“MULTIPLIED MIRACLE MANIFESTATION”
                            SEVEN DAYS OF FASTING AND PRAYER
                  Monday, November 14 through Sunday, November 20, 2011
God has spoken and declared that the month of November is “Multiplied Miracle Manifestation
Month”. It is our unwavering faith and commitment that during this time of consecration we will see
positive prayer results in our lives. Through steadfast faith in God and trusting Him, I believe we will
see “Multiplied Miracle Manifestation” in the month of November.
Prayer is the channel of communication between the believer and God, whereby God’s power is
released into the earth realm through a combination of the believer’s faith and the spoken Word of
God through prayer. God gave us prayer so that we may have a means by which to communicate
with Him to release His will in the earth. Prayer when coupled with fasting will bring about dynamic
and radical changes in the earth realm. In this time of prayer and fasting we will reign over the
enemy through the Superior Power of the Word of God, the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Jesus gave us a commandment to pray. When we pray we send out an invitation to summon our
Heavenly Father to be a part of our everyday lives; we send out a beckoning call for God and the
entire Heavenly Host to get involved in our personal affairs, our family and everything that pertains
to us. If we do not pray there will be a proclivity for us to faint and walk away from God. So then
prayer is most important and imperative.
Therefore, we must discipline ourselves to do it. During this time of prayer and fasting we are
praying from a position of “Dominion”. We are praying from our offensive heavenly high seated
position of authority in Christ Jesus. We are declaring the will of God in the earth and establishing
His Divine Legislation and the Believers Bill of Rights by speaking His Word in prayer. When we
come together and engage in prayer and fasting to seek God, let’s get in faith, believe for, and
expect, Supernatural Turnarounds and Victorious Reversals in our lives.

Walking in Dominion Now!

Pastors Edwin & Alma Bamberg

People who have never fasted may not know what is involved. Fasting can sound like drudgery
and seem difficult. Many associate fasting with a long, long period of time, and yet a fast can be as
short as one meal and still allow God to do some wonderful things in your life. Fasting is a
“sacrifice” and “sacrifice” is the currency for MIRACLES!
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF FASTING: The purpose of the Daniel Fast is to sharpen your
spiritual sensitivity to the Spirit of God. It is to undo unbelief. This is the key to fasting, Jesus told
His disciples they were unable to cast out the evil spirits because of their unbelief. If they had been
fasting and praying, however, they would have had the belief to cast them out. Fasting puts you in
a position of higher faith.
Many people fast to diet, but that should NOT be your goal in fasting. If losing weight is your
purpose in fasting, you are missing the fullness of the reason for fasting.
  1. God will use fasting to lead you. Jesus was led in fasting in Matthew 17:21. This was after
      He had been on the Mount of Transfiguration with three of His disciples. When He
      descended, a man whose son was demon-possessed came to Him and said, “I brought my
      son to Your disciples, but they couldn’t cast out the spirits.” Jesus answered, “…Because
      of your unbelief…this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” Matthew 17:20,21
  2. Fasting and Prayer will not only bind up your unbelief; it will also break the powers of
      darkness. Judges 20 When you are not seeing results after having stood on the Word and
      having had people pray, you need to fast and pray. Then you will see the powers of
      darkness break.
  3. Fasting and prayer will show you what to do in a situation. Sometimes there is a key
      answer you must get from God. II Chronicles 20
  4. Fasting and prayer will show you how to get out of a selfish attitude. Exodus 32 It will get
      the carnality out of you and put you into a right spiritual place with God.
  5. When you fast and pray, it undoes unbelief in you and gives you BOLDNESS to reach out
      and take hold of the things of God, things you never had before!
   Abstain from eating meats including fish; and sweets your favorite coffee or anything you
      consider to be a sacrifice if you gave it up. For seven (7) days eat fruits and vegetables
      drink water and juices.
       Monitor what you allow to enter into your eye and ear gates through Television. Refrain
        from over indulgence in secular television and replace this time with God in prayer, praise
        music meditation and study of the Word or minister to someone in need.

