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Douglas B Meyer, MCSD.Net, MCDBA
15124 Portland Avenue South                Burnsville, MN 55306         

(612) 804-5529 (Cell)

Functional summary
Microsoft Certified consultant with current experience in mobile implementations, Intranet and Client-Server
development, GUI design, object-oriented programming, n-tier implementations, healthcare applications and
compliance interests.


2/11-6/12           IFDC                                                                    

IT Specialist. Nairobi, Kenya. 1) Leading a small team from this NGO (Non-Governmental
Organization), I evaluated and selected hardware and software platforms for field data collection in
remote and device-hostile environments in South Sudan, Mozambique and Rwanda. A primary concern
was unavailability of resources (lack of power for charging the devices and weak or non-existent cellular
data connectivity IFDC_PeaceCorpsConnect, Our team quickly learned how to develop and deploy
electronic surveys using Mobenzi. 2) Evaluated working software in a chillie processing plant Equator
Kenya, Ltd) in coastal Kenya for prospective use in cassava processing facilities (DADTCO) in
Mozambique and Nigeria. The primary criterion for acceptability of the software was demonstrated lot
traceability. Both organizations process foodstuffs destined for human consumption. Traveled to The
Netherlands for technical discussions with software’s author and with the prospective user, and
facilitated closing the deal there.

Toolset: Mobenzi Researcher

1/11-2/12           HAB, Inc                                                                

DesignerAnalyst/Developer. HAB, Inc approached our company with a request to develop a web-based
follow-on to their existing Windows CE-based mobile inspection module. Within one month we designed
and built a working web-based prototype that could be run on any platform that supports browsers and
has access to the Internet. After the success of the prototype, we agreed to build the complete
application for the client. The complete system, now in Beta, is web-based and all the business logic is
embedded in stored procedures and functions that are managed by the database. The system fully
supports multiple simultaneous users and login security. It runs on SSL (HTTPS). The application is a
data collection and capture product that can be run on any supported browser, including IE, Firefox,
Android, Safari, etc. The app is optimized for tablet-sized platforms like the iPad, but runs equally well
on most SmartPhones. The front end logic is concerned with presentation, navigation and essential
editing. The back end (database procedures) handles deep editing, data storage and uploads to the
host computer. The following is best viewed on a tablet or iPad: (login credentials
available upon request).

Toolset: LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP). Actively developed in MySql and php, using
phpMyAdmin, SqlWorkbench, dbForge Sql for MySql, jQuery.Mobile

5/10-4/11           US Bank                                                                 

Analyst/Developer. Many small projects, all focused upon remediation of ancient Access applications
via migration to Sql Server. For one project (Loan Capital Markets), the focus was on data integrity and
consolidation of seven separate applications running on desktops in various Seattle and Minneapolis
locations into a single front-end (Access 2003) and a single consolidated Sql Server. Created a third-
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normal data model that preserved all original data relationships but whose database now protects it
from corruption. All original functionality and reporting capabilities were either preserved or enhanced.
Numerous additional projects (for Treasury) were focused upon remediation with data security with data
security as the primary focus. This goal was attained through the use of Sql Server authentication
through user identification and association with defined roles, and locking down the Access front ends.

Toolset: Access 97 and 2003, SSMA (Sql Server Migration Assistant), Sql Server 2005, 2008

1/10-4/10           Larkin Hoffman                                                

Analyst/Developer. Added functionality and simplified usability of a record keeping application which
allowed the staff of this law firm to manage its workflow.

Toolset: Access 2003

8/08-2/09           Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)                

Analyst/Developer. Working with a MnDOT team, re-designed and adapted key components of that
agency's line-of-business project management system for a simplified and effective work flow.

Toolset: Centura Team Developer 3.1, Oracle 10.1, JIRA, CVS

3/08 - 7/08          Regis Corporation                           Edina, MN              

Software Developer Designed and developed a retail point of sale application for use at company
salons. The application is designed for rapid and accurate collection of marketing data from clients. It
returns a limited set of information to its calling program, a legacy product in VB6, through COM
interops. Demographic data is posted to the central mainframe through web services. A local database
provides automatic caching of the data when the web services are not available and automatic
resending of the data when the web services come back up.

