Royal Manor Estates by HC120912183350


									                                        Royal Manor Estates
                                   Architectural Review Committee
                                   Homesite Improvement Request
                                          P. O. Box 721048
                                      Orlando, FL 32872-1048

This form is to be completed by the homeowner and submitted to the ARC for approval BEFORE any work
commences. Please refer to the ROYAL MANOR Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for a
description of the ARC and its purpose. To expedite approval, please attaché survey of lot with the
diagram of fence or other addition location.

The following is to be completed by the homeowner:

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

Phone # _________________________            (non resident) ______________________________

    Describe the change/Addition/Installation

    Location (Attach copy of plot plan or suitable diagram showing where the addition is located

    Specifications: (Attach copies of plants, estimates or pictures)

    Dimensions ________________________________________________________________________

    Materials __________________________________________________________________________

    Color _____________________________________________________________________________

    NOTE: All requests must conform to Orange County zoning and building regulations and you must
    obtain all necessary permits, if approved by the ARC. The ARC has thirty (30) days to respond to this

    ARC Action:
    APPROVED _________________________________________ DATE: _______________

    DENIED ____________________________________________ DATE: _______________

    COMMENTS ______________________________________________________________________

    SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION               INSPECTION DATE _________________________
                FINAL                    INSPECTION DATE _________________________
    COMMENTS ______________________________________________________________________

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