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					                                                               REGISTRATION FORM
                                                      ENGINEER SECTION—NOVOCLIMAT HOMES

PROJECT NAME:                                                                      PROJECT ADDRESS:

Documents to provide when registering a project (for analysis)                        Documents to provide during construction (for approval)
- Sealed drawings and specifications of ventilation system                            - Shop drawings approved by the engineer responsible for the project
- List of all reference pages and numbers of the details related to the               mechanics for the ventilation unit (including the HVI or ARI performance
Novoclimat requirements on the mechanical plans                                       certificate for the recovery system) and its control system
- Enlarged view of all dwelling models, including mechanics (air intakes              - Airflow balance report, approved (dated and signed) by the engineer
and exhausts, ventilation diffusers and grilles, controls, and HRV controls           responsible for the project mechanics
and location)                                                                         - Any modification made to the documents that were submitted for
- Technical data sheets for ventilation units (including the HVI or ARI               analysis and that could lead to non-compliance with technical
performance certificate for the recovery system)                                      requirements
- Excerpts from the plumbing and electricity drawings and specifications
- Technical data sheets for plumbing fixtures (toilet, shower head,
kitchen, bathroom and utility sinks)
- Any other information deemed relevant for analysis purposes

HEATING SYSTEM – MAIN HEATING                                                         HEATING SYSTEM – SECONDARY HEATING
   Central                               Electric baseboards / Convectors                  Central                           Electric baseboards / Convectors
   Independent                           Hot water convectors                              Independent                       Hot water convectors
   Electricity                           Forced-air system                                 Electricity                       Forced-air system
   Natural gas                           Heat pump system                                  Natural gas                       Heat pump system
   Other:                                Other:                                            Other:                            Other:

   Programmable electronic thermostat for central systems
   Modulating electronic thermostat for independent electrical systems
                                                                                         THERMOSTATIC VALVES             Brand:
   Modulating electronic thermostat + modulating mechanical valve with electric
                                                                                         ARE NOT AUTHORIZED.
motor, for hydronic (hot water) devices                                                                                  Model:

   Electricity                                                  Insulated storage tank
   Natural gas                           Central                Recirculation loop and balancing valve
   Other:                                                       Pipes insulated along entire length
                                         Individual             Insulated tank
   Fuel oil                       Only appliances with sealed combustion (direct vent)             Boiler                Brand/Model:
   Natural gas                that vent directly outside                                           Water heater          Brand/Model:
   Propane                        EXCEPTION: Forced- or induced-draft devices are                 Forced-air /           Brand/Model:
   Other:                     allowed only for DHW heating                                     Furnace
                                  Make-up air required in case of depressurisation                 Other:                Brand/Model:
   Combustion air ducts must be sealed and insulated (R 5 minimum) with airtight valve             Fireplace/Chimney     Brand/Model:
and aluminized or equivalent vapour barrier.                                                       Range                 Brand/Model:
                                                                 Compulsory installation of CO detectors (with built-in alarm) inside each room (or outside the room but
   Fuel-burning appliance inside the home                   within 5 m of the door)

                                                                Compulsory installation of CO detectors (with built-in alarm) inside the machinery room and inside each
   Fuel-burning appliance in a machinery room               room (or outside the room but within 5 m of the door) for dwellings adjacent to the machinery room

                                                                 Compulsory installation of CO detectors (with built-in alarm) inside each room (or outside the room but
   Parking garage
                                                            within 5 m of the door) for dwellings adjacent to the garage
   Central vacuum with exterior exhaust
   Toilet: 6 litres per flush, maximum                                                       Brand/Model:
    Sinks and washstands with aerators allowing a maximum flow rate of 8.3 litres/min.
at a pressure of 4.1 kg/cm2
    Shower—Max. 9.8 litres/min. at a pressure of 5.5 kg/cm2 with built-in shut-off valve     Brand/Model:
Interior lighting (common areas)                                                        Outdoor lighting
                                                   INCANDESCENT-TYPE LIGHTING              Indoor switch                          Outdoor electrical outlets
    Compact fluorescent
                                                   FIXTURES AND LAMPS ARE NOT
    Fluorescent (T8, T5, etc.) with                       AUTHORIZED.                      Motion detector                           Indoor switch
electronic ballasts                                                                        Photoelectric cell

