12th Grade Economics Syllabus

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					                             12th Grade Economics: Course Syllabus
                              2012-2013 School Year Fall Semester
                                      Teacher: Ms. Huang

Course Overview:
Economics is a one-semester required course for the twelfth grade that focuses on functions
and institutions of modern-day economic systems and economic theory. Economics is broken
down into two areas: Macroeconomics is the study of broad aspects of the economy such as
the role and effect of government, inflation, unemployment, and the money supply on the
economy. The second area, termed Microeconomics, is the study of the consumer and the
supplier and how they interact. We will gain an understanding of how our economy works,
what are the roles of the government, how individuals make “rational choices,” and how firms
optimize decision-making. This course will provide you with a strong and firm background that
in addition to making you a more informed citizen should also help if you take an economics
class at the collegiate level.

Grading Policy:
Students will be graded on a points system. The class will be a combination of tests, quizzes,
independent assignments, participation, group work, and final exam.
       -Tests: 25-35 points
       -Independent Assignments: 5-15 points
       -Group Work/Projects/Presentations: 30 points
       -Class Participation: 50 points (awarded at the end of grading period)
       -Final Exam: TBD
Remember, you need to pass BOTH Economics (1st semester) and Government (2nd semester) in
order to graduate.

Students will only be allowed to take home a textbook if a signed contract is on file.

I have a ZERO tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. Not only are Avance students held to
the highest standard and as 12th grade students, you should also be conscious of ethics. Any
academic dishonesty will be given disciplinary action. No exceptions.
Students are responsible for making-up assignments due to absence. You will have one week to
complete assignments for credit unless I specify otherwise. A “0” will be given for the
assignment after the specified time allowed make-up time.

Class Policies:
-No gum, food, or drink. Bottled water is fine.
-I dismiss the class.
-Behavioral issues will be dealt with accordingly. I have little to no tolerance for disruptive
behavior. As seniors, you are asked to behave as responsible young adults at all times during
my class.
      First offense: warning
      Second offense: detention + parent phone call
      Third offense: detention + parent phone call + referral

-Two subject spiral notebook or composition notebook
-College-rule lined paper
-Folder with inside pockets

Disclaimer: Changes to syllabus and/or class expectations can be modified at Ms. Huang’s
discretion. Students will be promptly notified of any such modifications.

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