Angels and Demons by v268WX


									Angels and Demons
•Latin = Angelus
•Greek = Aggelos
•Meaning: One Sent ;
Can humans become angels?
Catholics believe in Angels – The
Nicene Creed!
What is an Angel?
To understand true angels, we
must understand:
 • Meaning of the term in the Bible
 • Office of the angels
 • Names assigned to angels
 • Distinction between good and evil spirits
 • Divisions of the angelic choirs
 • Question or angelic appearances, and,
 • Development of the scriptural idea of angels
What we know from the bible:
1. They are a body of spiritual
   beings intermediate between
   God and men.

2. “You have made him [man]
   a little less than the
   – Psalms 8:6
What we know from the bible:

Like men, they were created by
God – (Psalms 148:2, 5; Colossians 1:16-
 What we know from the bible:

They are spiritual beings – (Hebrews
What we know from the bible:
•The function of the angelic host
is “assistance” (Job 1:6; 2:1) ; and,
•Jesus refers to it as their
perpetual occupation – (Matthew 18:10)
What we know from the bible:

Seven angels whose special
function is to “stand before God’s
throne.” – (Tobit 12:15; Revelation 8:2-5)
What we know from the bible

The angels of the Bible – Role of
God’s messenger to mankind.
What we know from the bible:

         •Judges 13
         •Daniel 8:16
         •Luke 2:9
Guardian Angels
1. Genesis 24:7 – “He will send His
   angel before thee.”
2. Matthew 4:6 – “As the Lord lives,
   His angel has been my keeper.”
3. Matthew 18.10 – “See that you
   despise not one of these little
   ones; for I say to you that their
   angels in Heaven always see the
   face of My Father who is in
•   Three Primary Hierarchy of Angels = 9 Choirs of Angels
     o Hierarchy 1 – “Councilors of God”
             Seraphim
             Cherubim
             Thrones
     o   Hierarchy 2 – “Governors”
             Dominations
             Virtues
             Powers
     o   Hierarchy 3 – “Messengers of God”
             Principalities
             Archangels
             Angels
Lowest – Order 9 - ANGELS
Order 8 - Archangels
Order 7 - Principalities
Order 6 - Powers
Order 5 - Virtues
Order 4- Dominions
Order 3- Thrones
Order 2- Cherubims
Order 1- Seraphims
Angel Encounters …
Angels with names: Michael,
             Gabriel and
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels – Lucifer
What is our defense against evil?
    Guardian Angel
        Angel of God,
     My Guardian dear,
To whom His love commits me
 Ever this day be at my side,
     To light and guard,
      To rule and guide.

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