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Vol. 9, No. 37                SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO - NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y.                                        March 15, 2012

Message from Fr. Provincial                     From my perspective, these five                Once again, our meeting will include
                                              initiatives offer our province a powerful      presentations from the usual provincial
                                              and unified thrust for identifying our         councilors on their areas of service to the
                                              current situation, clarifying our calling as   province and communities. This time,
                                              consecrated religious in Don Bosco’s           however, their presentations will be tied
                                              family, and projecting our future as           into the overall directives given by Fr.
                                              communities and a province.                    Chavez and Fr. Bregolin. Rather than
                                                                                             simply passing on information, these
                                                For this reason, I have directed that the    presentations will be oriented toward
                                              spring leadership meeting be organized         renewing the vocational spirit of our
                                              around the overall theme of planning for
                                                                                             communities, ministerial sites, and
                                              the future of our province and communi-
                                              ties. In many ways, our meeting will help
                                              our province leaders focus on the
                                                                                               The last segment of our meeting will be
                                              essential elements (assessments,
        Leadership Meeting                    orientations, priorities, and decisions)
                                                                                             oriented to the criteria and principles for
                                                                                             planning the future of our province. This
                                              that are needed for developing a
  Next week our province will call                                                           final session will tend to open our leaders
                                              province plan for the next three years.
together provincial council members,                                                         to the considerations, priorities, and hard
directors, pastors, and SDB principals          During our two-day meeting, we will          decisions that have to go into planning
for a two-day meeting at the Marian           take up the Rector Major’s prophetic           on the local and province levels. It is to
Shrine in Stony Point. This spring            closing address at the team meeting in         be expected that this discussion will be
meeting of province leadership will be        San Salvador, in which he laid out the         taken up again when this same group
conducted as part of the responsibility       renewal that the Congregation must             assembles in May to receive the final
of the provincial to build up the frater-     undergo if it is to thrive into the next few   report of the extraordinary visitation.
nal provincial community (C. #161).           decades. The presentation of Fr. Adriano
From a provincial’s perspective, these        Bregolin, SDB (vicar), at the same               By the end of this academic year, our
meetings of province leaders are              meeting will offer us a very practical         province will have done more than
among the most effective ways to fulfill      perspective on the demands of local            enough preparation work to carry on a
his responsibility in animating and           leadership in the world and Congregation       serious and comprehensive process of
governing the province: animate the           today. Much of our discussion will be          pastoral planning to be concluded during
religious life and apostolic action of the    carried on within the parameters offered       the next provincial chapter in March
provincial community; care for the            in these presentations by Fr. Chavez and       2013.
formation of the members, especially          Fr. Bregolin.
the novices and young confreres; and
direct and control the administration of       Undoubtedly, the extraordinary
the goods of the province and of each         visitation (which will be about half
house (C. #161). With good reason do          complete at the time of our meeting) will
the Regulations of our Congregation           provide our discussions much wisdom
                                              and information on our call to renewal as
direct each provincial to call the direc-
                                              communities. We have invited Fr.
tors of the province together “at least
                                              Esteban Ortiz, SDB, to address the
once a year to treat of matters of gen-
                                              province leaders at this meeting to offer
eral interest for the province” (R.145).      his initial assessment of life in our
                                              province from his perspective as the
  Within the overall purposes described
                                              extraordinary visitor.
in our Rule, each meeting of province
leadership is structured according to           The meeting will feature reports on the
situations and realities in the life of the   province implementation of the provincial
province, the Congregation, and the           chapter priorities on evangelization
Church. This year’s meeting will be           assessment, vocation animation, and
structured to focus on a number of            pastoral animation. You will be pleased
important realities that are coming           to know that 14 local ministry sites have
upon our province now: extraordinary          completed the entire first phase of the
visitation; evangelization assessment         process (small group reflection process,
project; province organic planning;           summaries submitted) and 9 ministry
follow-up on the team meeting of the          sites have scheduled the large group
InterAmerica region; preparation for          feed-back sessions. That is good news!
Don Bosco’s bicentennial.                                                                           St. Joseph – March 19
Vol. 9, No. 37 – 2 of 4                              E-SERVICE                                             March 15, 2012

      Provincial Calendar                        Coming Birthdays                          Provincial Announcement

