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					      Faith Clayton's Collection
                      Central SC History

Photograph. Negative of Central Railroad Hotel.

Photograph. Postcard of Central Railroad Hotel sent to Mrs. O. D. Epps.

No Date. Stationery from W. T. Earle, Cotton Gin

No Date. Brochure on Central, SC

No Date. History of Central by Miss Greta Gaines

No Date: County of Pickens from Central Residents. Public Road leading from the Branch
at the Wesleyan College
and intersect with the Public Road leading from the Pond of water and Railroad to Mrs. T.

T. T. Arnold
J. D. Boggs
J. T. Bratcher
J. E. Bridge
E. H. Brown
F. V. Clayton
L. G. Clayton
D. A. Collins
E. W. Dunwoody
D. E. Earle
L. T. Earle
W. T. Earle
J. R. Falls
J. A. Gaines
R. Gaines
R. G. Gaines
J. B. Garvin
J. Gassaway
J. M. Hancock
S. J. Harrington
B. J. Johnston
T. G. Johnston
William F. Johnston
A. E. Jones
J. M. Martin
H. J. McGee
John E. Martin
W. A. Mathews
S. A. McAlister
J. C. Meredith
N. B. Moore
F. B. Morgan
J. N. Morgan
W. L. Mullinnex
J. R. Neely
B. N. Powers
C. G. Rowland
L. D. Smith
W. L. Thompsoon
William Watkin

17 Mar 1875. Incorporation of Town of Central.

1880/1908. Central Bank Ratings

19 Jun 1880. Mortgage, Book C, Page 195, June 19, 1880 in Pickens County. Mortgage of
Atlanta and Charlotte Air-Line Railway Company.

30 Nov 1881. Note from Whitner Symmes to W. H. Hester. Mentions Mr. Gaines.

189_. Receipt from Central High School to Garvin. Signed by D. W. Daniel.

8 Mar 1892. Road from Central to Liddell Place.

C. H. Alford
William A. Arnold
M. R. Boggs
J. C. Brock
J. W. Brock
R. F. Cox
J. T. Craig
S. F. Custen
J. E. Davis
T. S. Davis
W. L. Davis
J. H. Gaines
R. G. Gaines
J. T. Gassaway
G. F. Gillaspie
H. E. Hendricks
C. A. Holcombe
J. N. Hopkins
J. W. Hopkins
F. A. Lewis
S. S. Knight
James Lawrence
W. B. Lawrence
E. T. Leavett
J. A. Madden
N. M. Madden
C. M. Martin
N. T. Martin
F. A. McCorkle
B. N. Mdday
W. H. Moore
S. Neal
James Peek
F. M. Prince
R. M. Prince
J. A. Rackley
T. A. Rankin
W. T. Rowland
C. S. Stephen
T. H. Smith
B. P. Smith
J. H. Watkins
J. J. Watkins
Thomas L. Watkins
W. W. Yates

8 Apr 1893. Heirs-at-law of Joseph Eaton asking permission for street change.
Commencing in front of J. S. Hall's house and running a ___ or northwest, course
terminating at the Beard line when L. G. Clayton now has a tenant house. Said street to be
removed east and located on the Beard line, said line running from a rock corner near a
house formerly owned by James H. Gaines, but now owned by L. G. Clayton, said line
running a south course running near W. L. Davis house, being a termination of a Street
known as Eaton Street. Said street to terminate in Main Street at corner of L. G. Clayton's
clover patch. Signed by L. Ross Eaton and E. B. Eaton.
Maps shows J. D. Warnock, Charles Canble, L. G. Clayton, Garvins, Davis, Halls.

1894-1895. History of Central in Central High School Catalog.

1894-1895. Central High School Brochure

2 Jun 1896. Receipt for Dr. L. G. Clayton for $10.00 as stock in Educational Joint Stock
Company. J. H. Gaines, Treasurer.

27 Oct 1896. Transfer 4 shares of stock in Joint Stock Educational Company to Dr. L. G.
Clayton by T. J. Werner: Witness: O. L. Henry, J. J. Gary.

