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									Kawah Ijen lies at the top of Mount Ijen, which is one of a series of volcanoes such as Bromo in
East Java, Mount Semeru and Merapi,Mount Ijen crater itself lies at the border town of
Bondowoso and Banyuwangi.Ijen Crater Area Tourism Park or Nature Reserve is located in the
District of Ijen Licin, and the District Klobang Banyuwangi, Bondowoso.

Kawah Ijen lies at an altitude of 2368 meters above sea level, What is interesting is the crater is
located in the middle of the largest caldera on the island of Java. The size of the caldera about 20
kilometers and the size of the wires themselves approximately 960 meters x 600 meters with a
depth of 200 meters.This rice field is located at depths greater than 300 meters beneath the
caldera wall.

Did you know that this crater has a very high level of acidity is close to zero so that the human
body can dissolve quickly. In addition, the temperature of the crater that reached 200 degrees
Celsius increase will be amazed that this very large crater.However, behind the numbers that
make these fears, it turns out this crater also presents the charm of stunning beauty.

Enchanting beauty of what you get when you're there is In Today morning, when the sun began
to shine in the crater area, beautiful scenery and scenic will be able to enjoy,Ijen crater is a
bluish-green mixed with golden sunlight that bounces in the crater of Ijen crater itself is made
more interesting and alive. Another stunning scenery you can also get by watching the
enchanting beauty of Mount Merapi, which is adjacent to the tourist area of the crater. And one
of concern and visitor attraction in this area is the traditional sulfur miners in which they boldly
approached the lake to explore sulfur with simple equipment and bear the basket.

And for the route that you can use to come to the crater is 1.The first route you can take the route
of Banyuwangi but the condition of the road to get to the crater is not so good, this route is
usually used for climbers who want to climb Mount Ijen. so it's best if you want to go to Ijen is
better to use the route number 2. 2.The second route is the route through the city Bondowoso
because it is more comfortable route and the course also bagus.jadi I suggest that the visitors or
tourists to take this second route because more secure.

I hope this information can help you in choosing and managing your vacation program and do
not forget to visit the crater if you're in the area of Banyuwangi or Bondowoso.

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