               March                                      March                          By written decree issued by the vicar of
16-20   Office Days                     15       Br. Robert Metell                     the Rector Major, Fr. Adriano Bregolin,
21      Salesian Pastors Meeting,       18       Fr. Thomas Provenzano                 Fr. Eric Wyckoff has been given a
        Stony Point, N.Y.               19       Br. Bernard Dubé                      three-year transfer from the circumscrip-
22-23   Salesian Leadership Meeting,    22       Fr. Thomas Dunne                      tion of the St. Philip the Apostle Province
                                                                                       (SUE) to the circumscription of the
        Stony Point, N.Y.               26       Fr. Michael Leschinsky
                                                                                       Middle East Province (MOR) for the
24      Province Day, Orange, N.J.      27       Br. Joseph Tortorici
                                                                                       purpose of joining the Salesian Theologi-
25      Personal Day                    29       Fr. Frank Twardzik                    cal Institute in Jerusalem as a formator
26-28   Provincial Council Meeting      29       Fr. Thomas Ruekert                    and teacher. The temporary transfer will
29      Office Day                      31       Fr. Donald Delaney                    take effect on September 1, 2012.
30-31   Visit East Boston Community
                                                                                        This agreement was made possible by
                                          March Leadership Retreat                     conversations between Fr. Francesco
        Pray for Our Sick                          Fr. Steve Ryan, SDB                 Cereda, councilor for formation, Fr.
                                                                                       Wyckoff, Fr. Munir El Ra'i (provincial of
    Bro. Alfred Flatoff, SDB              One hundred and ten Salesian young           MOR), and Fr. Thomas Dunne.               ■
 Surgery went extremely well; he will   people and adults experienced MLR from
    spend some time in rehab at         March 5-8 in Stony Point, N.Y. Five SDB
                                        schools and four FMA schools were                Two things stand out from MLR 2012.
Van Dyk Manor
                                        represented. As usual, the young team          First, the young team handled them-
304 South Van Dien Avenue
                                        consisted of 16 seniors who had made a         selves very maturely and really showed
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
                                        leadership retreat previously and came         themselves to be of service for the
                                        back to be leaders.                            retreatants. Second, the participants
        Sofija Alejunas                                                                showed themselves to be empowered to
     Undergoing surgery due to             The theme was the Oratory Criteria.         be agents of change in their schools.
    complications with diabetes         During our four days together, we
 Mother of Fr. Richard Alejunas, SDB    experienced a home that welcomes, a              During this retreat, we designed a few
                                        school that prepares for life, a parish that   new teaching activities and got several
           Hua Nguyen                   evangelizes and a playground where             new adults to be members of the core
   Father of Fr. Paul Chuong, SDB       friends meet.                                  team. Congratulations to Fr. Matthew
                                                                                       DeGance and Sister Mary Jackson for
        Thuy Tam Nguyen                  At the conclusion of the retreat on           accompanying the MLR for the first time.
    Sister of Fr. Paul Chuong, SDB      Thursday night, we sent forth renewed          See a video slideshow of MLR 2012 at:
                                        Salesian disciples to live Don Bosco's
       Fr. Jan Bernas, SDB              Oratorian Criteria in their schools.           7OsbSe0.                                 ■
           Fr. Joseph Ho
            Tom Connor
   Bro. Gerald Warner, SDB                     March Leadership Retreat – Stony Point – March 5-8
                                                                                                                Nicholas Magrogan
  Fr. Edward Cappelletti, SDB
   Maria Theresa Rien T. Mai

   Pray for Our Deceased
          Mary Genovese
          March 11 at age 91
 Sister of Fr. Anthony D’Angelo, SDB
     Condolences may be sent to
Genovese Family
32-15 37th Street
Astoria, N.Y. 11103

      Mary Alice Peterson
     February 26; sister-in-law of
       Fr. Harry Peterson, SDB

