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									Alas Purwo National Park is one representative of the lowland forest ecosystem types in
Java.Distinctive and unique plants that exist in this national park is kecik sapodilla (Manilkara
kauki) and bamboo manggong (Gigantochloa manggong). When people hear the name of alas
porwo surely they would think taht alas porwo is an area of dense forest and haunted. It is true,
Alas Purwo is a forest park under the purview of the Department of Forestry and Plantations.

Alas Purwo National Park is the habitat of some wildlife such as ebony leaf monkey
(Trachypithecus auratus auratus), banteng (Bos javanicus javanicus) and many others. and
usually in January s / d September green turtle will land on the south coast park. This national
park also has a beach that the waves are huge and perfect for surfing, and beach is named
Plengkung. and please note that Plengkung including four of the world's best locations for
surfing and surfing can be aligned with the location in Hawaii.

if you have been to this park you must know and understand that the community has a very
strong culture with cultural color Blambanganand Hindu religion. they believe that Alas Purwo
National Park is the place the last resort of people who shy away from the invasion of Majapahit
kingdom of Mataram,Therefore, it is not strange that many people who do semedhi or religious
ceremony there.

This national park has a variety of objects and attractions of nature and cultural tourism and it's
not so much from one another. so if you're vacationing in the area of East Java in kabubaten
Banyuwangi rather try to come and see Alas Purwo National Park because it is very unfortunate
if you missed any of it.

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