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PowerPoint Presentation by PxCq3k


									    Master Recreation Plan
Program-Level Management Plan

 What is a Program Management Plan?
 How is it developed?
 What’s next?
Program Management Plan

 Describes Scope, Schedule, & Cost

 Not a Design Document

 Management Document

 Method for Measuring Success
Components of the MRP PMP:

  Program Information

  Program Scope

  Summary of Agency Responsibilities

  Program Changes
Components of the MRP PMP:

 Financial Management

 Functional Area Plans

 Unique Factors

 Appendices
Appendices of the MRP PMP:
 Recreation Plan Team Members

 Program Area Map

 Work Breakdown Structure

 Schedule

 Cost Estimate

 Functional Area Plans
Appendices of the MRP PMP:

 Contracting Acquisition Plan

 Quality Control Plan

 Public Involvement Plan

 Reference Documents

 PMP Updates & Revisions
  Who will develop the PMP?

 Recreation
  Planning Team
 Community &
    Recreation Planning Team
 Develop products necessary to deliver the

 Interdisciplinary teams

 Request Federal, state, local and tribal
  government participation in RPT
   Additional expertise
   Facilitate flow of
    information among
   Ownership by key
    public agency
Completing the PMP:

 RPT sub-teams
  (ie Inventory, Public Outreach)

 Public/Stakeholder Input
   Stakeholder Meetings
   Workshop
   Web page comment form
PMP Approval Process

         Public Input and

         Corps & SFWMD
          Senior Executive
           Major Milestones:
Activity                           Completion
Master Plan Team Kick-Off Mtg        Sep-02
Complete draft PMP                   Nov-02
Post draft PMP on web for review     Dec-02
Public Workshop                      Jan-03
Approval of PMP                      Feb-03
Start Master Recreation Plan         Mar-03
 Have I missed the boat if I cannot
participate in the development of the
    Program Management Plan?

-Input opportunities during planning effort
-PMP a living, breathing document

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