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CENTRAL VENTILATION SYSTEMS                                                          INDIVIDUAL VENTILATION SYSTEM (INDEPENDENT)
   Interior HRV(E) unit                                                                  Interior HRV(E) unit       Brand/Model:
   Exterior HRV (E) unit                                                                 Unit integrated into a forced-air system
     100% outside air unit (mixed-air types not eligible)                                 100% outside air unit (mixed-air types not eligible
     Air supply heating                                                                   Unit previously approved by the program
Design and installation comply with Section 6 of NBC 95        NBC 2005              Design and installation comply with      NBC 95          NBC 2005
Air inflow/exhaust rate (high speed):                                                Air inflow/exhaust rate (high speed):
   Max. offset of 10%                                                                   Max. offset of 10%
Recovery system                        AHRI certification                            Recovery system                      HVI certification
   Plate                               Likely recovery efficiency  54%                 Plate                             Likely recovery efficiency  54%
   Rotary                                                                               Rotary
   Other:                            THE DEFROST METHOD MUST NOT CAUSE                  Other:
                                     EXHAUST AIR TO RECIRCULATE INTO OR                                                   THE DEFROST METHOD MUST NOT
Defrost method                        BETWEEN DWELLINGS AND MUST NOT                 Defrost method                          RESULT IN ANY INTERNAL
    With electrical element but             RESULT IN ANY INTERNAL                      Via recirculation               DEPRESSURIZATION IN THE DWELLING.
only for defrosting                    DEPRESSURIZATION IN THE BUILDING                 Via a 5th port
    Other:                                                                              Other:
Control apparatus Brand/Model:                                                       Control apparatus         Brand/Model:
   Programmable                                                                         Programmable
   With 24h/365 day clock                                                               With 4 functions (stop, low level exchange, recirculation, and high level
   With interior temperature sensor                                                  exchange) controlled by Dehumidistat
   With exterior humidity sensor                                                        With Dehumidistat
   With operation and defrost signal lights                                             With push-button or timer in the main bathroom
   Maintenance-accessible installation                                                 Flexible sections in unit connections to diminish vibration
   Drainage as per the applicable plumbing code                                        Balancing dampers for units’ air supply and exhaust flow rates
   Adequate attachment (springs, flexible ties)                                        Measurement stations for air supply and exhaust flow rates
   Generally on the warm side (interior) of the envelope                              Impervious and sealed ducts that are also hermetically sealed to the envelope
   Rigid ducts/connectors, such as galvanized steel                                   Insulated R-4 ducts (heated areas) or R-5.5 (unheated areas) aluminized or
   With silencer for noise reduction                                               equivalent vapour barrier
Ducts—warm side                                                                    Ducts—cold side
   Warm side—supply and exhaust—Rigid type ducts only                                 Cold side—outside air supply—rigid type ducts only
   Only Y-connections and elbows with vanes                                           Cold side—exhaust of used air—rigid type ducts
   BRANCH-OFFS, T-CONNECTIONS AND SQUARE ELBOWS WITHOUT                               Cold side—exhaust of used air—flexible type ducts only if they remain
               VANES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.                                      permanently accessible
Air grilles                                                                        Balancing dampers
    Installation in each room, main living room, in any commonly used room and          Balancing dampers—required installation at each branch-off and duct leading
on each story that doesn’t have a room                                             to an air supply or intake grille
    Wall installation only, with updraft toward the ceiling                             Main balancing dampers—near the HRV before any branch-off
    EXCEPTION (with prior approval of Department): grilles on the ceiling only          Secondary balancing dampers—inside the ducts , as far as possible from the
for a network paired with a forced-air system or a network with an intake          grille
preheating element                                                                      Balancing dampers—permanently accessible
    Maximum noise level of 40 dBA in rooms for rest and relaxation                      Balancing dampers mechanically locked and affixed
Exhaust and recovery grilles                                                      Flow rate balancing
  Installation near humidity, odour and pollutant sources                            Offset of  10% (intake or exhaust) per HRV or per dwelling
  Wall or ceiling installation                                                       Flow rate to the grilles as per the tables in item 2.11.5 of the program
  For kitchens, installation according to item. 2.8.4 of the program requirements requirements
  Maximum noise level as per applicable regulations                                  For independent HRVs—balancing according to approved methods
Kitchen ventilation       Brand/Model:                                               A BALANCING REPORT MUST BE SUMITTED FOR VALIDATION FOR ALL
    Kitchen hood—Min. total capacity 50 L/s (106 CFM)                                 VENTILATION SYSTEMS (CENTRAL OR INDIVIDUAL) REGARDLESS OF
                                                                                              BUILDING SIZE OF NUMBER OF DWELLING UNITS.
    Direct exhaust to outside
   Kitchen hood with air flow 283 L/s (600 CFM)
                                                                                   Exhaust ducts (independent ventilators, hoods, dryers—except HRV)
   Air compensation system
                                                                                       Flexibles or rigid, accessible or not, but must be impervious and sealed
Bathroom ventilation
    Required ventilation by HRV (min. exhaust rate of 24 L/s (50 CFM) for main         R-4 insulation and vapour barrier over the entire length for unheated areas
bathroom                                                                               R-4 insulation and vapour barrier over 3 m (10 ft.) from the outside for heated
    Independent exhausts (min. 50 CFM) if required, with controls (push button,    but inaccessible areas
timer, or other)                                                                       Installation of ducts in the floor concrete slab
    Maximum noise level as per applicable regulations
Outdoor-air intake and used air exhaust                                                Inlets permanently identified
   Air intake at a min. of 1.5 ft. above ground and a min. of 6 ft. from any           Inlets equipped with weather protection and removable screens
contamination source                                                                   Inlets equipped with valves to ensure seal
   Wall-type inlets


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