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									                          THE CONNECTION                                                                     Summer

                            Published by Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC)

   MCCC Volunteers Going the Extra Mile                                                          Inside This Issue:
     Compassion is a characteristic of caring Mid-Cities Care Corps volunteers.  MCCC Volunteers           2
Stories of MCCC volunteers going the “extra mile” for MCCC clients best Going the Extra Mile
illustrate this distinctive MCCC volunteer spirit. Two recent examples are  Helping Hands in Action 2-3
shared to illustrate!                                                             Meet Janice Vickery      4
                          Flat out Determination                                  MCCC Summer Interns      4
     A valued MCCC volunteer driver (who requested to remain anonymous)  MCCC Open House                   5
had a scheduled drive June 27th for Ms. Ruth. When the volunteer driver  Harmonia                          5
went to her car in the garage, she discovered a flat tire. The volunteer called  Director’s Musings        6
the MCCC office to share the dilemma. MCCC was unable to locate a volun-  North Texas Giving Day 6
teer to take the drive on such short notice, and staff was committed and  Kroger Neighbor Program 6
                                    unable to cover. Calls were made to the  Northeast Senior Jamboree 7
                                    doctor’s office to explain the situation and  Empowering Seniors 2012 7
                                    to reschedule the appointment. The earliest
                                    date available for Ms. Ruth was August 6th.
                                        When the volunteer driver learned about this resulting dilemma for
                                    Ms. Ruth, she explored one other option because she knew Ms. Ruth’s
                                    appointment was to get her new dentures that she had been anticipating for
                                    months. The volunteer shared “I just knew how important this appointment
                                    was for Ms. Ruth! So I called my husband who works in Fort Worth and he
agreed to pick up Ms. Ruth in Richland Hills and take her to her appointment in Fort Worth.” The volunteer
had her tire repaired and completed the MCCC volunteer drive by picking up Ms. Ruth at the dentist office in
Fort Worth and returning her home. (continued on page 2 - Unexpected Therapy)

                                                                                                      e th
                                 Mid-Cities Care Corps                                                       e Da
                                  Festival of Friends
                                     Thursday, November 8, 2012
                                               6:00 P.M.
                                      Hurst Conference Center
                                    Dinner, Live and Silent Auction
                              Tickets to the Festival of Friends may be purchased:
              by calling the office at 817-282-0531 or online at
                             ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT Mid-Cities Care Corps
                               Serving Senior Neighbors in Northeast Tarrant County since 1981
                                      Mid-Cities Care Corps is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3)
          Page 2                                         THE CONNECTION

                                             Unexpected Therapy
    Ms. Lois had requested a drive for her doctor’s appointment that resulted in the volunteer going the
“extra mile”. The dedicated MCCC volunteer drove Ms. Lois to her appointment. During the trip Ms. Lois
mentioned that she learned her son had passed away several months ago. While acknowledging a stressed
relationship over the past thirty years, Ms. Lois shared she just learned where her son was buried and
causally mentioned to the volunteer driver her motherly longing to just visit his grave site but lacked
transportation, friends, or family to make the trek.
    Touched by the dilemma, the MCCC volunteer driver queried the location
and was advised her son’s burial site was just west of Fort Worth. The MCCC
volunteer offered to explore picking Ms. Lois up on a future Saturday, which
was arranged several weeks later. When the volunteered picked up Ms. Lois
and asked for details on their destination he was informed, Gordon, TX.
Undeterred, the volunteer and Ms. Lois made the trek one hour west of Fort
    MCCC staff learned about this volunteer’s “extra mile” effort the following Monday morning when
Ms. Lois called the office to express her appreciation for Cecil, the wonderful MCCC volunteer, who drove
her to visit her son’s grave site and provided a healing moment she so cherishes.

         These stories illustrate the compassion of MCCC volunteers going the extra mile for a MCCC
     client! While MCCC volunteer commitments are not all as dramatic, many similar stories can be
     shared illustrating the genuine spirit of MCCC volunteers going the “extra mile” for clients.
         To all MCCC caring MCCC volunteer drivers, THANKS! Such stories illustrate the compassion
     and legacy behind the thirty–one year MCCC mission “to preserve the independence of senior
     neighbors in N.E. Tarrant County”.