Toolset: VB.Net 2005, MS Access

9/07 - 3/08          Verifications, Incorporated                 Maple Grove, MN        

Senior Developer Analyzed enterprise business policies and implemented improved practices as stored
procedures, user-defined functions and scripts. Working with end-users, developed automated methods
using simple statistical analysis to alert operations management of missing data feeds from contracted
laboratories. Developed an automated mechanism to detect missing Chain of Custody Forms and an
automated fax generation system to identify and launch a faxed request for missing documents from
respective collection sites.

Toolset: SqlServer 2005, Transact-SQL (T-SQL), MS Access 2003, VBA

10/06 - 8/08         Cura Script, Inc                            Orlando, FL            

Software developer in a fast-moving and results-oriented traditional development environment.
CuraScript is a specialty pharmacy owned by a PBM (Express Scripts) with significant interest in
customer satisfaction through timely and accurate delivery of high-margin pharmaceuticals. Its IT
emphasis is on strategic deployment of legacy code, oriented toward tactical rewrite in Java.

Design and implementation projects:
    Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS-MA). This contract requires extensive, regular
       and exhaustive performance reporting, with significant consequences for unfulfilled
       commitments. Gap analysis revealed a number of missing, required data elements. Process
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          analysis with internal user community suggested mechanisms for capturing that information
          within the normal workflow. Designed and implemented necessary data capture applications,
          including attendant database structures and triggers, within a proprietary task/protocol/event
          model that provides real-time notification, escalation and call transfer.
         SalCompliance (to meet SOX, HIPAA, internal audit requirements) phase two. Canvassed the
          code base (approximately 200 independent executables), discovered and corrected errors and
          omissions in the original implementation, which had occurred six months earlier. This became
          the final phase and the application is now fully compliant.
         Centura to Java Integration. Acting as a bridge between the old world of Centura and the new
          world of Java, adopted the modified agile methods and extreme programming practices of the
          Java team. Meeting in daily standups, we reviewed and reassigned newly discovered
          challenges and met them on a daily basis. The initial three tasks I had been assigned to
          manage in the Centura world grew into several dozen over the course of several weeks and all
          were managed to make a successful release. This release included a simultaneous parallel
          move to Citrix by the infrastructure team.

Functional Experience: Business analysis, requirements gathering and analysis, technical design,
software development and unit testing, change management, version control

Agile methods/extreme programming(XP) practices: pair programming, test driven development, whole
team communication, continuous integration, small releases, collective code ownership, sustainable
pace. Used Fowler's daily standups and self-organizing teams in a highly collaborative manner.

Toolset              Unify, Gupta, Centura, SqlWindows Team Developer 2.1
                     Oracle 9i
                     Visual Source Safe 6.0
                     Mercury Interactive, HP IT Governance
                     ActiveData SalCompliance

6/06-10/06           General Mills, Inc.                         Minneapolis, MN        

Developer. Designed and implemented web services and a console application to enable GMI to
outsource high-volume, public-facing email processing to a specialized vendor (ExactTarget, Inc.).
These web services are called by existing GMI web sites and each transaction is recorded in a
scheduled email database. Each transaction can generate any number of follow-up emails at scheduled
future times. At regular intervals (approximately five minutes), the database is scanned for candidate
email transmissions; emails scheduled to be sent are marshalled by a console application, configured
to the vendor's (ExactTarget, Inc) requirements, and the vendor's API is called. An audit trail of all
transmission activity is maintained in the database, and tracking information to tie into other GMI
databases is also applied. The initial phase of the application was taken from concept to production
within six weeks.

Toolset              VS 2005, ASP 2.0, XML, SOAP, Windows Framework 2.0, SqlServer 2000, ExactTarget, Web

                     Dakota Technology Group                     Apple Valley, MN       

Developer. Developed business intelligence components for a datamart application for a financial
institution. Components included Data Transformation Services (DTS—rebranded as SSIS) packages
to validate, load, merge and retain over a half-million transaction rows per day. Additionally designed,
tested and tuned SQL Server stored procedures and functions for flexibly reducing this data volume to
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meaningful management information. Created web services and ASP.Net web pages to support on
demand management reporting.
Toolset        VS 2005, C#.Net 2.0, ASP.Net, VBA, ADO.Net, SOAP, XML, SqlServer, DTS, Web Services

9/04-3/06            StudioPlus Software                         Cambridge, MN          

Primary developer of the Enterprise version of this commercial application. The Enterprise version is
concerned with synchronization, updating and executing client site job schedules. It collects all
transactions from all client sites and updates the enterprise database with resulting data sets.
Toolset          VB.Net, ADO.Net, SOAP, XML, Access 2000, SqlServer, Web Services, nAnt

