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                        ORMC’s Auxiliary Marks $1,000,000 Milestone
                          with Gift of New Bone Density Scanner

Oconee Regional Medical Center’s Auxiliary, through its operation of the hospital’s Pink Bow
Gift Shop, has reached the $1 million milestone in donations with its latest gift to the hospital of
a new Bone Density scanner.

The $40,000 scanner offers state-of-the art scanning technology and greater patient comfort.
Bone density scans, which previously took 20 minutes or more, are now completed in
approximately 30 seconds.

“All of us at Oconee Regional Medical Center recognize the valuable contributions made every
day by the dedicated volunteers of the Pink Bow Gift Shop and the Auxiliary,” said Jean
Aycock, President/CEO of Oconee Regional Medical Center. “This million dollar milestone in
donations to our hospital exemplifies their commitment to help Oconee Regional bring the best
healthcare possible to our area.”

To commemorate the historic milestone, the hospital will unveil a plaque at the location of the
new scanner which reads: “This bone density technology has been generously donated by the
Oconee Regional Medical Center Auxiliary. With this donation, the Auxiliary has now
surpassed one million dollars in contributions to Oconee Regional Medical Center. The
volunteers who operate the Pink Bow Gift Shop are gratefully recognized for their continued
commitment and tireless efforts to improve the healthcare services ORMC provides to our

The Pink Bow Gift Shop began operations in 1974 with a mission to provide donations to the
hospital for new equipment and facility upgrades. Each year, the Auxiliary’s volunteer board
reviews requests from the hospital and funds projects based on profits available from the
operation of the Pink Bow Gift Shop.

Items and projects the Pink Bow has funded over the years have ranged from various types of
patient monitoring and rehabilitation equipment, to remodeling of hospital facilities to improve
patient safety and comfort. Donations provided to the hospital by the Pink Bow generally range
between $40,000 and $60,000 each year.

Currently, ORMC’s Pink Bow is staffed by 58 volunteers who operate the gift shop Monday
through Saturday. Items available in the Pink Bow include fresh flowers, infants and children’s
gifts and clothing, specialty items, home décor, cards, balloons and plants. Sharon Leavitt, Pink
Bow Gift Shop Chairman, encourages the community “to stop in and see the wonderful variety
and value of the items we sell, knowing all of the proceeds raised support the vital interests of
our community through ORMC.”


August 9, 2010

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