                                 Mid-Cities Care Corps
                           Helping Hands Programs in Action
                                          Wheelchair Ramps & Grab Bars

The “Gang”,
    “Thank you so very much for my
outside ramps. It sure helps a lot.” JB
    These kind words reflect the appreciation of so many clients who have
experienced the Helping Hands team the office staff affectionately refer to
as “THE GANG”. The members of this crew remain nameless by request.
Like so many MCCC volunteers, these volunteers are not involved for
personal acknowledgement but for the simple reward of gratification
received from clients. As reflected by the note above, their services
through MCCC do not go unnoticed!
                         Mid-Cities Care Corps                                                      Page 3

                                   Helping Hands - Group Service Day

      Vineyard Dental, Grapevine                 Calvary Lutheran Youth            Second Saturday Mothers & Sons
                                                      Richland Hills                  N.E. Tarrant Area Chapter

“Sincere thanks to the young people and adults for the work did at my house.
The paint job looks professional and the flowers are beautiful, Good Job”. FT
   Businesses, churches, and civic groups making a difference in the community through the MCCC Helping
Hands Group Service Day by offering TLC for the priceless reward of a genuine thank you from the senior

                        Helping Hands - 4th Thursday of the Month Team

                                           “A thank you to Mid-Cities Care Corps for sending the gentlemen
                                           to make the repairs. We appreciate you all.” A&R H
                                               Big boys that love big toys, teaming together the 4th Thursday
                                           of every month to lend a helping hand to do “minor home repairs”
                                           for senior neighbors in the community.
          Page 4                                              THE CONNECTION

           Meet our New Volunteer & Communications Coordinator
                                                   In May Mid-Cities Care Corps gained a new Volunteer &
                                               Communications Coordinator to our organization. Her name
                                               is Janice Vickery and she recently retired from the Hurst
                                               Conference Center, as the Director of Sales and Marketing. In
                                               her sales career of 22 years she has worked for Marriott
                                               International and the Hilton Corporation in the capacity of
                                               Directors of Sales and as a sales specialist. She has also lived in
                                               the Mid Cities area for 14 years. During her sales career she
                                               has been involved in many chamber and industry association
                                               including Colleyville Chamber of Commerce, HEB Chamber of
                                               Commerce and the NE Chamber of Commerce. On the HEB
                                               Chamber she served on the marketing committee, the golf
                                               tournament committee and also their gala board. She was also
                                               a board member of OnStage theater for many years. Janice has
                                               a degree in marketing from Oral Roberts University and a
                                               minor in Music. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering in
                                               her church at First United Methodist Church of Hurst, playing
                                               her piano and golfing when she can fit it in.
                                                   The Board of Directors and staff are excited to welcome
                                               Janice to the MCCC team. Janice will be responsible for recruit-
                                               ing, engaging, and retaining volunteers; handling communications
                                               for MCCC; and representing our organization in the communi-
             Janice Vickery                    ty. Expect a phone call, e-mail or card in the mail introducing
                                               herself to you!
    “I have always had a soft spot in my heart for seniors, especially since my grandmother is 99 years old. Seniors
are wise and gentle and we can learn a lot from them. Joining MCCC gives me a chance to give back and to help
those who are most vulnerable” Janice Vickery

                                        MCCC Summer Interns
    Social media is the recent phenomenon with trends and fads that present options and opportunities for
communications. While MCCC relies primarily on print for communication given our senior demographics,
we constantly are exploring techniques that enable us to link with volunteers and supporters in a timely
fashion. Devin is a junior at Texas A & M studying communications. Cate is a sophomore at Covenant Chris-
                       tian in Colleyville. Cate is active in several class leadership
                       roles. They linked MCCC with the current social media trends
                       and provided input to our website update efforts during their
                       summer internships.
                           “I was very excited to spend time this summer helping
                       MCCC with expanding their social networking and I have
                       enjoyed learning about all the great work they do for the
                       community. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to
                       gain valuable experience as well as being a part of a great
                       cause” Devin observed.
                           MCCC was blessed to have had the energy and spirit of
    Devin Horton       Devin and Cate this summer.                                       Cate Appling
Texas A&M University                                                                          Covenant Christian
                        Mid-Cities Care Corps                                                         Page 5

                         You are invited to a MCCC Open House

                      When: Tuesday, September 25th                 — 9:00am to 4:00pm
                      Where: Mid Cities Care Corps, 745 Pipeline Road, Hurst

                                                Meet the staff
                          Get updates on what exciting things are happening
                          Also come and win prizes, enjoy treats and punch!

