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					     St Joseph’s Catholic
      Primary School
             Kent CT10 2BA

           Tel. 01843 861738
           Fax . 01843 861738

Acting Headteacher : Mrs Linda Briggs

    Prospectus 2011 - 2012


  3     Welcome letter
  4     Mission Statement
  5     Governing Body
  5     Staff of School
  6     Dates of School Year
  7     History of School
        Aims of School
  8     Times of School Sessions
  9     The Curriculum
        Additional and Special Educational Needs
  10    Extra Curricular Activities
  11    Assessment and Recording
  12    Parental and Home/School Link
        Behavior and Discipline
  13    Welfare and Medical
  14    Break and Lunchtime arrangements
  15    Absences from school
        Complaints Procedure
   16   Charging Policy
        School Voluntary Fund

  18 Appendix

  19 SATs Results, KS1 and KS2

        CES Race Equality Statement
        Admissions Policy
        Home/School Agreement

              St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
September 2011

Dear Parents,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to you as Headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary
School. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome all parents and children
who will be joining St Joseph’s.

The School is firmly based on the excellent educational traditions, warm ‘family’ environment and
strong Roman Catholic values of the old St Joseph’s Convent School on this site. At St Joseph’s
we are committed to nurturing the potential of each child as they move through the School. In
June 2011 St Joseph’s RC Primary underwent its third OFSTED Inspection. The report following
this Inspection was very positive and was clear evidence of the professionalism and hard work of
all teaching staff, support staff, administrators and governors (If you would like a copy of the
OFSTED report please contact the school office or go to

In return for your loyalty and support we will do everything in our power to educate and care for
your children whilst they are in St. Joseph’s.

To enhance this we would encourage both learning at home and a positive home school liaison.
Both can be supported by following the guidelines as laid down in this prospectus, the home
school agreement and our Mission Statement.

I would ask you now to take the time to read the whole of this prospectus to get a real feel for the
school’s aims. If you have any queries relating to any aspect of your child’s school life please do
not hesitate to contact me. With every good wish.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Linda Briggs

Acting Head Teacher

                                            Mission Statement
Will provide an experience of a living
and worshipping community                                           Will value respect for others and
particularly in the religious and                                   thereby include everyone so that
spiritual dimension of education                                    forgiveness reconciliation, trust
which has its foundation in prayer                                  and freedom are integral to daily
and the continued inspiration of                                    life
Gospel values

                                         Will be faithful to the
                                         Catholic Church in Faith
                                         and moral values

             The Whole School Community Working Together

     Will offer high academic
     standards to all underpinned by a                                        Will endeavour to work in
     central emphasis on RE and                                               partnership with
     worship                                                                  parents/carers to ensure
                                                                              School Parish and Home
                                                                              work together as one unit

  Will promote peace, justice and                                                Will treat everyone
  unity within the school.                                                       inclusively and with the
                                                                                 dignity that Our Lord
                                                                                 demonstrated to recognise
                                                                                 individual needs

Governing Body - St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Mrs Linda Briggs               Acting Headteacher/Teacher Governor
Mr. J. Darby                   Foundation Governor (Chair)
Dr. L. Whelan                  Foundation Governor
Mr. G. Hawkes                  Foundation Governor
Mr T Nolan                     Foundation Governor
Mrs M Pheby                    Foundation Governor
Mr. A. McGee                   Associate
Mr. K. Lord                    Parent Governor
Mr. R. Austin                  Foundation Governor
Mrs. C. Roe                    Staff Governor
Mrs. A. Keyworth               Parent Governor
The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school and the Governors box in the foyer.