4/06-6/06            Health Partners                             Bloomington, MN        

Developer. Created customer-facing webpages that support Health Partners members to keep daily on-
line diaries of their food intake and exercise activities. Member privacy is maintained by user-selected
userids and passwords, while security is maintained by use of SHA1 encoding.
Toolset             ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, SqlServer 2000, Cryptography

5/04-9/04            MicroDynamics, Inc                          Minnetonka, MN         

Designer and developer of a Quality Assurance system used at the enterprise level. The company is
engaged in production of micro-scale printed circuit devices and requires complete and accurate data
gathering and analysis from multiple QA collection stations at two geographically separate locations.
The new software was designed by reverse engineering of several existing homegrown software tools
and creating a new design based upon a new fully normalized database. All forms were developed in
Toolset          Access 2000, VBA

2/04-5/04            Austin Mutual Insurance                     Minneapolis, MN        

Architect, designer and developer of an extranet for independent insurance agents that provides a front end for
an existing AS/400 vertical application. Acted as technical team lead for a group of five developers of various
specialties that created a framework for interactively generating custom active server pages using server side
components and Javascript.

The application is database-centric. Specifications for the presentation, positioning, sizing, presence and
behavior of all objects are defined in the Sql Server database, as well as navigation, validation and business
rules. Screen objects are instantiated in a just-in-time mode, and properties of screen objects are determined by
previous interactions in the current session. Data capture, formatting and validation occur automatically, based
upon the specifications entered into the database by the corporate database administrator.

Collected and validated data is sent to the mainframe application, encoded as XML, via Websphere MQ, where
COBOL files are then created and delivered to the vertical application. The round trip is completed when the
mainframe application returns a set of files to its MQ server, which encodes those files as XML and passes the
data to the .Net application, where the Sql Server tables for that user and session are updated and the results
are presented.

Toolset              C#, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, SqlServer 2000, MQ Series/Websphere, XML, COBOL

4/03-1/04            CiteWright, Inc                             Minneapolis, MN        

Chief Technical Officer. Architect, designer and developer of the Company’s flagship product, CiteWright.
CiteWright is a product focusing upon the high school and undergraduate academic markets. It is sponsored and
actively supported by Microsoft, through the Empower program for Independent Software Vendors. See
Empower for details of the program.
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CiteWright is poised to leverage Microsoft’s most current development tools, database and operating systems.
Currently under development, it is being written in VB.Net, using ADO.Net and SqlServer 2000/MSDE. The
primary component is implemented as an AddIn to MS Office (Word) 2000, effectively making it a part of Word
and with a zero footprint. VBA macros are used in limited areas of the application. A separate but tightly
integrated research and data gathering component is being developed for the Pocket PC platform (Tablet PC
and PDA), which also runs under Windows 2000 and later. CiteWright is a consumer of web services provided
by Google and Amazon, enabling additional direct internet research capabilities. The architecture includes a web
service provider (XML, SOAP, UDDI, etc) to support a pay-per-use marketing model (the Gillette model).
Microsoft design practices, including data access, logging and error handling are integral to the application’s

CiteWright allows the user to do research in both traditional and modern modes using, for instance, actual paper
note cards or electronic analogs of those documents. All research is instantly validated upon entry into the
database and, once captured, an individual research item can be called up and used again in a different setting.
In all cases, CiteWright guarantees a perfectly formed citation and bibliography/works cited entry. Most common
documentation styles, including APA, MLA and Chicago are supported.

Toolset              VB.Net, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, SqlServer 2000, MSDE Word 2000 and newer, Windows
                     2000/XP/Server 2003/Pocket PC, Web Services, MS Patterns and Practices

3/03-10/03            Atlantic Mutual                            Roanoke, VA            

Software Designer and Developer. Designed and implemented an embedded system for controlling the creation
and routing of printed insurance policy documents. The system provides several new GUI interface controls at
the administrative and user levels for determining which printed documents require further manual review.
Individual policy print decisions are now made by stored procedures, and cause a given document to fall into a
regular print, hold print or no print category. Documents selected for regular print are converted to Adobe pdf
format and printed. Documents slated for hold have a special routing page prepended and are sent to a special
output queue. All documents, including no print, are sent to the Filenet document management system.

