Welcome to 6th Grade Math! by Ir7s3iH


									-   There are 3 large sheets of paper posted on the
    front board.

-   - Parents, we would love your input!!

-   - Please take a sticky note for each question, write
    your input, and then post it on the blue paper.

-   - There is also a wish list on the board if you would
    like to donate supplies for classroom use.
Mrs. Helm and Mrs. Watson
chelm@burlesonisd.net or
School: 817.245.0750
Conference: 3rd Period (10:05 – 11:05)
   Mrs. Helm will be at school on Monday and Wednesday. Mrs.
    Watson will be at school on Tuesday and Thursday. We will
    alternate Fridays.
   We have known each other for about 12 years. We took college
    courses together and trained under the same mentor when we
    began teaching at Kerr 10 years ago.
   Mrs. Helm has an extensive background in 6th grade and 6th grade
    pre ap math. Mrs. Watson comes with a solid background in 7th
    grade and 7th grade pre ap math. This will be perfect for what you
    are expected to learn in 6th grade pre ap math.
   We will both be here the first week of school to ensure consistency
    with procedures and expectations.
   Website fc.burlesonisd.net~chelm
 Agenda: Outline of the week. The agenda will show
  you concepts being taught, activities, homework,
  and quizzes.
Assignment Calendar: We list the homework
  assignments on the calendar. We also upload copy
  of hand-out in case the paper is not brought home.
Important Documents: Copy of class notes, bell
  schedule, grading policy, newsletter, field trip
  forms, etc…
   When filling out forms, please make sure the office has the
    correct email address for you.
   We send an email update each Monday giving you a
    schedule of the week. This update will include concepts,
    homework, and quizzes.

   We will email you a progress report regularly. Once the
    year gets going, you can expect to receive one each week.
   Email is the fastest way to reach us but you can also call.
   Tutoring times
    Monday morning 7:45- 8:15
    Thursday afternoon 4:15- 4:45
   Call Math Buddy
   Look in math notebook and notes
   Advisory

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