Staff at St Joseph’s

Mrs L Briggs                    Acting Head Teacher/KS2 Leader
Mrs K. Millership               Acting Assistant Head/SENCO/Y1
Mrs. Z. Jordan                  Y3
Mrs C Atkins                    Y3
Mrs. S. Sproates                Y5
Miss. B. Hall                   Y4
Mr. J Pavelin                   Y6
Mrs. K. Ling                    Y2
Mrs. S Pettit                   Y2
Mrs M Mileham                   Staff support

Teaching Support
Mrs T Lintern                   Senior Teaching Assistant
Miss K Blackburn                Teaching Assistant
Mrs Y Bugsell                   Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Frost                     Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Kemp                      Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Lindsey                   Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Staiger                   Teaching Assistant
Miss V. Arnold                  SEN Teaching Assistant/After School Club
Mr D Briggs                     SEN Teaching Assistant/After School Club
Mrs M Miles                     ReliefTeaching Assistant
Mrs. I .Mason                         SEN Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Older                   Relief Teaching Assistant

Mrs. D. Chitty                  Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Morning Club/Relief After School Club
Mrs. A Suckling                 Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. DeNicholais                Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs.L. Chamberlain              Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. B. Junghans                Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr.B.Sussex                     Lunchtime Supervisor

Administrative Support
Mrs. I Emby                     Office Manager/Bursar
Mrs. J Cawdron                  Secretary
Mrs. C. Roe                     Office Support

Premises Management
Mr. B Sussex                    Site Manager
Mr. I. Tottman                  Cleaner
Mrs. J. Sussex                  Cleaner
Mr. P. Dunn                     Cleaner

                                               TERM DATES
                      ACADEMIC YEAR 2011/2012

   TERMS              DATES                        INSET DAYS
                                              (Children do not attend)

Start        Monday 5th September 2011    INSET 31st October
Finish       Friday 21st October 2011


    Start    Tuesday 1st November 2011
   Finish    Friday 16th December 2011


    Start    Wednesday 5th January 2012   INSET 20th February
   Finish    Friday 10th February 2012


    Start    Tuesday 21st February 2012
   Finish    Friday 30th March 2012

                                          May Bank Holiday 7th May
    Start    Monday 16th April 2012
   Finish    Friday 1st June 2012

                                          INSET 11th June
    Start    Tuesday 12th June 2012
   Finish    Friday 20th July 2012

The History of St Joseph’s

St Joseph’s Convent School was built in 1906 by the Sisters of the Christian Retreat. From that time, St
Joseph’s operated as a small independent Roman Catholic Convent School. The sisters and staff worked
extremely hard to build up many fine traditions at the school, foremost amongst these being discipline,
educational excellence and pastoral care.

On the 31st August 1997 St Joseph’s Convent School officially closed its doors and the new Roman
Catholic Primary School of St Joseph’s opened in the same building on September 1st. The new school
provides 210 places for boys and girls aged 4 to 11 years.

In the period September 1997 - April 1998 major works were carried out within the school building to
provide excellent classroom accommodation. A new hall was built and the outside play areas enlarged and
improved. These alterations provided St Joseph’s with the ideal accommodation to carry the school
forward. Since then several more improvements have been made to the buildings/grounds, including the
most recent addition of a new hall, more outdoor play equipment and a pupils wildlife garden..

The aim of the Sisters of the Christian Retreat in education had been to:

“provide a caring, Christian environment and a lively, well-balanced education in a friendly atmosphere
where young children feel secure and happy.”

In June 2011 Ofsted stated,

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary is a good school. There are some outstanding elements
to its work. Good care, guidance and support and the school’s very positive
atmosphere make a valuable contribution to pupils’ personal development. The
exceptionally good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is reflected in
pupils’ strong personal qualities such as their consideration and respect for others.

                             Aims of The School
Using the Government’s agenda of Every Child Matters, we aim to:-

               Be an inclusive school, providing differentiation according to different needs and abilities

               Ensure each child reaches full potential , achieving excellence and enjoyment in learning

               Nurture children in Christian faith, developing personal moral values and respect and
                understanding of other beliefs and religions

               Encourage community cohesion.

               Encourage children to think for themselves and to be useful members of the community.

