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Sample Meeting Minutes by e788dz6

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									                                       Dorset LINk Stewardship Group
                                             Minutes of Meeting
Meeting Number:                          33
Date Of Meeting:                         24/11/11
Location:                                CancerCare, Poundbury
Minutes Prepared By:                      Annie Dimmick
Date & Location Of Next                  15th December at 10.30am. CancerCare (Weldmar Hospice
Meeting:                                 Trust), Hammick House, Poundbury – Poundbury Room
Attendees:                               Julian English
                                         Eileen Mitchell
                                         Paul Tomlinson
                                         Gabrielle Henstridge
                                         Lin Venters
                                         David Conroy
                                         John Smith
                                         Sarah Peters
Apologies or DNA:                        Gavin Maxwell, Ann Kirkpatrick
Copies to:                               Help and Care

    Minutes referencing protocol. Each meeting is allocated a number. Each action arising during a meeting is allocated a
    unique number prefixed by the meeting number i.e. actions arising during meeting number 7 would be referenced 7.1,
    7.2, 7.3 and so on. In this way, it is possible to track actions from start to completion. Each set of minutes contains a
    Previous Actions table that shows the status of all previous actions to date. Each set of minutes also contains an
    Actions Arising table that shows all new actions arising during that specific meeting.

1             Minutes of Last Meeting & Actions Arising

    Actions from Previous Minutes
    Ref    Previous Actions                                  Resp           Resp.Date         Progress
    2.3    Hospital car transport                            All            On going          Watching Brief
    13.2   James Day House                                   Host           Ongoing           Complete
    26.1   Neck and tongue cancer checks at                  Annie          Ongoing           Watching Brief
    32.1   Request Tim Archer to attend next                 Annie          Next              See note below
           meeting to discuss Mental Health                                 meeting
           Services review

    Note to 13.2 – contract for James Day house has been allocated to Agincare. Home to reopen in
    the New Year (no date as yet).
    Note to 32.1 – as Gavin already sits on the Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee Task & Finish
    group reviewing the Urgent Care Review – the request for clarification on whether all options
    have been appraised will be raised through that group rather then through the LINk to ensure
    continuity and traceability.

2            Host Update

            Chinese survey has been delayed due to requesting further information from responders.
             However, report should be out shortly.
            Positive feedback on Malnutrition report (still awaiting full responses). Enter & View team
             will continue work into private sector Jan to July 2012. A random selection of 5 visits per
             district (total 35) will be made.
             “It’s Me Grandma, It’s Me project” – Annie and Eileen to kick off this initiative again once
             the Malnutrition project and Have a Say Fund work has been completed.
            Let Them Eat Cake – follow up letters are going out to all attendees. More work around
             this will be undertaken in the New Year e.g. supporting care homes to work together to
             share good practice and ideas.

    Minutes Template Feb 09
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                                  Dorset LINk Stewardship Group
                                        Minutes of Meeting
            We are supporting a young lady (who has personal experience of services) to develop a
             workshop to be delivered to professionals working in front line mental health services.
             The aim is to give them a real insight into mental illness from the eyes of the sufferer,
             highlighting the dangers of labelling someone and the reality that we currently live in a
             system of treat the diagnosis not the person. We hope to give a realistic portrayal of the
             impact of mental illness and that professionals can help reduce the stigma that can occur
             once a diagnosis is made. The first workshop will go ahead as a pilot with staff from
             Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust in the Spring and we hope to train a
             pool of volunteers with experience of using mental health services to facilitate and provide
             the workshops on a regular basis if the pilot is successful.
            Members discussed the Equality Delivery System and the involvement of LINk (all
             information has been sent previously on the EDS). “LINKs and their successors
             (HealthWatch) or an equivalent local body will help NHS organisations to engage with
             local interests. They will share action plans and grades with the local authority overview
             and scrutiny committees and Health & Wellbeing Boards before forwarding hem to the
             NHS Commissioning Board or CQC”. Development Officers and Help & Care as the Host
             will be discussing how this can work in the next few weeks.
            Members discussed issues around domiciliary care and how the quality of care provided
             can be monitored effectively. Attached with minutes (for Members) is information which
             will be of interest. Also attached are details of the Safeguarding Team (DCC) and contact
            Sarah advised her role has changed slightly to include aspects of PR and marketing for
             Dorset LINk. She now also “Twitters” on behalf of the LINk – details of the account can be
             obtained from Sarah.
            Members discussed the new service being provided by Age UK around “Dementia
             Champions”. Annie to ascertain the terms of reference for the service. Action 33.1

3           Reports from Members

            Eileen – attends the DCH Clinical Audit Committee – some whole time equivalent posts
             have been lost at the hospital which has had a knock on impact to undertaking audits.
             Staff are struggling to get them all done. Could have impact on patient safety - the group
             are considering how to take this issue forward.
            Gabrielle – Attended the Dorset Health Scrutiny Committee Task & Finish group meeting
             on the Domestic Violence Outreach service. The group has requested more data and has
             invited interested groups and third parties to make comments. These groups include
             Dorset Police, Dorset Probation service, Children's Services, Adult Services, social
             workers and Safeguarding team, refuge service providers, Dorset Women’s Outreach
             project, CAB and Victim Support. Full details on the work being done by the Task & Finish
             group can be found on the website or via Annie.
            Paul – Attended demonstrations by two organisations tendering for the telemed pilot.
            John – attended the EDS launch and also attended one of the HealthWatch drop-in
            David – advised of the issues around the Lyme Regis Medical centre. Annie to ascertain
             further details from the PCT. Action 33.2

    Minutes Template Feb 09
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                                Dorset LINk Stewardship Group
                                      Minutes of Meeting
  4       AOB


Dates for future meetings

Please note the following meeting will take place at CancerCare Weldmar Hospice, Hammick
         House, Poundbury in the Poundbury/Training Room

          o    Thursday 15th December – 10.30am


   Ref        New /Actions                                        Resp      Due
   33.1       Ascertain details of new “Dementia Champions”       Annie     Next
   33.2       Ascertain status of Lyme Regis Medical Centre       Annie     Next

                                       Thanks to all attending.

  Minutes Template Feb 09
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