Toolset               Centura Tool Developer 1.5, Sql Server 7.0, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0

5/02-3/03             Xumbrus, LLC                               St Paul, MN            

Chief Technical Officer. Architect, designer and developer of the Company’s flagship product, StudentWord.
StudentWord is a stand-alone product aimed at the undergraduate market. It enables its users to organize and
write papers that conform to formatting and style rules for APA, MLA and Chicago styles. StudentWord operates
Microsoft Word as an automation server and it makes many features of Word easily available to its users. It
remembers entries made for papers already written by the student and provides a powerful citation engine that
creates perfectly formatted footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies and works cited entries.

Much of the power of StudentWord comes from the Access database that is included in every installation. This
database is dynamically and automatically updated by the user’s actions. It also contains a large store of
metadata used for creating references and citations, and for guiding the user through the process of creating a
college level paper.

In Process: Currently developing a strategic migration plan for implementiion in VisualStudio.Net.

Toolset               Visual Basic 6.0, Word 97/2000/2002, Access 2000, ASP, HTML, COM+, ADO 2.6,
                      InstallShield, eSellerate, RelevantReach, Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
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3/01-12/01       MassMutual Retirement Systems                   Springfield, MA        

Designer and Developer on Windows 2000 upgrade project. Various assignments within the W2K upgrade
initiative including:
1.        Custom forms generation. Full rewrite of an application that generates business forms automatically
customized to include only text and figures appropriate to a specific customer. The original application had been
developed over the years using various releases of Visual Basic dating back to VB2 and it populated Word
Perfect 5.2 forms. The W2K initiative allowed an opportunity to recast the fundamental business algorithms in a
state of the art environment. All access to the database is now made through ADO 2.5. The completed VB6
application uses ActiveX to interactively drive Word 2000 and is built in three tiers to allow easy porting to the
corporate Intranet. The new application employs a rules engine that I devised. The rules engine enables a non-
technical employee to create and fully maintain mapped relationships between enterprise data on Sybase and
Word Templates. The engine obtains simple conditional, procedural rules from two Sybase tables. Selecting one
of a set of master Word Templates, it passes over all the bookmarks present on the template and replaces or
inserts data obtained from the corporate database according to the engine’s interpretation of each of the rules
applying to the respective bookmarks.
2.        Enterprise application upgrade. The W2K initiative required this organization’s enterprise application to
upgrade from Centura 1.1.2 to Centura 2.0. I performed that upgrade, replacing all forms generation processing
that used OLE with ActiveX.

Toolset          Visual Basic 6.0, Word 2000, Sybase 11,12, Centura 1.1.2, Centura 2.0, COM, ADO 2.5, Access

11/00-2/01       Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS)                St Paul, MN            

Business Analyst and Developer. TADS provides financial need evaluation services to private K-12 schools
throughout the nation. Management had embarked on a project to replace its existing enterprise applications
Late in the project I was brought in to develop a key functional component, the Task Management System
(TMS). TMS is a scheduling and task assignment tool that allows offsite workers to bid on and schedule batches
of key-entry work and check in the completed tasks.
After designing and implementing key components of TMS, I was asked to take over the core component of the
TADS system (Calculations). The Calculations object is responsible for accurately and precisely computing
recommended financial aid for each of about 30,000 households, with each set of computations referencing
several hundred data elements. Calculations was implemented as 23 stored procedures and 9 views.
Management recognized that its project was troubled, both in concept and in schedule. I was asked to lead a
team of three analysts to develop an alternate project plan. Working offsite and using selected TADS personnel
as resources, we performed a fundamental business workflow analysis, developed a new data model and
presented our findings to management for its approval

Toolset          ErWin, BPWin, Visual Modeler, Visual Basic (VB) 6.0.4, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.1/2.5,
                 SqlServer 7.0, Access 2000
4/00-11/00       Business Improvement. Inc (BI)                  Edina, MN              
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Application architect and developer. For this full-service marketing company, I converted a line-of-business
application to current Microsoft technologies. Working with subject matter experts and professional developers,
converted a set of applications originally written in VB3/DAO/SqlServer 4.x/Access 2.0/SqlAnywhere to
VB6/ADO/SqlServer 7.0. Converted all in-line SQL calls to SqlServer 7.0 stored procedures (approximately 90
new stored procedures resulted). Converted all the original DAO code to ADO by building a single command
object in a new class and routing all database access through the new class code, fully exploiting the power of
ADO and the object oriented capabilities of VB6. Using client-side ADO, implemented a consistent internal error
handling and reporting method and also developed a debugging trace mechanism. Designed the new internal
architecture to conform to DNA standards by using disconnected recordsets, although actual implementation of a
true n-tier architecture (web-enablement) will await further funding and demand from the user community.