       Pray the prayer at least once a day and make the “Operation Recovery Confession” once
        a day.

This fast is not mandatory, but for those believers who desire to take their walk with the Lord to another level and walk
in a greater level of spirituality. If you are under the care of a physician, or on medication that requires you to adhere to
a specified diet, please follow your normal schedule as prescribed by your doctor. However, I encourage you to follow
the spiritual regimen of the fast by adhering to the recommended confession, and prayer, followed by praise and

2 Chronicles 7:14-16
14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face
and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and “restore
their land.”
15 My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to every prayer made in this place.
16 For I have chosen this Temple and set it apart to be holy, a place where my name will be
honored forever. I will always watch over it, for it is dear to my heart.
Is the sovereign and divine interruption in the natural flow of events and activities that alters
and redirects those events to supernaturally accomplish the divine plans and purposes for
the glory of God.
Is the public demonstration of God’s power and purpose that produces the tangible,
concrete and visible expression of His intangible promises in the life of faith filled people.

                                                  DAILY PRAYER
Father in Jesus name, we cleanse our hearts and our minds before you today; we sanctify
ourselves in your presence. We apply the blood of Jesus to our minds and hearts. We
clothe ourselves in the robe of His righteousness. We thank You for the sacrifice of Your
Son Jesus. This day we present our bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to you.
Father in the name of Jesus we bless you and declare that you are God and beside you
there is no other.
Jesus we reiterate to demonic forces that you are the Son of God that was manifested to
destroy and dismantle all the evil works of the devil. We decree that in this time of prayer
today we reign from the heavenly seated position of Dominion and Authority. We declare
that the gates of hell will not prevail. Today we press toward the mark of the high calling of
God in Christ Jesus. We establish Your power and authority over all the works of the
enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt us. We establish a supernatural environment
that is conducive for miracles to occur in our homes, on our jobs, and in the ministry.

We decree that God ordained relationships are manifesting in our lives daily to help
facilitate our Kingdom assignments and advance in the purposes of God. We sever and
detach ourselves from all ungodly relationships and soul ties that hinder our advancement
in the Kingdom of God.
We decree that we walk in the discernment of the Holy Ghost to identify spiritual renegades
and thieves that come to undermine our assignment and derail our God given purposes.

We engage and employ the power of the Holy Ghost and the angelic hosts to smash,
cripple and crush the head of satanic assassins, demonic decoys and diabolical
deployments set up to undermine the assignment of Spirit and Truth World Outreach
Church. We decree that no weapon formed against the plans and purposes of STWOC will
prevail. We declare that all systems in League City and surrounding areas are free of
satanic influence. We decree that the strong man assigned to pollute and contaminate the
political, educational, family, ecclesiastical systems is bound and restricted from operating
freely in the Gulf Coast region and beyond.

We decree that we are clothed in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. We declare that the
anointing repels and drives out every adversary sent to short circuit the ministry
assignment. We declare that the anointing attracts only those with divinely ordained
assignments to help us fulfill the call of God for ministry. We declare that the anointing of
God is drawing those with the gifts, talents, and financial resources to facilitate the vision,
the mission and assignment of STWOC.
We open heavenly portals and release Peace, Prosperity, Power, People, Praise,
Protection, and Provisions. We bind the spirit of poverty and forbid it to operate against
God’s people, property and possessions. We pull down strongholds, cast down vain
imaginations and every high thing that lifts itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our
thoughts are now subject to the Lordship of Christ. We decree that every generational
curse is broken; curses of sickness, disease, poverty, lack, mental and emotional sickness,
all types of addictions are destroyed by the anointing. We set every captive free in our
families that are bound by drugs and alcohol. We shatter chains and fetters that hold our
loved ones hostage. We release them into their destiny and free them to function in their
divine purpose.
We declare that God’s anointing destroys every yoke of bondage and sickness in our lives.
We declare that our spirit, soul and bodies are functioning according to God’s divine plans
and purposes. We decree that we are healed and spirit filled; sickness and disease are far
from us, and no evil pestilence will come near our dwelling. We establish divine
parameters, boundaries and borders that prohibit the advancement of sickness and
disease, ailments, pain, headaches, cancers, diabetes.