1898. Constitution of the Joint Educational Society. Duties of President

7 Nov 1901 & 21 Nov 1901. Letter to L. G. Clayton, Chairman from Rev. Foster Speer who
trying to collect his salary from Central School. Attorney A. H. Dagnall. J. P. Carey,
Attorney, to Dr. L. G. Clayton, gives his fee if he handles Clayton's case.

13 May 1909. The article from the Pickens Sentinel says: The school building at Central,
which is being erected by Rev. B. E. Grandy, is rapidly nearing completion. It is a large
and commodious building and is, as good a one as can be found in the country anywhere.
Central is to be congratulated on her school building.

Before 1910. Students at Central Elementary School. Nita Clayton was teacher. Mr.
Haynes was principal.

1910. Students at Central Elementary School. Notes on back. Central High School
Building, Erected 1908-1909. J. H. Hall, Builder; D. E. Lawrence, Foreman. Opened
September 1909. Thornwell Haynes, Superintendent. Mary Lawrence Rodgers, Eunice
Lawrence Werner, Front Row: Henry Rowland with hands up, Dilla Kelly?, Mary Lawrence
(Rodgers), Blanche Madden, Mae Carson, Maggie Collins, Helen Shirley, Carolyn Brock,
Della Kelly?, Henry Gaines. Eunice Lawrence (Werner) fifth from left on second row.
Donated March 1993 by Evelyn Lawrence Huff, 832 Sycamore Drive, Decatur, GA 30032. 1-

1912. Central High School in 1912. Lower Grades. Lula Pike, Lois Hammond, Annie Long,
Montgomery, Inez Herd, Florida Kelly, Jennie Morgan, Caroline Brock, Helen Shirley, Eddie
Hammond, Ellen Tate, Maud Few, Thelma Pinson, Annie Lawton Phillips, Grady Carson,
Rex McAlister, Elgin Billingsley, Willie Gaines, Eric Hammond, Clint Herd, John W. Atkins,
Lowndes Arnold, Grace Kelly, Minnie May Meredith, Carolina Watkins, Bessie Gillespie,
Lois Arnold, Margaret Montgomery, Ruth Hammond, Dessie Few, Natalee Aiken, Wilma
Aiken, Belle Parker, Annie Belle Worley, Ostene Scott, Lola Rike, Leila Pinson, Lucille
Norris, Thelma Darnell, Valeria Posey, Joe Parker, Othalene Scott, Frank Rike, Paul
Meridith, John Rike, Raymond Rowland, Roy Few, Roy Arnold, Manly Norris, John Aiken,
Edwin Watkins, Lovette Maw, Nina Gassaway, Viola Holcombe, Annette Maw, J. Gaines,
Stalvey Billingsley, Prue Carson, Gene Sims, Carl Rowland, Fred Parker, Bertha McAlister,
Ina Shirley, Catherine Harbin, Carrie Few, Sadie Myers, Ethel Myers, William Watkins, Ruth
McAlister, Louis Darnell, George Brock, Thornwell Gaines, Lawrence Pike, Walter Tate,
Homer Carson, Milton Watkins, Dewess Boggs, Lue Gassaway, Miss Tilla Louise West,
Miss Rose Reeves, Mrs. John William Wallace, Miss Greta Gaines.

Undated. Central High School. Ruth Duckett and Betty Duckett. Other people on
photograph are not identified.

1918 – 1919. World I Soldiers from Central.

Walter Ramseur
Harry Martin
Leonard Martin
Paul Clayton
J. B. Garvin
Elijah Carson
Lawrence Falls
Benjamin Young
John Maw
Walter Maw
William Dobson
Clinton Dobson
Luther Perkins
George Rike
Aatin Kelly

Died in Camp
Walter Madden
Carl McClanahan

Silas Clayton
Van Clayton
Carl Morgan
Dagnell Folger
Edgar Martin
Herman Werner
J. B. Falls
Clement Kelly
Minor Taylor
Ed Young
Willis Clayton
Raymond Taylor
R. G. Gaines Jr.
Dr. Bearden

31 May 1931. Central Financial Statement [copy]

11 Jul 1938. Resolution to extend time to pay property tax.

16 Oct 1969. The Messenger newspaper has many articles about Central.

3 Jan 1979. Article from Pickens Sentinel on Central. Part I of two part article.

1980.   Undated. Article on Bill Weems by Dot Robertson

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