Rough Draft Worksheet for the Web Resume

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					Rough Draft Worksheet for the Web Resume

Time Yourself Reviewer: The first time that you look at the writer’s web resume, time yourself
from the second you arrive at the page to the second when you begin to lose interest. How
much time did the resume have your sharpest attention? _______What were you attracted to
most? __________________________________________________________________


Does the writer have an effective headline?______

What does the headline say about the writer and their professional goals?

How would you define the writer’s web presence?

Is the web resume linked?______ How many links can you count? ______

Scan through the resume one additional time, looking for items that could be linked? What
additional links do you think that the writer could provide?

Does the writer provide a headshot? Is it effective or could it be cropped? Should he/she
change the photo? Why?

Could the writer provide a stronger visual argument? _______ Name the pages that would
benefit from having an image? _____________________________________________

What type of image/s do you foresee being placed on the page/s?

Does the writer provide enough detailed information about projects? Could they include more
Ask the writer if they have ever produced a video for a class project and whether or not it
would be worth including. Ask why or why not?

Has the writer confined himself to the basics of a paper resume copied and pasted to an online
forum or has he/she added a new dimension that you find unique and provocative?

Is the web resume too busy? Why? Explain to the writer whether or not there is enough white
space or too much?

Were there any tabs that you found especially attractive/unusual?

Were there any places that you were disappointed with the content of information after
clicking on a tab/link?

Could the writer use color more effectively?

Did the writer provide a downloadable pdf file of their resume or a scannable resume?


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