               Make children aware of others’ needs; learn that working harmoniously together can bring
                success and fulfillment.

               Encourage emotional intelligence.

               Work at all times in close partnership with parents.

               Retain traditional values.

               Prepare our children for the 21st Century.

Times of school sessions

To ensure a smooth start to the day all children should arrive in school by 8.45 when an
‘entry’ bell will ring.

Infants   8.55am - 3.10pm
Juniors   8.55am - 3.20pm

The black playground gate at the side of the school in Crawford Road is opened at 8.40am. The
gate is locked at 9.00am. Children arriving after this time must come to the main entrance at the
front of the school. Reception children enter through the picket fence while the others line up to
be collected by staff. The front gates are shut from 8.30 – 9.00 am and 3.00 – 3.30 pm.

In the afternoon the playground gate in Crawford Road is reopened at 3 pm. Infant teachers escort
their children into the playground after school each day. Parents should always be waiting to
collect their children. If, however, parents are delayed for some specific reason the children will
be taken straight back into school and can be collected from the main entrance hall. Junior
children are dismissed from the main entrance hall and make their own way to parents. Parents
should ensure that they are at the school in good time to collect their child/children. If parents are
delayed, the children must return to their class teacher and can also be collected from the main
entrance hall. The playground gate will be locked at 3.30pm and parents must then come to the
main entrance at the front of the school. Parents can access the office via the new walkway from
the school playground, (please do not use the children’s entrance) but are asked not to use this
walkway as an entrance to the playground via the car park.
Please let the school office know if you have been delayed or if somebody else is collecting
your child.
Taxi drivers must present identification.
Children who stay for after school activities can be collected from the main entrance hall, to where
the children will be taken by a member of staff.
In the event of bad weather during the Winter months, parents are asked to listen to Radio Kent for
advice on early closure or school closure/reopening hours.

At Key Stage 1 (Infants) there are three classes
     Year 1
     Year 2

At Key Stage 2 (Juniors) there are four classes
     Year 3                  Year 5
     Year 4                  Year 6

Morning and After School Clubs
These are fun daily from 8 am until school starts at £2 per session, or part of, and from 3.10/3.20
p,m until 5.30 pm at £2 per hour or part of. Parents must book these in advance.

The Curriculum

At St Joseph’s we aim to provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum as stated in the
1988 Education Act.
This curriculum consists of three core subjects and seven other foundation subjects:
Core Subjects                                    Foundation Subjects
English                                          P.S.H.E
Mathematics                                      Design and Technology
Science                                          History
ICT                                              Geography
RE – is a core subject in a                      Art
Catholic School and is compulsory                Music
                                                 Physical Education
                                                 Modern Foreign Languages
All subjects are offered at levels appropriate to each individual child according to the National
Curriculum guidelines and to the schemes of work devised by our staff who use a mixture of
whole class teaching, group work and individual work to achieve this aim.
The teacher responsible for the development of each subject has written a summary of the aims of
the work done in that particular area of study. We believe many of you are keen to learn as much
as possible about the work done in the school, and detailed information on each of these
curriculum subjects can be obtained from the office on request.
If you have any queries regarding the Curriculum at St Joseph’s please do not hesitate to contact
your child’s teacher in the first instance or the Head Teacher.

Additional and Special Educational Needs
Class teachers will initially identify those children who are experiencing difficulties and report
such to the SENCO/Additional Education Needs Manager. Support will then be put in place
known as School Action (SA). If necessary, outside agencies will be approached to offer advice
and support for the children, only with the permission of parents. This level of support is known
as School Action Plus (SA+).

Children will largely have needs addressed in the classroom but when necessary they may work
individually or in small groups outside the classroom, sometimes with external agency support.

We believe that each child is unique and made in the image of God. We respond with imagination
and sensitivity to those with Special and Additional Educational Needs. Essential to that task is
respect for the gifts and needs of the individual.

