AP rinter KIP Color 80 Printer or similar Technology Full color CMYK and monochrome dry toner LED electrostatic printer Resolution 600 x 600 dpi optical

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					NO-14/10/6335                                                                  Annexure -A

        Specification for Full Color Multifunction System with all accessories & softwares as per details
Specifications                                                Description
(A) Printer-KIP Color 80 Printer or similar
Technology                  Full color CMYK and monochrome dry toner LED electrostatic printer
Resolution                  600 x 600 dpi optical resolution
Process Speed               Not less than 4.8 meters/min. in color & monochrome
Lot size                    Width: A3 to A0(upto 914 mm)
                            Length: Upto 10 meters length
Media Supply                4 Automatic rolls with provision for Manual feed
Media Type                  Plain Paper, Tracing, Polyester, Glossy
Formats supported                 AutoCAD, Color File Formats: TIF,HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, DWF
                                  Color File Formats: JPG, JPG 2000, BMP PNG
                                  Monochrome File Formats: TIF, Cals, HPGL, HPGL/2, HP-RTL
                                  Postscript
Controller                  Quad Core Intel Xeon2.4 GHz processor
                            2.0 Gb DDR2, Two – 146 Gb, 15000 RPM, SAS Hard Disk Drives – 3 Gbps
                            transfer rate 10/100/1000 integrated RJ-45 Network connection
                            CD DVD reader
                            High speed LVDS PCI-X interface Board
                            It should have provision for up gradation on the software
Features                         1. Print Queue
                                 2. Color and monochrome RIP and print
                                 3. Delete print job
                                 4. Adjust print job priority
                                 5. Adjust print job quantity, accounting data, media type
                                 6. Edit media type name
                                 7. View toner level
                                 8. Vie media level
                                 9. Prints should be water and UV resistant
General Features                         The machine should be toner based and capable of high
                                         Should be capable of printing on normal bond media
                                         Ultra violet stable printing capacity
                                         Instant dry printing capacity means no need of drawing
                                         Most reliable LED technology to be used.
(B) Stacker            Auto Stacker to accommodate at least 200 prints
(C) Scanner – KIP 2300 Color Scanner or Similar
Technology             CCD technology
Resolution             600 x 600 dpi
Image width            A4 to A0(upto 914 mm)
Speed                  Color:4.8 meters/min. at 200 dpi (Specify speed)
Scan Features              1. Color file formats, color TIF(packbit), JPG
                           2. Monochrome file formats: TIF Group 4, Cats Group
                           3. Single and multipage PDF, single and multipage DWF
                           4. Stamping facility
Copy features              1. Direct scan to copy without P.C/software
                           2. Color or Monochrome copy to above color printer.
                           3. Mix color/Monochrome documents to above Color printer.
                           4. Recall copy job, set new Scaling and Copy Count then Reprint
                           5. Single copy, Set copy
                           6. Concurrent Print – each document is printed during the scan process.
                           7. Scale by percentage or Roll Width
                           8. adjust Lead and Trail edge.
Others                     1. Scanner and Printer should be of same make for better compatibility.
                           2. Software for con version of scanned image into DXF format(for
                               viewing and editing in AUTOCAD)
                           3. It should have provision for upgradation on the software
                           4. Face up and down scanning
                           5. Scanning capacity of original documents upto 16mm thickness with
                               auto thickness detection.
                           6. Automatic original width detection
                           7. Double choice system as stand alone version or scanner fully integrated
                               with main printing system should be possible.
(D) Software               1. RIP Software for KIP Color 80 or similar
(E) Other term &
1.Special features         Special features if any, incorporated into the machine shall be indicated
                           separated by the tenderer clearly indicating the advantages of the features.
2.Deviation                The tenderer should certify that the machine offered fully meets the
                           specifications. Te tenderer shall clearly indicate the details of deviations
                           and their implications.
3.Technical Literature     One copy of the printed illustrative catalogue showing features of the ma
                           chine and its elements must be enclosed with each copy of the bid.
Training                   Technical experts of the manufacturer during commissioning of machine
                           willfully and adequately trained Technical staff nominated by the
5.Past Supply       The tenderer must give satisfactory evidence for supply of machines of
                    same/similar capacity to different units of Indian Railways or other govt.
                    organization and should produce satisfactory performance certificate of those
                    supplied machines. In the absence of the above information, the tender is liable
                    to be rejected.
6.Copnsumable       The firm will supply one set of consumables like all types of cartridge, paper
                    (A0 size-100 pcs, A2, A1, A3, A4 – each 100 pcs and 100 pcs of photopapers of
                    higher thickness free of cost.
7.Commissioning     The firm will commission the machine within 15 days after supply of the
8.Maintainability   The machine shall be so designed so as to require minimum possible
                    maintenance and to give trouble free service.
9.AMC               AMC for a period of 2 years after warranty may be quoted by tenderer as
                    optional item. The cost of AMC shall not be taken into consideration for
                    evaluation of tender. Purchase/Consignee reserves the right of ordering AMC.
10.Payment          80% after supply successfully, 10% after commissioning and 10% after 3 months
                    proving out of the ma chine at Jamalpur.
   NO.14.10.6335                                                                   ANNEXURE-B
                              ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT:
(A) Tenderers are required to quote for post warranty Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for a
    period of five years after expiry of the warranty period of the M&P along with their offers. The
    scope of AMC will include preventive and break down maintenance. AMC charges will include all
    costs of personnel, spares etc. except the cost of consumables required for day-to-day operation
    & daily maintenance checks.
(B) The maximum downtime shall be 10 % and maximum response time shall be 24 Hours fromthe
    time of information received for breakdown of the machine through Fax/Phone/SMS etc.
     Penalties for failure to adhere to this will invite penalty as per clause (N) below. AMC Payment
     terms will be linked to these performance parameters as enjoined at clause (N).
(C) The tenderers should quote AMC rates for each of the five years. The AMC prices for each year
    will be firm. The AMC charges shall be separately payable in Indian Rupees only. The AMC
    charges would be added to the FOR destination price quoted for M&P for the purpose of
    comparative evaluation of offer. In order to equitably compare different AMC charges for different
    years, the concept of NPV (Net Present Value) will be used at a rate of 10% per
    annumdiscounting for five years period to bring the AMC charges at the same footing in the
    assessment of FOR destination price. The rate of discounting therefore shall be 10% per annumfor
    NPV calculation

