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					                             Drew MacGregor Burns
                             101 Curl Drive, Apt. 1236
                               Columbus, OH 43210
                     (651) 485-0821; drew.m.burns@gmail.com


      The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

          o M.A., June 2008: Advanced Chinese Language and Culture – Chinese
            Flagship Program
          o Specialization in Chinese Government and Politics
          o Awarded a National Flagship Language Initiative Fellowship through the
            Institute of International Education
          o GPA: 4.00

      The George Washington University, Washington, DC

          o B.A., May 2006: International Affairs – Concentration in Asia, Chinese
            Language and Literature, Minor in German Language and Literature
          o Special Honors, Elliott School of International Affairs; Thesis Topic:
            China and North Korea: Evolving Relations from the Korean War to the
            21st Century
          o Selected to Dean’s List, All Semesters in Residence
          o Summa Cum Laude, Cumulative GPA: 3.85

      Mounds View Senior High School, Arden Hills MN

          o Graduated with Honors, May 2002
          o Academic Letter-winner and Honor Roll Member
          o Participated in Varsity Football and Basketball; Orchestra and National
            Honor Society Member
          o Awarded One-Month Study Trip to Germany through a nation-wide
            scholarship competition between Junior and Senior Year
          o “Behind the Barbed Wire” Essay Contest winner, writing on the American
            POW experience, 2000.
Work Experience:

      CARMA International, Inc.   Analyst

          o Washington, DC, USA
          o September 2005-May 2006
          o While at CARMA, (which stands for Computer Aided Research and
            Media Analysis), I conducted media analysis using the company’s unique
            computer-aided techniques. The media I analyzed came both from
            English-language and Chinese-language sources. I provided concise
            reports in English to my superiors regarding the results of my media

      Kai Chen Film Company Actor

          o Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
          o Summer 2006
          o At Kai Chen I served as an actor while filming scenes for Beijing
            University’s “University English Speaking and Listening” material. We
            acted out a variety of scenes and scenarios, in order to give students an
            accurate picture of American spoken English. I gave special attention to
            speaking clearly, in a manner the students could understand, and acted out
            the scenes in a lively manner to make the films we did as enjoyable as

      New Oriental and Modern English Schools    Oral English Instructor

          o Zhongguancun District, Beijing, China
          o May-August 2005
          o As an English instructor in Beijing I designed my own lesson plans and
            engaged students ranging from middle school students to accomplished
            professionals, all of whom were at various levels of English proficiency.
            Through this experience I broadened my understanding of Chinese culture,
            as I became part of the Chinese workplace.

      U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission      Research Associate

          o 444 North Capitol Street, NW
            Suite 602 · Washington, DC 20001
          o Telephone: (202) 624-1407
          o September-December 2003; January-May 2005
          o At the U.S.-China Commission I monitored an array of China-related
            issues of importance to the commissioners. I prepared weekly media
            briefings for the commissioners, and prior to Congressional hearings I
            compiled briefing books for the Commissioners with relevant and current
            background information on the issues to be discussed at the hearing.

      English
          o Native English Speaker
          o Standard North-American Accent
          o Essay Contest Winner
      Chinese
          o Completed an undergraduate major in Chinese Language and Literature,
              master’s degree in Chinese Language and Culture in progress.
          o 2006 “Chinese Bridge” Speech Competition, Washington Region 3rd Place
          o 2006 Received a fellowship to study Chinese as a graduate student
              through the Institute of International Education’s “National Flagship
              Language Initiative”
          o Host of the 2007 Ohio State Chinese New Year Celebration
          o Began studying the Chinese art of “Xiangsheng” in January 2007
      German
          o Completed an undergraduate minor in German Language and Literature.
          o Summer 2001 – awarded a study abroad scholarship through the American
              Association of Teachers of German
      Korean
          o Began study in January 2007 at The Ohio State University.

Honors and Awards:

      OSU Chinese Students and Scholars Society “Culture and Art Committee”
       Member, October 2006 – June 2007
      George Washington Univ. Presidential Merit Scholarship Recipient 2002-2006
      Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Inductee, May 2006
      “Chinese Bridge” Washington Regional 3rd Place Award Recipient, May 2006
      Phi Beta Alpha German National Honor Society Inductee, May 2006
      President, 450-member George Washington University Chapter of the Golden
       Key International Honour Society, February 2005 – February 2006
      George Washington University Nominee – Carnegie Endowment for International
       Peace Junior Fellows Program, December 2005
       “Best Actor”, Beijing Institute Of Education Variety Show, November 2004
      Phi Sigma Eta Honor Society Inductee, June 2003
      National Society of Collegiate Scholars Inductee, June 2003

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