         Norbert Brahm
     March 11; brother-in-law of
      Fr. Harry Peterson, SDB
Vol. 9, No. 37 – 3 of 4                                  E-SERVICE                                         March 15, 2012
            East Boston                       The alumni and staff spent most of the
                                            four hours of the evening—actually, it
       Great Savio Reunion
                                            went longer than the announced 11:00
        By Fr. Mike Mendl, SDB
                                            p.m. closing time—talking with one
                                            another, catching up on families and
  An estimated 450 former students
                                            careers, reminiscing about school days,
and faculty of St. Dominic Savio HS         and asking about some of the Salesians
and Savio Prep showed up for the
                                            they’d known. Many of them voiced their
Great Savio Reunion on Saturday nite,
                                            deep appreciation for what the Salesians
March 10, at the former schools’ Savio
                                            and other faculty had taught them, and
Hall—now the Salesian Boys & Girls          not only in an academic sense. There
Club of East Boston. There were even
                                            were a lot of fond memories of Fr. Joe
a few alumni of Don Bosco Trade
                                            Caselli, Bro. George Sheehan, Fr. Don
School, which preceded Dom Savio at
                                            Zarkoski, and many others.
the site (1946-1955) before relocating
to downtown Boston.                           If there had been a prize for the partici-
                                            pant who traveled the farthest to get to
  The reunion was planned over the          the Great Reunion, the winner, hands           Fr. John Nazzaro welcoming all the
course of several months by alumni          down, would have been former SDB                 attendees, with Eddie Palladino
Steve Fielding and Fr. John Nazzaro,        cleric Pat Whalen, who did his practical
both of the Class of 1972. Steve is         training at Savio, 1968-1971, and came                               M.Mendl
now the program director of the Boys        all the way from Brisbane, Australia, to
& Girls Club, and Fr. John is executive     catch up with some of his former
director as well as director of the local   students (and with former SDBs Tom
community of four SDBs who serve at         Lennon, who taught at Savio, and
the Club.                                   George Stanton, who attended Savio).
                                            Pat moved “down under” shortly after
  Fr. John said that about 280 alumni       leaving the SDBs and had a 40-year
and staff had indicated that they would     teaching career in both public and
come, and more were expected. More,         Catholic schools.
indeed! Volunteers registering partici-
pants at the front desk had 400 name          The Class of 1977 claimed the title of
tags, and they ran out. More seriously,     biggest representation, with at least 17
downstairs in the kitchen they were         attendees—not counting their freshman
running out of beer!                        dean/English teacher, who came up from
                                            New Rochelle for the evening.            ■
                                                                                                Pat Whalen, former SDB
  Steve and Fr. John had arranged for
a band, the North Shore’s Hardest
Working Band, made up of Savio
alums (Chris Snow ’84; Joe Maraio                      Great Savio Reunion – East Boston – March 10
’98, Vinny Schettino ’04, and others),
to perform on the stage in the gym.
Unfortunately for the Hardest Working
Band, about 98% of the crowd
preferred to stay down in the old
cafeteria, working on the free
sandwiches and plates of fruit and
veggies, and staying close to beer,
soda, and water at the cash bar.

   The Voice of the (“17-time NBA
champion”) Celtics, Eddie Palladino
’75, welcomed everyone to the
evening and credited Dom Savio with
giving him a chance to develop his
announcing skills. Then he introduced
Fr. John, who likewise made everyone
feel at home. That was the end of the
speechifying, which was a good thing
because not many people were
listening, not even when the winner of
the 50-50 raffle was announced
around 10:00 p.m.
                                                    Most of the Class of 1977 who were in attendance, with Fr. Mike Mendl
Vol. 9, No. 37 – 4 of 4                                  E-SERVICE                                           March 15, 2012

   Happy St. Patrick’s Day                           Toronto – Come and See Weekend – March 8-11
                                               A successful retreat was conducted by Fr. Dominic Tran and Bro. Bernie Dubé at
                                                            St. Benedict Parish and residence in Etobicoke, Canada

                                                           Bro. Bernie Dube, retreatants Chris Sullivan, John Moore,
                                                          Kevin Fernandes, Nathan Fernandes, and Fr. Dominic Tran

                                                Chicago – St. John Bosco Parish Visitation – March 8-11
                                            Founded in 1934, the parish was entrusted to the Salesian Congregation in 1998. The
                                            great majority of the parishioners are of Hispanic origin. There are four Salesians in
                                            the community, and they offer various programs for the young, including catechism for
For a beautiful Irish blessing click on     about 800 children and Sunday Masses attended by about 3,000 people.

     E-SERVICE Newsletter
   Published Weekly by the Salesians of
  St. John Bosco for the confreres of the
     Province of St. Philip the Apostle,
            New Rochelle, N.Y.
 Very Rev. Thomas Dunne, SDB, Provincial

           148 Main Street
    New Rochelle, NY 10802-0639
       Phone: (914) 636-4225

                                                    Fr. Esteban Ortiz, regional councilor, with St. John Bosco parishioners

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