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									                        ADVERTISING RATES FOR SHOW BOOK
Limited advertising space is available in our VentureNet 2000 showbooks.

Full Page Ad, Black & White - $800                Half Page Ad, Black & White -$400

Specs are as follows:
Trim size of full page ad will be 8 X 10-1/2   Trim size of half page ad will be 5- 1/8 X 8
Ads can be received in one of three formats:

1. Electronic Files:    PC or MAC format.
                        Please identify software used to create the files and include all fonts with files
                        Minimum graphic resolution of 300 dpi to be printed at 85 line screen.
                        E-mail to

2. Laser Copies:        Black and white laser copies from your laser printer.
                        Send to Rivka at the Software Council – address below

3. Printing film:       Right reading emulsion down to be used for 85 line screen printing.
                        A laser proof to be supplied with film.
                        Send to Rivka at the Software Council – address below

Advertiser Information
Key Contact Name _________________________________________________________________
Title _____________________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________________State ___________ Zip _______________
Phone _______________________Fax ______________________E-mail _____________________
Web URL ________________________________________________________________________

All ads must be received by no later than April 27, 2000
Payment Information

Charge Card # _____________________________________Exp. Date _______________________
Name on Card _____________________________________Signature _______________________

A credit card number and authorized signature or a copy of the check being mailed must accompany
this form. Checks, accompanied by a copy of this form, should be made payable and mailed to:
Software Council of Southern CA, 2461 208th Street, Suite 202, Torrance, CA 90501-6222,
Phone: 310-328-0043.

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