Resting Forearm Cable Crunches Exercise

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					Resting Forearm Cable Crunches Exercise
Why Is This Exercise So Effective?

This exercise literally FORCES the oblique into proper alignment during a cable crunch movement. How you hold the bar while
you're doing the exercise hits the oblique without torqueing the lower back.

How To Do It:

For this exercise, you will need a high pulley and a bar attachment. The attachment can be a straight bar, cambered bar, or even
the full lat bar (if that's all you have available). Use a moderate weight on this exercise as you'll be going more for feel rather
than brute force.

Start by grabbing around the center post of the bar with both hands (like you're strangling it). Now push the bar down a little and
set both of your forearms on top of the bar. Your elbows will be wide to the sides and the forearms will be resting completely on
the bar. Start with a slight arch in your lower back to maximize support in that area.

Tilt the bar down to the left about 45 degrees. Now do a cable crunch straight down. Because the bar is tilted, the oblique will be
forced to do the majority of the work of the crunch. Squeeze the oblique hard then let the bar up slowly. Tilt the bar down to the
right and repeat to that side.

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