                           Free to all and special acknowledgement to those
                                               bringing a friend!

   HARMONIA creates opportunities for older adults to attend
   performing arts events. Targeting homebound older adults with
   limited income and transportation, this initiative is possible through
   coordinated efforts by Performing Arts Fort Worth and senior
   advocates from Area Agency on Aging of Tarrant County, Mental
   Health America, Meals on Wheels Neighbor Helping Neighbor,
   Mid-Cities Care Corps, Senior Citizen Services of Greater Tarrant
   County, and United Way of Tarrant County.
   The initial pilot project of HARMONIA will occur Saturday, March 9,
   2013 at 2:00 P.M. at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. A
   group of seniors and volunteers will attend Million Dollar Quartet, a
   Tony Award nominated Broadway musical which recreates an
   impromptu jam session with four legends of rock and roll. Elvis
   Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash belt out their
   most famous tunes as they gather together for the first and only time
   in their careers.
Background on Harmonia:
    The idea for Harmonia evolved from an experience of Christina, an active MCCC volunteer and supporter.
Christina befriended her neighbor Lea, an 82 year young neighbor who lived in Fort Worth for over 30 years; however
did not have any family in the area and never drove. Christina discovered Lea loved the theater! The result, Lea
became the frequent guest of Christina and her husband Laszlo to performances at Bass Performance Hall. Christina
shares the reward they experienced from Lea’s delight during these evenings together, and the imprint of these
rewarding times with a senior remains since Lea passed away.
    The Lea experience is the kernel Christina has planted in the community. MCCC is an excited advocate for
Harmonia along with other agencies in the region that service seniors in the community. Details continue to evolve, so
stay tuned! The first Harmonia event at the Bass Performance Hall is March 2013!
                       Mid-Cities Care Corps                                                             Page 6

Director’s Musings:
    A lot is happening!
    THE CONNECTION covers the range of volunteer activities at Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC). Stories
and pictures provide a snap shot of the volunteer spirit behind the legacy of MCCC and illustrate the
foundation of our mission. We are exciting to have Janice Vickery joining MCCC as Volunteer and
Communications Coordinator. Janice’s energy, spirit and passion for seniors are exciting additions to the
staff team. Her established respect and reputation in the community is a valuable addition.
    MCCC is actively sharing our legacy of meeting the needs of seniors to the broader community through
involvement within Tarrant County and the North Texas region. I encouraged you to mark your calendars
for the upcoming Northeast Seniors Jamboree and Empowering Seniors 2012. MCCC will be
participating in these community sponsored events that are entertaining and informative experiences for all.
    MCCC is honored to be a participant in a new regional initiative. Details on Harmonia are included, an
exciting opportunity for seniors at the Bass Performance Hall in spring of 2013. Additional details will follow.
    On September 25th MCCC is hosting an Open House. Drop by MCCC and bring a friend! We are
excited to get to know our volunteers and supporters, to share information and answer questions about our
programs, and to share news about new initiatives as we continue our mission to “preserve the independence
of senior neighbors in N.E. Tarrant County”.