We overrule, disallow and veto every diabolical sanction, subverting and clandestine
activity, injunction, directive, mandate or order, which opposes the will of the Lord
concerning our lives, this ministry, and our families. We disannul and repeal and reverse
diabolical decisions, injunctions and rulings concerning Spirit and Truth World Outreach
Church. We dispossess master spirits and employ Michael, the archangels, and the angelic
host to handle all satanic contentions, disputings, strivings, false accusations and
resistance, and render them harmless and impotent. We take control of the airways,
galaxies, systems, realms, regions, domains, spheres, the stratospheres, the hemispheres,
the atmospheres and declare that they are patrolled by the angels of God.
We decontaminate the environments in our home, jobs, relationships of all satanic attitudes
and negative dispositions with the Blood of Jesus and the Word of God. We disinfect every
home that’s been infected by satanic activity releasing depression, oppression, sadness
hopelessness, hatefulness, ungodly domination and control. We shatter their bands and
forbid them to operate in the homes and the lives of God’s people. We terminate and
reverse the affect of these infections and release peace, joy, contentment, love, kindness,
longsuffering, meekness, goodness, morality, honesty, grace, favor, increased anointing,
health, self-control, wisdom, greatness, nobility and humility.
We decree that we walk in the uncommon favor of God today and everyday. We declare
that we walk daily in God’s provision, peace and power. We release the uncommon favor of
God to go before us opening doors of opportunity, reversing decisions and rulings
concerning our lives and the lives of our family members. We decree and declare that the
uncommon favor of God is rearranging every negative situation and circumstance
concerning our lives and turning it in our favor.
We take control over the spirit of fear that causes confusion, bewilderment, perplexity,
fretfulness, fright, worry, frustration, anxiety, unbelief, intimidation, panic, dread, dismay
and terror. We lift up a standard of righteousness and superimpose victory over the spirit of
fear. We declare that we are triumphant and more than conquerors over unrighteousness,
ungodliness, satanic perversions, wrath, malice, cruelty, callousness, coldness, hatred,
rage, heartlessness, insensitivity, bad tempers, meanness, spite, ill feelings, fury, anger,
bitterness, resentment, wickedness, offense, evil and all satanic vices. We forbid and
disallow any and all opposing satanic personalities, satanic resistance with diabolical
assignments concerning our lives, homes and finances to prevail against us. We declare
that family members and loved ones are free to praise and worship God without demonic
contention, conflicts, interruptions, interference, obstructions and blockages. We decree
that these illegal spirits are bound and unable to operate against us.
We assign angels as divine escorts to travel before us and with us over the highways,
airways, freeways and waterways during the morning, afternoon evening and night. We
bind accidents of all sorts and we declare that we are divinely protected from drunk drivers,
texting drivers, sleeping drivers, road raging and angry drivers and young racing drivers.

We decree that as we travel from place to place we are shielded and protected by the
angels of God from all hurt, harm and danger seen and unseen.
We disallow and prohibit all demonic forces from interfering, intercepting, obstructing and
resisting heavenly revelation and spiritual insight to God’s people. We decree that every
satanic undercover agent, every satanic secret agent, every underworld emissary, every
covert demonic spy, every satanic character assassin, every diabolic abortionist is
exposed, uncovered, uprooted, unearthed and removed from our midst. We decree that
their evil intentions and ungodly motives are rendered helpless against the power of the
Holy Ghost. We resist territorial strongholds and stand against them in the name of Jesus.

