added into CLOSED courses as space becomes available via an over-night
batch Waitlist process. This special Waitlist process will:
    Determine if space is available for any/all Waitlisted courses (from student
       initiated dropping transactions, additions made by departments, etc), and
    Determine if the highest order student on the applicable Waitlist meets the
       requisite conditions (i.e. no time conflicts, no holds, pre-requisites, class level,
       unit max, etc).
            o If conditions are met, an automatic enrollment will occur with an
               accompanying notification e-mail sent to the student. If there is no match,
               the batch process will move down through subsequent students on the
               Waitlist until all available space is allocated. By-passed students will
               remain on the list and will be successfully enrolled when/if a conflict
               condition is resolved and additional space becomes available. E-mail
               notification will not be sent to notify students they have been by-passed.

The batch Waitlist process will continue on a nightly basis through the Thursday before
classes begin.

Important Note: By selecting the Waitlist option, students are accepting responsibility
for any/all subsequent automatic Waitlist enrollments.

Open Enrollment

After all students have had an opportunity to register in the Initial Registration Rotation
period, the maximum unit level, without special approval, will be raised from 14 to 22
units. This will allow students requiring a heavier course load to enroll without the need
to secure signatures and process additional forms.

During this period, colleges and departments may make additional seats available
and/or students may drop courses. The overnight-batch Waitlist process will
automatically enroll students from the Waitlist into these courses/sections (providing all
conditions are met). Again, students requesting the Waitlist option will be responsible
for any/all automatic enrollments via the Waitlist process.

Thursday Before the First Day of Classes

Thursday evening before the term opens (i.e. Winter December 30, 2004), the nightly
Waitlist batch process will run for the final time allocating any available seats. All ADD
enrollment transactions will be suspended and the various Waitlists will be frozen.
(DROP transactions will continue to function thru POWER). At this point in time,
electronic Classlists will be prepared with unique ePermit numbers for faculty use. (See
below for usage after classes begin.)

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The Friday before classes begin, faculty will retrieve their Classlists with accompanying
ePermits. If instructors have seats available when classes begin, these seats can only
be allocated using the unique ePermit numbers. Faculty are encouraged to use the
frozen Waitlists in setting their priorities for distributing the ePermits.

First Day of Classes

Should instructors have seats available, they will issue an ePermit (give the unique
system generated number to appropriate students). Again, faculty should use the
frozen Waitlist information where applicable for assigning any additional seats. Once an
ePermit has been assigned, the student(s) will initiate the enrollment request by
accessing POWER and entering the unique ePermit number.

Students will follow a two step process: 1) access POWER and use the ePermit number
to make the request, 2) the following day he/she will again access POWER to complete
the add transaction (this is necessary to communicate any special conditions back to
the student (i.e. time conflicts, holds, max units, etc)).

Important Note: Students receiving an ePermit are expected to use the permit as soon
as possible. Use by any other student, will be grounds for judicial action.

“ePermitting” (i.e. adding) and dropping will be allowed for eight (8) days from the start
of classes (for Winter the last day for processing any enrollment transaction will be
January 12, 2005. Quarterly enrollments for all courses/sections will be finalized for the
term at that point and POWER will accept no further add/drop transactions.

Other Important Notes

      Waitlisting will not be available for Co-requisite courses and students will not be
       able to Waitlist alternate sections of the same course currently in their schedule.

      Before the term opens (classes begin), enrollments will be via POWER or
       Waitlist. After classes begin, enrollments will be via POWER with ePermit only.

      Students enrolled in a course that they know they will not be able to attend, are
       encouraged to drop that course ASAP to allow other interested students an
       opportunity to enroll.

      Visually impaired students will be able to use the JAWS software application to
       work with POWER.

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Additional Information/Details

Information Sessions will be hosted by representatives from the Registration &
Scheduling Committee and will include faculty, ITS, and OAR staff. These sessions will
review the Registration Rotation changes, Unit Max, Waitlisting, Add/Drop Period
changes, ePermits, Registration Status Channel, and Course Info Channel.

Faculty & Staff Only Information Sessions:

Date                             Location            Time                Capacity
Thursday, October 14, 2004       Room 52B-05         6:00-7:30pm           90
Friday, October 15, 2004         PAC-06-124          1:00-2:30pm          180

Students, Faculty, & Staff Information Sessions:

Date                             Location            Time                Capacity
Thursday, October 21, 2004       Room 52B-05         6:00-7:30pm           90
Friday, October 22, 2004         PAC-06-124          1: 00-2:30pm         180
Friday, October 29, 2004         PAC-06-124          1:00-2:30pm          180

Contact Information

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about the new registration process,
please send them to:



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Attachment B:          Response to Questions from Math Department
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Attachment D:          Samples for FACULTY REFERENCES/RESOURCES & SITES
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