          Get Up and Give Day!
     North Texas Giving Day, Sept. 13th

       On September 13, 2012, from 7am to 7pm Mid-
   Cities Care Corps (MCCC) is taking part in the                 Do I have to enroll each program year?
   fourth annual Get Up and Give Day coordinated by         Yes, all organization’s and participants must re-enroll for
   Communities Foundation of Texas. You are invited         each new enrollment period. The current Neighbor to
   to make a difference in your community on Giving         Neighbor Program is accumulating period is effective
   Day. For donations of $25 or more given from             July 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013, Organization Enrollment
   7am-7pm Sept. 13th via,            period is June 1, 2012 to Dec. 31, 2012
   MCCC will be eligible to receive a portion of
   $700,000 in matching funds. Enter Mid-Cities Care                         Present the barcode:
   Corps, click Search, and click “Donate Now.”             Present your organization’s barcode to your cashier up-
   DonorBridge is a North Texas on line resource            on checkout. After they have scanned your KrogerPlus
   that connects donors with nonprofit organizations        Card you will be enrolled for the current year of the
   like MCCC in the area.                                   Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Donation Program. Every
                                                            time you shop at Kroger and use your enrolled Kroger-
       Be a part of a GREAT Day of Giving!                  Plus Card, Kroger will contribute a percentage of your
                                                            eligible purchases to the Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor
                                                            Donation fund. Once a card is scanned with the barcode,
                                                            it will be active for the remainder of the program year.
                                                            After 7 days, from initial scan, you will start to see your
                                                            contributions to your organization on your receipt.
                         Mid-Cities Care Corps                                                                                   Page 7

                                            Friday, September 28, 2012
                                                9:00 am—12:00 pm
                                                         Hosted by
                                              The Hurst Senior Activities Center
                                                    700 Heritage Circle
                                                     Hurst, TX 76053
                                           Registration: Name: ___________________________________ Phone: ______________
                                           Address: ___________________________________ City ___________ Zip: __________
Admissions is Free                         Email: ___________________________________Senior Center/Organization___________
     Pre-registrations is preferred
                                           Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________ Phone: (___) ____________
    Forms may be turned in to your
  Organization coordinator or faxed to        Liability Release: By signing below I hereby relieve the City of Haltom City, City of Watauga,
                                              City of Euless, City of North Richland Hills, City of Southlake, City of Grapevine, City of Hurst, its
 Hurst Senior Center at (817) 590-2659     agents, sponsored, volunteers and employees of all liability that may occur by me or to me while partici-
For more information call (817) 788-7710   pation in this event sponsored by the city of Hurst.
                                              Media Release: By signing below I give permission for any pictures taken of myself in this a City
                                             Sponsored event to be used on the City of Hurst Cable Channel, Web Site and/or City related print
                                           materials. Any pictures used by the City of Hurst are for citywide use and not for profit.
                                           Signature: ____________________________________________________________

 Mid-Cities Care Corps is a participant in these entertaining and informative community senior events.

                                   Friday, October 5, 2012 - 8:30am to 1:30pm
                                       FBCE Campus West, 209 N. Industrial, Bedford TX 76021

                                    Registration must be received by:
                       Friday September 28th, 2012 to guarantee you a free box lunch
                             (Please note each attendee must complete a Conference Registration Form)
 NAME    __________________________________________ Age: Under 50 ___ 50-64____ 65+____
 ADDRESS __________________________________________ Please check if you are a caregiver ____
 CITY    ____________________________________________STATE ________ ZIP ____________
 PHONE   __________________________ EMAIL _________________________________________
                                                      DEVIN WENSKE
                                              NORTHEAST SUB-COURTHOUSE
                                     645 GRAPEVINE HIGHWAY #6, HURST TX 76054
                            OR EMAIL TO: OR FAX TO: (81-581-3603
                                For more information please visit :
                                                                                Non– Profit Organization
                Mid-Cites Care Corps
                                                                                   U. S. Postage Paid
                745 W. Pipeline Road
                                                                                     Permit No. 9
                Hurst, TX 76053                                                    Hurst, TX 76053


                Help Mid-Cities Care Corps Help Senior Neighbors
      Become a volunteer        - individuals with three (3) hours a month to spare are
                                   candidates to be a caring MCCC volunteer
                                 - volunteer opportunities are flexible and respectful of
                                   one’s personal schedule
      Attend / Sponsor          - the annual Festival of Friends celebration dinner, live and
                                   silent auction, Nov. 8th 2012, Hurst Conference Center
      Donate a Clunker          - MCCC accepts donation of vehicles which qualify for
                                   tax deduction
      MCCC Market               - gift certificate donation to support MCCC programs
                                    in honor of someone special
      Be a Supporter            - MCCC is supported by area faith based communities,
                                   civic organizations, businesses, and generous friends
      Be an Ambassador          - share the MCCC mission with potential client and

  Mid-Cities Care Corps is a proud member of:

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