Toolset          Visual Basic (VB) 6.0.4, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) 2.1/2.5, SqlServer 7.0

12/99-4/00       TapeMark, Inc                                   West St Paul, MN  

Client-server developer/analyst for new aplication. Designed, developed and implemented a new application for
this user in a 3-tier, RAD environment. This client has committed to the ERP solution offered by Visual
Manufacturing (VMfg) from Lilly Software Associated (LSA). VMfg partially supports the concept of dimensional
inventory, under which inventory transactions can be managed based upon a part's dimensions instead of simply
its unit of measure. This application supplemented VMfg functionality so that planners could now plan and select
individual items for further processing and implement such plans in real time.
The original design for this project called for numerous (8+) windows Closely collaborating with the designer and
his user community, I was able to reduce that number to four windows in total. Of these, most of the planners'
work can be accomplished using only one main window.
I developed the application as a 3-tier implementation. I called upon the Windows API as necessary to handle
special needs.

Toolset          Microsoft tools, products and technologies included Visual Basic 6.0, ADO 2.1, RDO, Centura
                 SqlBase 7.5, Centura Tool Developer 1.5. Other technologies included Lilly Software Associates'
                 Visual Manufacturing.
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8/99-12/99       LifeTime Fitness, Inc                           Eden Prairie, MN  

Intranet Developer and Business Analyst for a new Paperless Contract system. Beginning with a mockup n-tier
prototype originally created by a LifeTime Fitness (LTF) IT manager, I took over development of this Microsoft-
centric Intranet application. I provided extensive direction to a junior programmer who transferred the User
Interface (1 -tier) from a VB-based client-server setting to a web-based ASP/HTML/DHTML environment. I
added numerous validation rules to the Business Objects (2 -tier) and I created new classes for new objects. I
also added additonal Data Persistence Objects (3 -tier), using both UDT’s and disconnected ADO record sets
for communication between tiers. I made extensive modifications to the structure of the prototype SqlServer 7.0
database, providing additional normalization and created tables and columns for newly discovered business
properties and attributes. I also designed and built stored procedures, triggers and foreign keys to provide final
validation, operational functionality and referential integrity for the target database (4 -tier). The entire
architecture was organized for deployment under MTS.

In order to support interactive checking account and credit card account number capture, I developed an ActiveX
component using VB 6.0 which communicated directly with the Magstripe/MICR reader’s own API. This
component resides on the ASP page. Similarly, I employed an OCX from an electronic signature capture and
encryption tool (Topaz) on the ASP page to provide a legally irrefutable printable contract. I developed additional
ActiveX components to be used in the UI as data validation devices.

I consulted with all levels of corporate and operating management to determine or clarify the business rules to be
employed by this high-profile application, and made live presentations of the product to upper management as
development progressed. Comments, requests and requirements from these meetings were then integrated into
the product as necessary.

Toolset          Microsoft tools, products and technologies included Visual Basic 6.0, ASP 2.0, ActiveX, DCOM,
                 SQL Server 7.0, IIS, Visual Interdev and MS-Office. Other technologies included MagTek
                 Magstripe and MICR readers and Topaz electronic signature capture and encryption tools
2/99-8/99        The Doctors' Company                            Napa, CA          

Developer and Data Analyst. Made modifications to Windows into Property and Casualty (WPC). The client
offers medical malpractice insurance to physicians in each of the fifty states. WPC is its core enterprise
management system. WPC is charged with managing all policies, claims and billing. This product, written in
SqlWindows, had been originally designed for the property and casualty market, and was heavily modified to
support the medical malpractice business. A number of corrections to those modifications needed to be made,
and I was asked to make those necessary fixes. Additional features also needed to be added, and I also
performed that function. A number of data errors resulted from original programming errors which had not been
caught, and I made many direct changes to the live database using PL/SQL and SQL*Plus. I also recommended
improvements to the WPC database by adding foreign keys and triggers to improve its referential integrity.

