Violence against women is a major human rights and public health by Z3GztOZA


									Any act of gender-based violence that
 results in, or is likely to result in,
 physical, sexual or psychological
 harm or suffering to women, including
 threats of such acts, coercion or
 arbitrary deprivation of liberty,
 whether occurring in public or in
 private life.
Approximately 1 out
of every 3 women
globally is beaten,
raped or otherwise
abused during her
In Latin America and
the Caribbean, 7-69% of
women have been
physically abused by
an intimate partner at
some point in their
The proportion of women
who have suffered
violence at the hands of
her partner has been
recorded at 11% in
Colombia, 10% in
Nicaragua, 17% in Haiti
and 23% in
Mexico and Peru.
     violence against women
includes, but is not limited to:
 Battering by intimate partners
 Sexual abuse of female children

 Marital rape and sexual coercion

 Traditional practices harmful to
 Abuse of domestic workers
   Rape
   Sexual abuse
   Sexual harassment and assault at
    work and educational institutions, and
   Trafficking
   Forced prostitution
   Forced labor
Violence perpetrated or condoned by the
  state, such as:
 Violence against women at the hands of

  police officers, soldiers, immigration
  officials, etc.
 Rape by government forces during armed

 Torture in custody

 Forced sterilization

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