Pupils may be said to have Special Educational Needs when they have learning difficulties which
are significantly greater than the majority of their peers. Additional educational needs may include
children with social or personal difficulties which may impair learning. Children identified as
gifted or able are also considered to have additional needs which must be addressed to nurture
their talents. Early identification and assessment of vulnerability is vital to ensure appropriate
support for learning and access to the curriculum.

If you have any queries relating to Educational Needs please do not hesitate to contact the
Additional Educational Needs Manager. An appointment can be made through the Office.

Arrangements for Pupils with physical or sensory impairment
Parents of children with physical or sensory impairment are asked to share information relating to
the child’s needs so that strategies and support can be put in place fr0m the outset.

Unfortunately, the constraints of the building restrict full wheelchair access to all areas at

Extra Curricular Activities

Staff organise a variety of activities either during the lunchtime or after school. In the coming
year, these activities will include choir, homework club, netball, football, rugby, cross country,
Bike It and The Caring Club. We welcome any parent who feels they have a skill to enrich the
curriculum further.

Speech Classes
Mrs B Coverdale ALAM is a qualified teacher of Speech with an award for Verse Speaking,
Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and the Teaching Diploma from the London Academy of Music
and Dramatic Art.
Mrs Coverdale has been organising speech tuition at St Joseph’s for several years. Her classes are
very popular and improve confidence, clarity of speech and communication in general. Their aim
is to promote fluent, articulate speech and an appreciation of the spoken word.

The lessons, from Year 1 children upwards, take place at school weekly. There is a charge per term
for the course and application forms can be obtained form the school office.

Assessment and Recording Pupil Performance
We revise and regularly review assessment policies, incorporating ‘Assessment for Learning’;
summative and formative assessment The latter assessment is ongoing and provides a focused
approach to sharing of objectives, marking for improvement and questioning styles.

Children are encouraged to self and peer assess and take an active part in their own learning.

Children in Reception now undergo a Foundation Stage Profile whereby children’s development
and progress are monitored and assessed against a variety of criteria. All children take part in
national testing known as SAT’s (Standardised Assessments Tasks and Tests) at the end of Key
Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6). 2011 results can be found in the appendix. There are
also optional SAT’s for Years 3, 4 and 5.

Summative assessment takes place 3 x annually form Y1 – 6.

After evaluating our system and listening to parents comments we have decided upon the

Early Term 1 – ‘At Home’ to familiarize parents with new routines and discuss any initial

Term 2 – Initial reports.

Term 3 - Progress Report followed by a parents’ consultation evening

Term 6: - 2 x Additional Parents Evening for Y5 – 6 transition

In Term 6 parents will receive a final summary report which includes SATs results from Y2

Parents will be invited to an Open Afternoon and a ‘Moving Up’ afternoon in the Term 6.

The school follows the policy on homework based on the DfEE’s Guidelines for homework.
Please ensure you are aware of the school’s own homework policy.
Parents have a responsibility to see that homework is done properly, to the best of the child’s
ability. KS2 children will be provided with a homework diary. This needs to be signed by parents
daily. Any concerns should be raised immediately both by parents and staff. Home School
liaison books are an essential form of communication for KS1 children and parents are asked to
use these daily.

Parental Involvement and Home/School Links
The school welcomes parental involvement as we firmly believe that parents and teachers working
together, for the benefit of the children and, offering mutual support, can help the children to be
happy and successful at school. We encourage parents to help in classrooms and staff are very
grateful for this support. If you feel you would like to help, please contact the Office. They will
be pleased to make appropriate arrangements for you.

An introduction meeting and Home Visits are arranged prior to Reception children starting school,
as are pre-school visits.

Reception parents are welcome to take their children into class at the beginning of the school day,
via the picket fence entrance. Other parents wishing to enter may do so via the front entrance but
please note, our teachers are normally only available to speak with parents briefly at the end of
each school day. If a more lengthy discussion is needed, please make an appointment with the
class teacher or at the office. Staff are very willing to talk with parents but, please, not when they
are teaching.