Toolset          Windows into Property and Casulty (WPC), SqlWindows 5.0.3, Oracle 7.3, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL

10/98-2/99       Carlson Companies                               Plymouth, MN      

Y2K QA Analyst. As a member of a 30-member team composed entirely of consultants, performed compliance
testing and certification for remediated code written in a variety of toolsets including C, Visual Basic,
PowerBuilder and mainframe COBOL. Databases. Trained in and used Mercury's WinRunner test manager

Toolset          WinRunner
6/98-10/98       DeZurik, Inc                                    Sartell, MN       
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DeZurik, a manufacturer of large valves for process manufacturers and municipalities, was engaged in
implementing a BaaN IV ERP system.The BaaN Order Entry system is incapable of entering and pricing orders
for items which have no manufacturing history.As Primary Developer, I worked with MIS and Customer Service
representatives to design and develop an Order Entry/Order Review system as an interactive front-end process
to BaaN. That system receives orders from manufacturer's reps in the field. It then converts the raw order data
into standard order, pricing and shipping information understood by BaaN. The process also involves creating
working bills of material and routings.This front-end system used Access 97 as its data store, which carried both
reference data and validated, captured transactions. The system periodically collected the captured transactions,
reformatted them to BaaN import specifications, and marked them as processed. Upon deployment, an Oracle
7.3 database was substituted for the Access database.
In related work for the same company, converted the business rules contained in its order quoting and pricing
system from an Excel database to ActiveX component for use in the order validation and entry system.

Toolset          VB 5.0, Excel97/VBA, COM, ActiveX, SourceSafe 5.0, BaaN IV

3/98-6/98        Graco, Inc                                      Minneapolis, MN   

Graco uses a Sales Force Automation product (Sales Track from Aurum, a Baan company). Graco had already
made extensive modifications to this product, yet they needed to simplify the source code and make the user
interface more readily understandable. I was able to conceive of that new interface, convince IS management of
its value and provide technical leadership to a team consisting of myself and two other professionals. The design
and implementation of that SFA product has now migrated from a complex 40+ window, many-layered MDI
interface to a single window, two-panel design modeled on the Win95 Explorer. Our new implementation has
been embraced by the sales force user community, who agree that the design is intuitive, easy to understand
and simple to navigate. It also runs much faster and the size of the executable has been reduced from about 14
MB to less that 3 MB

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0.3, Oracle 7.3, SqlBase 6.1.2, InstallShield Express 2.02
8/97-2/98        U.S.Satellite Broadcasting, Inc                 St Paul, MN       

This value-added satellite entertainment provider (purchased by DirecTV in 1999) had two mission critical
applications, as well as numerous (>15) additional applications designed for reporting and direct data
manipulation. Was sole developer of client-side applications for this company. Maintained and upgraded most of
these applications and wrote several new applications for special data collection, reporting and synchronization
with Lotus Notes. Wrote a data bridge that collected transactions from a partner company's AS/400 DB2 system
in Texas and generated component transactions for update of the Data Warehouse. USSB operates two Oracle
7.3 databases that reside, respectively, on Windows NT and Unix servers. Performed reporting, data
maintenance and extraction against both databases using PL/SQL, with some exposure to Business Objects.
This engagement was a full-time consulting assignment.

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0.2, Centura 1.1.1, Oracle PL/SQL, Lotus Notes 3.X API, Business Objects
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6/97-12/97       McCormick & Co., Inc                            Hunt Valley, MD   

McCormick uses Quantum from DataMyte (a Rockwell company) to capture SPC measurements at its food and
spice bottling plant; the application resides on an Oracle 7.3 database. Developed a comprehensive set of
reports for the operational managers which reduces daily report monitoring time from over two hours to twenty
minutes. Used PL/SQL extensively in developing the dynamic SQL for the application. This was a part-time
engagement performed off-site.

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0.3, Centura 1.1.1, PL/SQL

4/97-11/97       Thomson Consumer Electronics                    Marion, IN        

Designed, developed and implemented an Oracle 7.3 data warehouse solution using PL/SQL scripts. TCE uses
Quantum from DataMyte (a Rockwell company) to capture Statistical Process Control measurements at its
picture tube manufacturing facility. The client's end user base wished easier access to their highly normalized
data and suggested denormalizing that data onto a single, wide table. Designed the table (approx 150 columns)
and developed a set of update scripts, implemented as stored procedures designed to be run from either a
trigger or explicit execution from an external action. Also developed stored procedures to preiodically purge stale
data from the denormalized table. This was a part-time engagement performed off-site following a site visit to
define requirements.

