Top ten ways to prepare for exams

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					Angie’s Top 10 Methods of
  Preparing for Exams
Number 10
•   Review your
    notes after each
    class, add to
    them … not
    necessary to
    type them –
    unless that
    helps you to
    think about
Number 9
•   Work on problems (math, physics,
    chemistry, etc.)
    – Memorize formulas … write them
      again and again and again
      •   Use them … several times
Number 8
•   Review your notes (memory from
    lectures) for content … where
    was the most emphasis put?
    – Were any hints given?
Number 7
•   Read/review textbook and
    assigned readings (highlighted
    pieces) … to understand vs.
    memorize (this is NOT the time to
    start reading!)
Number 6
•   Study with others
    – talk about what you have learned,
      how it can be applied
    – quiz one another
Number 5
•   Ask your professor about the
    structure of the exam …
    – Length, types of questions, topics
      covered, emphasis, etc.
Number 4
•    Determine key points for each
     major topic area covered
    – Write these down; review them
    – Create acronyms to remember them
Number 3
•   Find a comfortable place to study,
    good lighting, ergonomically
    correct (still you need to move
    every hour or so), without
    distractions (turn off your cell
    phone, TV, Ipod?, close the door,
Number 2
•   To study well, you have to be well:
    –   fed (snacking during studying can help to
        keep you awake … choose low calorie, low
        fat snacks … careful how much you
    –   exercised (basketball takes care of that!)
    –   slept (you need to sleep 6-9 hours per
    –   emotionally-charged … choose to focus on
        your studying or deal with major issues in
        the way prior to
Number 1
•   Start studying BEFORE the night
    – There is too much to cover in one
      night; too much to remember, not
      enough time to reflect

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