Since September 1999, all schools have been required to have a Home-School-Child Agreement in
place which parents are invited to sign once their child has commenced school. Key Stage 2
children have to sign the agreement as well.

Newsletters are sent home with the children to keep you informed of dates of events. Your
interest, support and encouragement will help your child at school immensely. We do have a
website which is developing rapidly and on which we post many items of interest.

Behaviour and Discipline
Our positive school discipline policy is based on the principles of respect for self and others, also
on trust and responsibility. Everyone in school tries very hard to promote a happy, caring
atmosphere where all feel valued and respected. We acknowledge good behaviour in the children
by many positive rewards varying from a friendly smile, to the formal presentation of certificates
for achievements including good work, effort, helpful behaviour and so on. A weekly assembly is
held to celebrate these and successes recorded in our ‘Look What I’ve Done’ book.

We have six school Golden rules which are based on courtesy, consideration for others and the
avoidance of accidents. These are as follows:

      1.   Take good care of the equipment and building.
      2.   Walk inside the building.
      3.   Talk quietly.
      4.   Be friendly.
      5.   Keep hands and feet to myself.
      6.   Be helpful.

In addition, there are playground rules to ensure positive and interactive behaviour.
Although we spend much time in acknowledging good behaviour, there are times when children
behave in an unacceptable way and we deal with it using a variety of measures:
       Reason with the pupils and get them to think about the effect of their behaviour
       Reprimand them quietly and calmly, but firmly.
       Restrict the pupil’s playtimes or other pleasurable activities such as Golden Time and
         encourage them to undo the harm or damage done with a restorative justice approach.
       Involve other members of staff in reinforcing our disappointment or disapproval of the
         pupil’s behaviour.
       For repeated offenders detention and or being put on report is a possibility.
       Where appropriate, we inform parents of our concern and discuss joint strategies for
         modifying the behavior which often includes a period of reflection.

Please refer to our behaviour policy for more details.

In extreme circumstances, we may be forced to suspend or exclude a child from our school. We
aim to prevent bullying from happening at St Joseph’s and we believe that a positive, caring
environment is essential for this prevention. Our Behaviour Policy does address these issues,
however, children can be unkind at times and when problems arise we take them seriously and do
all we can to rectify the situation.

Welfare - medical
If your child is unwell we will make every effort to contact you. It is very important that we have
up-to-date home/work telephone numbers or other contact numbers. Until we have contacted you,
we will take any action required in the interests of the child. If your child is ill before school
begins, please do not send him/her to school on that day.
Whilst at school, school medical services give all children routine medical screening on a regular
basis including vision, height and weight.

We have several trained first aiders on our school staff and in the event of an accident, appropriate
first aid will be given. In the case of more serious accidents we will contact you as soon as
possible. Every parent will be asked to sign an agreement form giving permission for appropriate
medical emergency treatment to be arranged in the event of an extreme emergency or when parents
are not available or contactable. If your child suffers a blow to the head, you will always be
notified via a letter.
Generally, children who are prescribed medication should receive their treatment at home.
However, occasionally, a prescription may make it necessary for medication to be taken during
school hours (usually midday). Other medicines such as maintenance drugs and inhalers can also
be sent in but should be accompanied by written consent from a GP/parent. Should it be necessary
for any medication to be sent into school it is asked that, wherever possible, an adult brings it into
the office. All medicines should be handed into the office in the original container, which must be
clearly labeled by the pharmacist with the child’s name and dosage instructions. A second
dispensing bottle can be requested from the pharmacist for this purpose.
Parents will be asked to complete a medication form.


We are proud to be part of our school community and express this by wearing our distinctive
school uniform. All clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. Items of clothing
are frequently handed in as ‘lost property’ and their owners never traced because the clothing has
not been marked. The school cannot be held responsible for any lost property.
  Winter         Brown tunic or skirt, cream blouse, school tie, royal blue cardigan.
                  Grey duffle coat preferred, if not, plain black or navy coat. Sports jackets are
                  not permitted.