Toolset          Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL

4/97-7/97        Banta ISG                                       Eden Prairie, MN  

Project Lead-Software Development. Designed custom inventory and order management software to interface
with an existing corporate inventory and order management system residing on an AS/400. Evaluated and
selected development toolset. Mentored team of two developers in design of manufacturing systems. Supervised
data modeling and database construction.

Toolset          PowerBuilder 5.0, Sybase 10, ErWin 2.x.

6/95-5/97        Prairie Development, Inc                        Bloomington, MN   

One of two primary developers of a commercial product (EmpACT) which manages all front office operations for
temporary and permanent placement organizations. Extended native functionality of tool through extensive use
of direct calls to the Windows API. Developed numerous new classes to control object behavior and
implemented them in the proprietary class library. Created stored procedures to assure data integrity, and also to
move intensive database activity to the server.

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0, SqlServer 6.5, Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Reports 3.0, Visual C++; also ODBC,
                 OLE/Word 95
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1/95-5/95        Various Clients                                 Twin Cities, MN

Performed operations and programming support to clients using a Funds Tracking System, and provided added
functionality (additional tracking and reports) for a client using a commercial product to manage advertising
media placements.

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0, SqlBase 5.2, ERwin/ERX 2.0, Access 2.0

8/94-12/94       Phoenix International                           Orlando, FL       

As a member of a 15-person design/programming/QA team, developed Credit Bureau Reporting component of
the Loan Processing module for a commercial software product used by the community banking industry.
Implemented core functionality as stored procedures.

Toolset          SqlWindows 5.0, Sybase 10, TransactSQL

3/94-8/94        Best Buy Company, Inc                           Eden Prairie, MN  

Primary developer and mentor for applications development staff new to the Client/Server environment.
Produced a corporate inventory management system to track fixed assets and expendable inventory by store
location, corporate department or employee. Includes logging of all transactions, a planned general ledger
interface and a service module to monitor service requests and resolution for all managed equipment at both
item and model levels. Wrote service request and resolution reports.

Toolset: SqlWindows 4.0, Visual Basic 3.0, Crystal Reports, SQL Base 5.1

5/93-2/94        St Jude Medical, Inc                            St Paul, MN       

Worked with Clinical Marketing Manager and staff to create an application called the Sales Resource Manager
(SRM). SRM is deployed upon about 60 of the company's notebook computers and is used to give the sales
professional authoritative bibliographic references, accurate measurements and statistics, graphical
representation of the company's product (artificial heart valves), competitive intelligence and just-in-time
document printing. It provides an opportunity for Sales Management to create uniform presentations with an
easy to manage database of presentation materials and collateral.

Toolset          SqlWindows 4.0, various imaging libraries including ImageMan and InsideOut

12/92-4/93         Premier One, Inc                              Bloomington, MN   

Acted in a technology-transfer role while completing the development of this company's Waste Tracking
application. Trained several new employees in use of the toolset.

Toolset            SqlWindows 3.2, SQL Base 5.x
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7/72-12/92       Other engagements

During my career I have participated both as a leader and team member in a number of software development
ventures leading to successful commercial products

Fourth Shift                                                     Manufacturing (MRP), Inventory and Order Management
National Car Rental                                              Licensee Back Office System
Rorke Data                                                       Imaging and Workflow system
Premier One                                                      Waste Management Tracking system
Phoenix International                                            Community Banking System

                 Other toolsets

I have developed applications using numerous additional tools, including

COBOL                                                            HP-3000, Honeywell, Burroughs, IBM 370x
FORTRAN                                                          CDC 3300, Univac 1106
DBMS                                                             Image (HP-3000), IMS, MDBS III (MS-DOS), xBase
Assemblers                                                       MS-DOS, IBM 370x

1977             Pepperdine University                           Los Angeles, CA   

Master of Business Administration (MBA) with major in Management

1971             Mankato State University                        Mankato, MN       

Bachelor of Science with major in Computer Science

2003           Microsoft Corporation                             Redmond, WA       

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)
Microsoft Certified Software Developer .Net (MCSD.Net)
Microsoft Certified Data Base Administrator (MCDBA)

1985          American Production and Inventory                  Alexandria, VA    
              Control Society (APICS)

Certified in Production and Inventory Control (CPIM)

1985           Institute for Certification of                    Des Plaines, IL   
               Computer Professionals (ICCP)

Certificate in Data Processing (CDP)

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