We open divine gates of access to new doors of opportunity; we open windows of divine
inspiration, insight, and revelation. We decree that avenues of prosperity and success are
opening daily for us with positive cash-flow, unlimited financial resources and ever
increasing income. We impede, stop, stifle, strangle, suffocate, choke and render helpless
all satanic and diabolical thieves that come to steal, kill and destroy our prosperity and
peace. We evict expel, eject and forcefully drive out and exile all illegal spirits of
deprivation, lack and scarcity that seek to limit our progress from our homes, jobs ministry
and our lives.
We command all of the finances needed to complete our Kingdom assignment to come to
us now without hesitation and hindrance. We decree that they are flowing towards us
swiftly and without delay. We decree that all finances that have been assigned to us that
have been tied up, held up, and bound up, are released, liberated and discharged to us
now. We declare and decree that they are flowing, surging and gushing towards us swiftly,
rapidly and in abundance.
We decree that there is no lack or insufficiency in the ministry but instead there is
abundance and surplus in the life of every member of STWOC. We decree that the winds
of judgment blow and bombard the camps of satanic thieves and assassins to confuse and
confound them and to destroy their diabolical plots, plans, and schemes. We put a halt to,
forbid and prohibit all satanic assassins and spiritual abortionists from fulfilling their evil
assignments and purposes. We arrest the spirit of Absalom and forbid it to operate in our
midst. We decree that the spirit of Judas and Gehazi are arrested and exposed by the Holy
Ghost. They cannot and will not function without being exposed by the Holy Ghost.
We frustrate every plan and abort all demonic offspring in satanic wombs that have been
assigned to harass, vex and discourage us from making progress in the Kingdom. We
superimpose the will of God over all the work of the enemy. We evict, eject, remove and
cast out every satanic squatter, demonic trespassers, and diabolical intruders from 2401
Gulf Freeway South. We release the angels of God to watch over and provide supernatural
security and surveillance over our property. We declare that every thief is caught and
captured before they can complete and finalize their wicked and evil transactions.

We declare that they will come to a swift, rapid, demise and downfall. We decree everything
that the enemy has stolen be returned sevenfold.
We decree that “Multiplied Miracle Manifestation” is taking place “NOW” in our families, in
our finances, in our marriage, in our bodies and on our jobs. We decree that You are
altering and interrupting the natural flow of situations and circumstances on our behalf for
Your glory. We decree that delayed promises are being revealed and manifested daily in
our lives. We declare that these prayers function as divine spiritual projectiles and guided
missiles that bombard, penetrate, perforate, destroy, demolish, devastate, decimate,
obliterate, eliminate, eradicate, exterminate and annihilate satanic fortresses, demonic
strongholds and fortified enemy camps. We declare that they are confounded, confused
and they flee in terror from the wrath of the almighty God.
We decree that we are blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed to achieve fullness
in every area of life, blessed with daily provisions, blessed in daily activities, blessed with
victory, blessed as an entrepreneur, blessed socially, blessed financially, blessed
economically, blessed relationally, blessed interpersonally, blessed behaviorally, blessed
emotionally, blessed spiritually, blessed psychologically, blessed educationally, blessed
 We declare that our bills are paid and all financial obligations are met. We decree that we
have numerous work opportunities, raises and bonuses, wisdom and knowledge,
understanding, assets, visions and dreams, multi-million dollar ideas, writing abilities,
theological insight, innovative goods and world class services, favorable settlements,
estates and inheritances, unexpected financial blessings, wealth transfers, real estate,
secret hidden treasures, favor with creditors, increased income, debts cancelled,
supernatural increase and supply, divine health, divine networks, accelerated growth and
development, new ways of living, unexpected gifts, automobiles, debt free living, homes
and houses, true friends, self-sustaining cash flow, money management skills, leadership
skills, negotiation skills, crisis management skills and trailblazing skills. We declare that all
these blessing are coming on us and overtaking us now! in Jesus name.
We decree we have a kingdom millionaire mindset. We declare that we underwrite kingdom
initiatives, enterprising activities and programs. We decree that we make millions and give
millions to worthy kingdom causes and community enrichment.
Father we declare that you have begun this good work in us and you will complete it until
the day of Jesus Christ. Father we decree that Your Word cannot and will not return void
and empty but it will produce Multiplied Miracle Manifestation in our lives now and always.

                          We seal this prayer in the authority of the
                                   Mighty Name of Jesus


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