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					Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                   101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                    email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756


We are a software development company with a cutting edge technology and process oriented
approach as the foundation for all our service offerings. Our development and project
management services address the needs of corporations and software development companies
requiring solutions based on consulting, development and maintenance .

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner: We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner software
development company specializing in development on the .Net platform having competencies
in Business Process and Integration, data Management Solutions, Mobility Solutions as well as
Custom Development Solutions. We have extensive experience in building applications (web as
well as desktop) for various industries such as construction, project management, insurance,
real estate, financial services & banking, accounting and services & dispatching.

Quality standards: Pursuing CMMi L3
We are currently undergoing the CMMI Level 3 appraisal process and hope to achieve the
certification shortly.


•      Windows 2003/2008 Server
•      SQL Server 2005/2008
•      Internet Information Services 6 (IIS 6) Web Server
•      Desktop development using Visual Basic.NET/C#/VC++
•      Web Development using ASP.NET/ADO.Net
•      Windows Mobile development
•      Office Integration/Add Ins development
•      SharePoint Integration
•      Project Server customization
•      QuickBooks Integration
Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                      101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                       email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756


We have been in the software development business for over 9 years now. Our current
employee strength is as follows

                   Project Managers                                          6
                   Team Leads                                               10
                   Senior Software Developers                               12
                   Mid Level Software Developers                            55
                   Junior Software Developers                                8
                   Quality Control Personnel (Testers)                       6
                   Admin Staff (HR and Accounting)                           5
                   Total                                                   102

Our Project Managers have between 8-12 years of experience followed by our team leads who have
between 5-8 years. Senior developers have between 4-6 followed by mid level developers (2-4) and
finally junior developers who between 0.5 to 2 years. Although most of our staff members have a
Computer Science/Computer Engineering background, it isn’t mandatory since we have our own
rigorous written exam that they need to clear before being recruited into the company.

Project Team Structure/ Responsibilities

 Member                Responsibilities

 Project Manager           1. Project planning
                           2. Communication with the client
                           3. Conduct meetings with clients at various phases
                           4. Conduct various meetings with the team
                           5. Co-ordination of various activities like development,
                              testing, delivery etc
                           6. Project monitoring and control

 Team Lead                 1.   Design and develop database
                           2.   Design and develop project architecture
                           3.   Design and develop libraries
                           4.   Coding
                           5.   Monitoring

 Development           Coding
 Testers               Testing and bug reporting
Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                  101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                   email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756


Please see below for a brief overview of our project management process:

 Phase               Development           Project Management Activities
                     Activities            (Checks and Controls)

 Planning            Define Timelines /    Timelines are defined and are communicated to
                     Milestones            the client against which the progress report can be

                     Develop Version       Microsoft Visual source safe is the tool used for
                     control mechanism     version control. Projects are created in VSS and
                                           users are added to the same

                     Define Roles and      Roles and Responsibilities are defined so that
                     responsibilities      activities are smoothly completed

 Design              Prototype             Client's approval of the prototype is obtained
                                           before the coding/development is started

 Development         Database design /     Activities for Monitoring project progress
                     Architecture design
                     / Coding              Visibility about the progress:
                                           The application is hosted in a separate
                                           environment on our external server which can be
                                           accessed by the client for reviewing the progress.

                                           Review meetings:
                                           Review meetings are conducted during this phase
                                           at every milestone. The purpose of these meetings

                                               1.   Status update to the client
                                               2.   To verify the progress against the timeline
                                               3.   Identify discrepancies and rectify them
                                               4.   Identify if any changes required
Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                               101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756

                                        Recording of calls:
                                        Review meeting calls are recorded so that they can
                                        be referred at a later stage

                                        Minutes of the meeting:
                                        Minutes of the meeting are documented and
                                        communicated to all the concerned parties

                                        Task Management:
                                        Mantis is used for task management. Various
                                        developers will be assigned various tasks on

                                        Timesheets are maintained by the developers of
                                        the various tasks to track if the tasks assigned are
                                        done within the defined time.

                   Resolving               Issues and Changes identified in review
                   Issues and Changes      meetings

                                           1. Issues and Changes identified during the
                                              review meetings are documented

                                           2. Once approved by the client, Tasks are
                                              prepared and assigned to developers. After
                                              completion of the changes confirmation is
                                              achieved again from the client through
                                              review meetings.

                                        Issues and Changes identified by client while
                                        testing on our external server:
                                        The client can report these issues on Mantis which
                                        the project manager will assign to the developers
                                        and have them implement the same.

 Quality Control   Testing on staging      Following activities are
                   server at Rheal
                                           1. Testing will be done by testers at our end
                                              before every release.
                                           2. Bugs/Issues identified are reported on
Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                 101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                  email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756


                                          Following types of testing is conducted
                                              1. Functional: To ensure all the features are
                                                 working as desired

                                             2. Integrated testing: To ensure all the
                                                modules are working as per desired when

                                             3. Load testing: To check application
                                                performance using LoadRunner

                                             4. Regression testing

 Pre - Delivery      Testing on Staging      1. Staging environment is created at clients
 Client acceptance   server                     end on which the product/project is
 testing                                        deployed
                                             2. Initial round of testing is done and handed
                                                over for the clients testing
                                             3. Client conducts tests and reports issues if
                                                any on Mantis.

 Delivery            Delivery             Once client acceptance testing is over, the
 (Deployment)                             application is deployed if the client wants us to

 Maintenance         Fixing Issues        Issues identified in the maintenance period are
                                          reported on Mantis. These are resolved and tested
                                          on the deployed back on the live as.
Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                      101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                       email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756


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Rheal Software (P) Limited
                                                   101 VIP Plaza, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai INDIA 400 053
                                    email: Phone: 66982709/10 fax: 66946756

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