(D) The post-AMC maintenance of machines will be dealt with by the end users. In order to facilitate
    the same, tenderers are required to give the current cost of spares required for maintenance of
    machine after AMC period and the current service charges for each items of work of repair of
    M&P beyond the AMC period. These charges will not be included in the price M&P for the
    purpose of comparative evaluation of offers.
(E) Tenderers, who are OEM, must give undertaking for supply of spares parts for a period of
    expected life of the machine/equipment. Other Tenderers must submit undertaking from OEM for
    supply of spare parts for a period of expected life of the machine/equipment (not less than 10
(F)           The actual Contract Agreement will show the AMC charges as a separate schedule /
    annexure to distinguish it from the transaction value of M&P.
(G)           AMC agreement for each installation will be signed between the consignee and the
    tenderer. The detailed terms and conditions of AMC shall be as given in following clauses:-
(H)           The duration of AMC shall be 5 years from the date of expiry of warranty period. Rates
    for AMC shall be quoted by the tenderer on quarterly (3 months) basis which will remain
    applicable during the 5 years duration of AMC and not subject to any variation except any statutory
    changes in taxes and duties as compared to quoted rates.
(I)           The AMC agreement must be signed within 6 months from the date of expiry of warranty.
    In case the AMC agreement is not finalized within 6 months from the date of expiry of warranty,
    the tenderer may charge one-time initial inspection charges of up to 20% of quarterly AMC charges
    in addition to the rates quoted for AMC.
(J)           The details of preventive maintenance services to be provided under AMC shall be
    provided by the tenderer in the following format.
                 S. No.      TYPE OF PERIODICI               ITEMS          ITEMS        EXPECTED
                             PREVENTI TY                     TO    BE       OF           PLANT
                             VE                              CHECKE         REPLAC       DOWN TIME
                             SCHEDUL                         D              EMENT

       Firm’s qualified service engineer will have to visit the plant site once in every 60 days for
       schedule preventive maintenance checking of the machine. Firm has to submit service report to
       the consignee after every visit.

 (K) Preventive maintenance shall be conducted on weekends through mutual agreement
with the consignee. The preventive maintenance regime offered must be aimed at
achieving minimum 90% uptime of the plant excluding the plant down time for
preventive maintenance schedule.
 (L) The tenderer shall ensure that in case a failure is reported by a consignee, qualified service
     engineers visit the site or have the fault attended by qualified service personnel within 24 hrs. This
     period of 24 hrs. after the failure report shall be treated as grace period, which will not count
     towards plant down time for up to one failure per quarter and a maximum of 4 failures per annum.
     In case the number of failures exceed one during any quarter or four during any year of AMC, no
     grace period will be permissible for such additional failures. Complaints shall be lodged by
     consignee by fax, e-mail or per bearer at address given by the tenderer. The responsibility to keep
     the failure reporting address details current will rest with the tenderer.

 (M)          In case preventive maintenance is carried out along with breakdown maintenance
     schedule ; preventive maintenance time will be deducted from breakdown time of the plant.
 (N)          Penalty Clause: Penalty shall be levied on the tenderer for maintaining plant up time
     below the limit of 90% calculated on working days basis, after discounting for grace period and
     preventive maintenance period. Penalty shall be calculated as % age of quarterly payment and
     will be deducted from the respective quarterly payments. Penalty calculation will be done over
     quarterly payment period.
       S. No.     Availability        Applicable Penalty
       1.         90% to 80%          0.5% for every 1% (or part thereof) reduction in
                                      availability of plant below 90%.
       2          Below 80%           1% for every 1% (or part thereof) reduction in availability
                                      of plant below 80%.

