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My wife, Marianne Lomax, and I are proud to be the parents of Linnea Lomax. As you may know by now,
after over two months of searching, The KlaasKids foundation has helped our volunteers find Linnea's
physical remains.

It is clear to us that, after a fairly quick onset of mental illness, her delusional fears overcame her to such an
extreme that she committed suicide by hanging herself not far from where she left the mental health facility
in late June.

You might know Linnea as the UC Davis student who went missing but to those who knew her she was, and
in fact still is - in every way - a remarkably beautiful person. Since she was a young child she has lived out
her Christian faith by fervently caring for others. She was a joyful breath of fresh air to those around her. Her
grandmother's nick-name for her, “Sun Shine”, fit her well.

When she was in Jr. high, she was so moved by the devastation caused by Katrina that she joined the high
school youth group of this church on a missions trip to Mississippi as the youngest member of their team. At
that age she was already confident in her ability to work hard and get things done. One day they were
cleaning out an elderly lady's shed that was filled with rotting items and Linnea was bringing the items to the
woman to determine whether or not they should be thrown away or restored. But for each item, the woman
would tell Linnea a story about its history. Linnea quickly realized that the woman didn’t need to have her
shed cleaned out as much as she needed to tell those stories to someone. So Linnea stopped focusing so much
on the shed and made sure to listen to every story. Later the youth pastor told us that Linnea's example that
day influenced the whole teams understanding of what many of the Katrina victims needed. That’s how she
was, hardworking and compassionate at the same time.

Up until this last spring, no one ever suspected she might someday become a victim of mental illness. Her
earthly future was filled with the promise of a life with lots of joy, love and meaning. She is our dear sweet
daughter who could not be loved more by us or her brother and sister. Our pain is great, because our love is

We have a lot of thank yous.

We Thank God that He gave us Linnea, loves Linnea and that He does not always deal with this broken world
the way we think is best, but only does what is ultimately the best, most loving thing to do.

The Press
In general you have not only done a good job reporting Linnea's story, but you have done so with a desire to
help while being sensitivity to her family and friends. Thank you.
Our Family and Friends
Your prayers, company and hard work throughout this tragic time kept us standing and moving forward. You
have proven your love.
Sacramento citizens and businesses
From the homeless to the elite, you have made our daughter your daughter. You have answered our need in
the form of sincere prayers and loving actions. You are wonderful people.
KlaasKids and other non-profits who joined our search wholeheartedly. I am sorry there is such a need for
you, but thank you for standing with parents in their most desperate times of need.

Fire fighters, mental health professionals, and law enforcement officers. So many of you tried with all your
heart to help Linnea. Thank You.

We are dramatically grieving the earthly absence of our daughter. We feel the loss was unnecessary and
avoidable. As a result, we look forward to playing our part in changes that save lives. We are looking to
partner with those who insist on increased mental health awareness and adjustments that need to be made in
the law.

Easier Family involvement/gardianship for legal adults
Support for appropriate length of care
Psych training associated w/ suicide

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