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									   Who Cares? Project

   Young Adult Carers in FE -
Staff awareness training session:

          Training plan
          Trainer notes
1. Training session information

Contents of pack                  Each participant should be given a training pack. The training pack should contain:

                                         A copy of the slides.
                                         Numbered handouts.
                                         The training notes.

Target group                      This session will be of use for all staff within a college including teachers/trainers/assessors, middle and senior
                                  management, IAG staff, learning support staff, Management Information Services staff, and exams staff.

What will the session be like?    A mixture of discussion, group activities and information sharing.

Rationale                         This session has been developed for staff within FE colleges in order to raise awareness and provide information
                                  about young adult carers and their needs in relation to learning.
                                            Raise staff awareness of the needs and experiences of young adult carers.
Training session aims                       Identify specific barriers/issues for young adult carers in FE.
                                            Identify implications for the college and individual staff roles.
                                            Provide practical resources to enable managers and practitioners to identify links with other disadvantaged
                                             groups, review existing policies, provision and support for young adult carers.
                                            Enable managers and practitioners to identify and implement ways of improving provision and support for
                                             young adult carers.
                                            Support managers and practitioners to identify and work effectively with local partners.
                                            Prepare for a Whole Organisation Approach to working with young adult carers.

How is this training session assessed?   There is no formal assessment of outcomes. However, participation in this session, followed by implementation
                                         of new ideas, evaluation of and reflection on the impact of the change in practice could contribute to
                                         participants’ personal continuing professional development (CPD) plans. This can form part of the requirement
                                         to complete at least 30 hours of CPD each year (pro rata for part-time staff). Evidence of this professional
                                         development, and reflection on its impact, will be required for the individuals’ professional development

Equipment required                       Laptop and multimedia projector.
                                         Computer facilities with internet connection.
                                         Flip chart, pens, sticky notes and highlighters.

Reference materials for trainers         Who Cares FE Resource Pack
                                         RUBLE guidance
                                         Easyread book and guidance – ‘We’re Carers and We Want to Learn’
2. Plan for a 2-hour training session and trainer notes

Approximate Activity/item             Slide(s)   Resource(s)      Trainer notes
20 minutes      Welcome              1                              Welcome the group – ask participants to introduce themselves (e.g. name and
                Introductions        2&3                             department) if they don’t already know each other.
                Housekeeping         4                              Run through housekeeping and ensure any required documentation is signed /
                Aims of the                                          completed.
                 training session                                    Give background to training and other resources available using slide 2 & 3.
                Ice-breaker                                         Cover aims for the training using slide 4.
                                                                     Use ice-breaker activity e.g. get people to arrange themselves along an imaginary line
                                                                      of awareness about young adult carers – one end being zero awareness graduating to
                                                                      the other end being highly aware. When people are in place, ask for some volunteers
                                                                      from different points on the line to say what their experience is and what they want
                                                                      to achieve as a result of attending the session.
                                                                          o Ask if anyone has experience to draw on during today’s session e.g. of caring
                                                                              for a family member themselves either as a young person and/or as an adult?
                                                                          o This will be repeated at the end of the session as a visual representation of
                                                                              distance travelled.

20 minutes      Facts and            5          YAC Facts Quiz      Provide definition of young adult carer using slide 5 – encourage initial
                 characteristics of   6                               comments.
                 young adult          7                              Handout quiz – can be done individually/small groups/large group (allow 5-10
                 carers               8&9
                                                                      minutes for completion).
                                                                     Take feedback and provide answers – encourage wider discussion of
                                                                      implications and reasons for people’s answers using slide 6.
                                                                             o Write up points on flipchart as a whole group, or small groups can
                                                                                 use their own flipchart to record thoughts.
                                                                     Reinforce points made using quotes from learners on slide 7.
                                                               Run through points on slides 8 and 9, being sure to emphasise that YACs are
                                                                not a homogenous group and will have/display positive as well as negative
                                                                characteristics whilst in learning:
                                                                       o Ask for suggestions as to what positive traits might be displayed
                                                                           e.g. maturity, empathy, compassion, good listener, well organised,
20 minutes         A Day in the Life   10   A Day in the      Introduce slide 10 and handout the 2 ‘snapshot days’ for participants to read –
                    of a young adult         life of…           Joseph and Chelsea.
                    carer                    handout           Return to flipcharts made in previous section – is there anything further to
                                                                    o What do individuals feel about the ‘snapshot days’ / how is the
                                                                       information affecting them? E.g. are they sad, surprised, angry etc.
15 minutes         Break

20 minutes         The role of FE      11                     Go through slide 11, emphasising the potential role of FE in working with YACs
(to be                                                          – do the participants agree? Why?
extended if                             12                     Raise the idea of a family focussed approach to learning using slide 12 – do
work on the
                                                                people feel this makes sense and/or is realistic?
self                                    13
                                                               Use slide 13 to stimulate discussion about links with other disadvantaged
tool is to be                                                   client groups (for example young parents and young people who have been in
included in                                                     care) – are there already things we do that could be adapted? How could they
the session)                                                    be recognised in the quality framework? Do we know / how can we find out
                                                                how many young adult carers are already in college?
                                        14   WOA diagram       Display slide 14 and handout Whole Organisation Approach (WOA) diagram –
                                             handout            explain that WOA should be a bottom up and top down process which takes
                                                                all aspects/functions of college into account.
                                                                     o Ask people to identify where they fit on the diagram i.e. referral,
                                                                        induction, MIS, tutor etc.
                                                                     o What coverage have you got in the group? What other
                                                                        areas/departments would current participants suggest need to get
                                      15   Optional –          Explain there is a free tool which can be used to assess the extent to which
                                           electronic or        the college has achieved an effective WOA for young adult carers (link on slide
                                           paper self           15).
                                                                    o OPTIONAL – tool could be provided in paper/electronic format for all
                                           tool –
                                                                        participants, with working groups set up in the session to take aspects
                                           xxxxx                        of self assessment forward at an agreed date. Identify people to take
                                                                        responsibility for the different sections.
                                                               Emphasise that self assessment should also involve consulting young adult
                                                                carers and key stakeholders about how they feel the college supports them.
                                           Questionnaire            o Questionnaire available for this purpose within downloadable tool.
                                           for YACS

20 minutes      Getting it right –   16   Top tips cards      Organise the participants into small groups and handout the packs of top tips
                 top tips and                                   cards, which also include blanks for people to suggest their own.
                 resources                                     Go through the instructions on slide 16.
                                                               Take feedback from groups and summarise.

                                      17   RUBLE               Use slide 17 to introduce some of the activities young adult carers can do
                                                                themselves (or with support).
5 minutes       Wider support        18   Carer’s             Go through slide 18 on other sources of support.
                 for carers                Assessment          OPTIONAL - Carer’s Assessment handout and letter to Social Services can be
                                           handout              given out.
15 minutes      Actions and   19                     Display slide 19 and ask each participant to write on a sticky note:
                 distance                                  o One thing they will do as a result of the session.
                 travelled                                 o One thing they think the college should do.
                                                      Ask all participants to stick notes on a flipchart, then arrange themselves
                                    Sticky notes
                                                       along the imaginary line of awareness about young adult carers now – one
                                                       end being zero awareness graduating to the other end being highly aware.
                                                      Summarise the actions from sticky notes yourself and/or ask all participants
                                                       (or a selection) what they are going to do.

                Close                             Evaluation forms to be completed

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