 (O) A Bank Guarantee equal to value of 5 years of AMC will be submitted by the tenderer at the
     commencement of AMC, which will be returned on proportionate basis at the end of every
     completed calendar year of AMC. In case the tenderer fails to provide AMC services successfully;
     the AMC BG will be forfeited. This will be in addition to penalty as per clause (N) above.
 (P)           Plant up time of less than 60% for two consecutive quarters will constitute complete
     failure of tenderer to provide the AMC services successfully; the AMC BG will be forfeited. This
     will be in addition to penalty clause (N) above for the period of actual performance.
 (Q)           Spares as per list recommended by the tenderer will be kept by the consignee which may
     be used by the tenderer for performing repair & maintenance under warranty/AMC. However, all
     spares/items borrowed by the tenderer for warranty/AMC, shall be returned conveniently but not
     later than the last date of warranty period/end of next quarterly period of AMC respectively. Cost
     of outstanding spares may be deducted from pending bills/Bank Guarantee for warranty /AMC by
     the consignee.
 (R)           In all cases of plant failure except as mentioned in clause (S), any other spare part or
     material necessary to restore the plant to proper working order will be arranged by the tenderer as
     a part of AMC.
 (S)           In case of damage to the machine on account of any external factor, viz., floods,
     earthquake, fire, arson or sabotage, entire cost of spare parts and material necessary for repair of
     the plant shall be borne by the railways. However, the tenderer shall provide services of their
     engineers free of cost as a part of AMC to restore the plant to working order.
 (T)           In case of damage to the plant as mentioned in Para (S),any spare parts and material
     necessary to restore the plant to proper working order shall be arranged by the tenderer and
     charged on actual basis duly certified by authorized railway Gazette officer in the next quarterly
     bills. The rates charged for such spare parts shall be based upon the current published spare part
     rate list of the OEM or spare part rates accepted by COFMOW/RAILWAYS in their latest AT for a
     similar machine. The tenderer shall furnish one of these documents to support the rates charged
     for spares used for repair under Para(S).
 (U)           Normally quarterly payment under AMC will be made to the tenderer within 30 days
     from the end of that quarter subject to submission of the following documents by the tenderer to the
     paying authority assigned by the consignee;
          1.    Consignee’s certificate for work done under AMC as per Annexure-R

         with calculation of down time and penalty applicable.
         2.    A certificate by consignee that no spare part is due with the tenderer as per
         clause (Q) above.
         3.    Bills submitted by the tenderer & accepted by consignee.
         4.    Attested photocopy of the AMC BG.
   (V) The contract shall be determined in following ways.
         i.    Notice in writing by either party, giving 3 months clear notice period. Dues, if any, will
         be settled in accordance with the conditions of this agreement.
         ii.   Consignee may terminate the contract in the event of failure of tenderer to provide
         AMC services in terms of clause (P) of the AMC agreement.
Other general conditions shall be governed by Bid Document Part-I (Section-I, II and III)
as applicable
Special condition

    (A) The tenderer must confirm willingness to offer AMC services at consignee location without any
        pre condition. In absence of this confirmation, the tender may be rejected summarily.
    (B) Type test certificate of the offered model by Govt/Govt approved test agency in case of welding
        M&P only.
    (C) Each machine is to be provided with in built safe welding device for welder safety at no load
        condition in case of welding M&Ps only.
    (D) Relevant document in support of their declaration regarding specification of their
        offered model of welding machine.

                     Consignee’s Certificate for Quarterly Work Done Under AMC
   1.   Name of Plant:
   2.   Consignee
   3.   P. O. No.
   4.   Name of the Contractor
   5.   Quarterly charges for AMC (Standard): Rs. ………..
        As per AMC agreement no. ……………..dt. ……….

   6. Quarter for which bills are preferred: ………………
        From: ………………to ……………………………
   7. No. of Breakdown during the quarter:
   8. Calculation of Penalty and Net AMC charges payable to supplier / Contractor for the quarter.
   i) Total Plant Down Time (In days) :
   ii) Standard down days for preventive maintenance (In days / quarter) :
   iii) Total grace period for brake down:
   iv) Net down time for the plant [= (i) - { (ii) + (iii) }] :
   v) 100% Availability for the quarter (In days) :
   vi) Actual availability [= (v) – (vi) ]
        Actual availability in %age [= {(vi) / (v) } x 100]
   vii) Calculation of penalty:
        a. %age reduction in availability below 90% to 80% :
        b. %age reduction in availability below 80% :
        c. Penalty [= {(viia) x (5)x 0.005 + (viib) x (5)x 0.01}]
   viii) Net amount payable as AMC charges to [= (5) – (viic)]
   9. It is certificate that all spares borrowed by the previous quarter have been returned in good

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