     Summer      Yellow check dress or brown skirt, short sleeved open necked
                  cream Blouse, royal blue cardigan. Brown blazer with school badge.

     Shoes: Please note – sportswear is not permitted as uniform.

Hair accessories - plain only, shoulder length hair must be tied back.

  Winter         Grey trousers, white long sleeved shirt, school tie and royal blue
                  V-neck jumper. Grey duffle coat preferred, if not, plain black or
                  Navy coat. Sports jackets are not permitted.

     Summer      Grey shorts, white short sleeved shirt, school tie and royal blue
                  V-neck jumper. Brown blazer with school badge.

     Please note – sportswear is not permitted as uniform.

     Shoes: Dark in colour
      Trainers are not a permitted form of footwear.

            Shorts    brown for girls.
                       black for boys.
            White polo shirt. Black/white plimsolls.
            For Juniors, trainers are necessary for outdoor games.
            Royal Blue sweatshirt and jogging bottoms.
            A named drawstring PE bag large enough to hold all PE kit is essential.

Art         Please provide a named overall for Art and Design Technology as many
            modern adhesives are not water soluble. One of Dad’s old shirts with
      shortened elasticated sleeves is ideal.

The school uniform may be purchased from The National Schoolwear Centre, Ramsgate Road,
Margate. Some items are now also available from M & S and other chain stores. There is also a
second-hand uniform shop at school which has a limited selection of uniform. We encourage
parents to buy from and contribute to this thrift shop as their children outgrow their uniform. If
you would like to have a look, please contact the school office.

Blazer badges are necessary and can be purchased from the school office for a small charge.

All children must only have the blue St Joseph’s school bag/rucksack for carrying their books and
homework to and from school. These bags may be purchased from the School office.
Unfortunately, due to the lack of storage space in School no other bags are permitted.

Break and Lunchtime Arrangements
In KS2 children are allowed to bring fruit or vegetables (not fruit winders) for their mid-morning
break Milk is also available at a small charge and free to those under five. Cooled, filtered water
is available in the school. In addition each child is asked to bring a small bottle of fresh water to
school daily. ( Please do not send in alternative drinks in these bottles)

Children can either have a hot lunch or bring a packed lunch. Dinner money for hot lunches can
be paid termly, half termly, monthly or weekly on Monday of each week . Details can be obtained
from the school office including forms for free school meal entitlement. Please send school meal
money into school in a sealed, named envelope. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Scolarest’.

Please note that sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks are not allowed in school.

Healthy Eating
In order to promote a healthy attitude towards eating in school we ask junior children to bring in a
piece of fruit or vegetables for their morning break and that lunch boxes do not include chocolate
or sweets. Infant children are provided with a piece of fruit/vegetable daily.

At Christmas and Birthdays and other special occasions however sweets are often distributed as a
treat. On these occasions lollipops or anything on sticks donated by parents must be eaten out of
school for health and safety reasons.

Absences from school
Please refer to Attendance and Punctuality Policy for further information.
If your child has to be absent from school for any reason, we require an immediate phone call
and a letter on their return giving the reasons for absence. The school will phone home if we
have not heard by 10 am. Schools must now record all unauthorised absences.
The taking of holidays during termtime is strongly discouraged, particularly in May but, if
you have to be on holiday during any part of the term, you must request permission from the
school in advance. Holiday forms are available from the office. During any academic year, a child
is only permitted to take a maximum of 10 days of authorised absence although many schools do
not grant this. Absences for family holidays over and above this amount will count as an
unauthorised absence. These are absences without the school’s permission and will be recorded as
such on a leave of absence form. Please also inform the school if your child has a contagious
Parents needing to take their children out of school during the school day will be asked to
complete an entry in our signing in/out book.

Students Right of Access
All students, regardless of their age, have a right of access to their education records. The full
policy available on request.

