Offer to Purchase by v268WX


									                                          Offer to Purchase


Name: ___


ID card/ Passport Number:


Phone and Fax:

The following amount

Has been received by DR Paradise Real Estate as a down payment for the purchase of the
real estate described below and under the conditions that follow:

Description of the property:

Offer price: US $                              in words 00/100

Financing and Conditions:

                                                                  The down payment will
I would cash the house out on or before the one year note balloons.
only be refundable if the vendor does not accept this offer. If the offer is accepted this
down payment will be applied against the total price of the property.

Buyer                                      Sales Associate

I (we) agree to sell the property described above, under the terms and conditions
mentioned above. I (we) agree to pay DR Paradise Real Estate a 6% commission. If the
buyer forfeits the deposit the vender agrees to pay DR Paradise Real Estate 50% of the
forfeited deposit.

Vendor                   Date                                 Sales Associate                    Date

            DR Paradise Real Estate, Calle Principal, Paseo Mall 2F, Number 15, (809) 240-5067
                  (829) 397-1149, email:, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

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