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					             Cordless Connections
               for the Consumer
Wireless Personal Area Networks™: Technology and Standards
               IEEE ComSoc Boston Chapter
                        8th June 2000

 12-Sep-12                                                   1
                   Wireless Home Advantage

  •   No plugs - just play
  •   Be connected anywhere
  •   Stay connected while moving
  •   Install batteries instead of wiring

            Mobile connections for mobile lifestyles

12-Sep-12                                              2
                        Wireless Networking
            Overall Range


                               HomeRF     WLAN

                      Real-time Streaming TCP/IP
                       Voice      Media    Data              Latency

12-Sep-12                                                       3
                                                Connected Families
                                                   Connected PC
                                              UNconnected Connectivity
                                              Office Laptop                                                           Mobile display pad
                                                                                                                      Electronic Program guide
                                              Connect to office LAN
                                                                                                                      Read & set security system
                                                                                                                      Home Theater control
                                              Home Printer access
                                                                                                                      Display News headlines
                                              Surf from anywhere
                                              Share files

Family Car
Trip Navigation downloads
Download News/Entertainment                                                                         Broadband

                                                                Ethernet or                         Internet Pipe
                                                                HomePNA Main Home PC
            3 cups flour
            1 cup grated chocolate
            1 cup sugar
            1 stick butter
            1/2 cup chopped walnuts

                             HOME     INDEX
                                                                                                              Cordless Phone
                                                   Additional PC(s)                                           Remote Speech recognition
   Fridge Pad                                                                                                 Call by name
   Family Calendar                                                                                            Build shopping lists
   Recipe Display                                                                                             Home PBX
   Build shopping lists
   Voice messaging
   Intercom                                                           Grandma’s
                                                                                       Kids Room PC
                                                                      3 cups flour     Printer access
                                                                      1 cup grated
                                                                      1 cup sugar
                                                                                       Internet access
                                                                      1 stick butter
                                                                                       File access
   12-Sep-12                                                                                                                              4
                    SWAP Technology
                Baseband                         PHY
        802.11              DECT               OpenAir
    Uses CSMA/CA          Uses TDMA
    Good for Data        Good for Voice

                 SWAP Frame
            CSMA/CA+TDMA                  FH Spread Spectrum
          Good for Voice & Data              Cost effective
       Optimized for small networks        Consumer friendly

12-Sep-12                                                 5
                HomeRF - Products from the
                    Market Leaders

            •   #1 & #2 supplier of consumer notebook and desktop computers
            •   #1 home networking supplier
            •   #1 Fast Ethernet connectivity supplier   shipping
            •   #1 cable modem manufacturer                          More than 10
                                                                    companies with
            •   #1 wireless LAN manufacturer                          announced
                                                                     product plans
            •   #1 “hot-spot” WLAN services company
            •   #1 DECT residential cordless phone manufacturer

12-Sep-12                                                                            6
                 SWAP Advances

   Q1 2000   Q2 2000   Q3 2000   Q4 2000   Q1 2001

12-Sep-12                                            7
               HomeRF/SWAP the right choice
                 for cordless connections
      • Only solution designed from day one to support
        the needs of wireless home communication
            – Combines efficient IP packet data networking with toll quality
              connection oriented voice telephony
            – Cost, power, and feature optimized for mainstream consumer
      • Supported by market leading companies currently
        shipping home networking, wireless LANs, and
        DECT cordless phones
      • Cost effective scaleable data rate upgrade to
        10Mbps is being developed (SWAP 2.0)
      • Bluetooth interoperability modes are attractive
        based on very similar physical radios

12-Sep-12                                                                      8

12-Sep-12             9
                      SWAP 2.0 Enhancements
  • Increase raw data rate from 1.6 to 10 Mbps
  • Double DECT handset support from 4 to 8 dial tones
  • Add specific support for Streaming Multimedia
       – Supports one-way, two-way and multicast streaming
       – Typical applications include:
            • MP3 remote speakers or wireless headsets (receive only devices)
            • Dolby Surround sound remote speakers
            • “Webpad” small screen compressed video displays
       – Up to 8 simultaneous active streams
  • Add roaming support for public place
  • Will define at current BOM cost targets

12-Sep-12                                                                       10
            This presentation was made available on 30May00 by:
                                Ben Manny
                      Chair, HomeRF Working Group
                Intel Corporation <>

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