Complaints Procedure
If you have any concerns about your child’s education, whether it relates to the curriculum or not,
please talk it over with the member of staff concerned, the Key Stage Manager, Deputy Head or
Head Teacher. We would very much hope that any problem could be resolved through discussion
with the staff at school.
 Only in exceptional cases will it be necessary to contact the Chairman of the Governing Body. It
is the Chairman who may make arrangements for any investigation of, and report to, the
Governing Body of any complaint under Section 409 of the Education Act 1996 relating to the
School in accordance with Diocesan agreed procedures (School Complaints Procedure), a copy of
which is available from the school office.

Charging Policy
There are no compulsory charges for the usual curricular activities at the school. For some
activities, such as school trips, the school may have to ask for voluntary financial contributions in
order for the activity to take place. No child will be excluded from an activity because the parents
have not made a voluntary contribution. However, the school may have to cancel planned events,
if there is insufficient financial support. Some of the music tuition which takes place at the school
is paid for by the parents direct to the tutor.

School Voluntary Fund
St Joseph’s has a school fund to which we invite all parents to make a voluntary contribution of
£10 per family per year. If you wish to contribute more than £10 the school would be
extremely grateful. Of course, if you are unable to give the sum of £10 per year, any
donation would be very gratefully received. (All donations made are entirely confidential).
Perhaps the easiest way to contribute to the fund is by a direct debit of £10.00 (or more) per
family per year, or an amount per month. If, however, you prefer to bring your donation
directly into school please do so. If you choose to, please feel free to pay monthly, termly or
annually. Please contact the office for details about setting up a direct debit payment.
Other money is raised for the fund by events such as book fairs, annual photos, sponsored events
organised in school and so on.

In times of increasing pressure on school funding, this money is essential for maintaining and
improving the quality of education offered to all our children at St Joseph’s. All funds received are
used to benefit the children by covering expenditure including extra teaching support, teaching
materials, equipment, educational trips and so on.
Although the overall responsibility for all financial procedures including School Voluntary Fund
rests with the Governors, the organisation and administration is delegated to the Headteacher. The

Governors appoint a treasurer to be responsible for the day to day operation and an independent
auditor to prepare annual accounts.

If you have any queries regarding the fund please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Parent Teachers Association

St. Joseph’s PTA is a registered charity which organises events throughout the year to raise money
for the school. Money is spent in a wide variety of ways to improve the education of children at
St. Joseph’s. Recent purchases for the school have included part of the trim trail, pantomime
tickets and the infant playground equipment.

However, the PTA is not just a fund-raising body; it also assists in organising parental help in
school and brings parents and teachers together in social events and meetings. Every parent is
welcome to attend the AGM and can seek election to the committee. Needless to say, whether you
are a committee member or not, your help at events will always be appreciated. Any support you
give will benefit your child.

All policies referred to in this prospectus can be found on display in the entrance hall – if a
curriculum policy – or by request if not.
The school has written policies on sex and relationships education, special educational needs,
child protection and the Disability Equality Scheme. These are available on request.

Finally, thank you for your support. I hope that we can continue to ensure St Joseph’s
moves from strength to strength in the realms of teaching and learning, pastoral care and ethos, so
benefiting all our children’s education.

SATS Results KS2
Absence figures
CES Race Equality Statement
Admission Policy
Home/School Agreement

                              KS2 SATs RESULTS 2011

                                    English %                Maths %
  % achieving L5+                       38                      50
  % achieving L4 +                    80%                       80
  % achieving L3+                       94                      94
  % achieving L2+                      100                     100
       Total                            30                      30

YEAR 2010/2011

                              Authorised Absences              Unauthorised Absences
Grou     Total No of
 p         Pupils        No of       % of       % of       No of      % of        % of
                         Pupils    Pupils     Sessions     Pupils    Pupils     Sessions

Totals             214        209       97.7         5.3         22      10.3          0.2


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