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									                                 INTERN AGREEMENT
                               Outreach and Administrative Intern
                          International Rescue Committee San Jose, CA

Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a leading, non-sectarian non-profit
organization providing emergency relief, protection, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services,
and advocacy for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict.


As one of the IRC’s 25 domestic resettlement offices, the IRC San Jose office works to assist
refugees in rebuilding their lives and reuniting families in Santa Clara County. Since opening its doors
in 1979, the San Jose office has served as the gateway to over 20,000 refugees, who through their
own unique cultures and talents, have helped to build a stronger community. A committed staff of
professionals and volunteers provide essential resettlement services to refugee families, providing
them with the resources and tools to start over and regain control of their lives. Services include
meeting basic needs, orientation, referrals to local resources, job placement and community
participation activities.


For immigration, you will advertise our many immigration services (visas, adjustment of status, green
card, naturalization, etc) and citizenship classes. For our Matching Grant employment development
program, you will network with local employers to find opportunities and build partnerships to place
our clients in employment. For general resettlement purposes, you will solicit and coordinate
donations for our clients in need. You will primarily be networking and communicating in office, with
some field outreach or attend some community events.


12 to 15 hours per week for ten weeks, either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.


          Researching and networking with local employers to promote the IRC and establish
          Provide clients with community and public transportation orientation through activities in
           the area
          Research community resources and groups for specific demographics to connect clients
           with for additional social assistance and integration
          Assist Case Worker and Employment Specialist in coordinating donations and social
           services for clients in need
          Advertise IRC immigration services to acquire new clients throughout the community and
           at events
          Contact former clients to remind them of the importance of adjusting their status from
           refugee/asylum to permanent residency or citizenship
          Research and coordinate pick-up/drop-off of furniture and household supply donations for
          Perform front-of-office reception and administrative tasks while in office
          Other related duties as assigned


      Excellent employment record, competency and knowledge of U.S. employment processes.
      Strong belief in early employment as key to newcomers’ ability to become truly independent in
       American society.
      Diligent about communicating with, taking direction from, and providing client feedback to
       Volunteer Coordinator, ESL Instructor, and Case Managers.
      Provide consistent support of IRC’s approach with clients.
      Willing to learn about IRC history, philosophy, global work, and local efforts.
      Willing to adhere to IRC volunteer and workplace policies.
      Proven ability to work with consideration and respect for cross-cultural differences.
      Dependable, flexible, and ability to work independently.
      Strong computer skills, particularly MS Office Suite and Internet searches.
      Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English. Fluency in a refugee language
       desirable but not essential.
      A car/driver’s license is beneficial, but not required.

   Interns will get hands-on experience dealing with the practical aspects of helping newly arrived
    refugees regain control of their lives and become self-sufficient members of their new
   Your work has a direct, positive impact on refugees living in the San Jose area. You can help
    somebody get their first job, become comfortable and productive within a new society.
   You will gain a comprehensive overview and hands on experience with refugee resettlement.
   You will interact with refugees and learn about diverse cultures.
   You will gain strong resume and interview preparation skills.
   You will be exposed to entry-level managerial duties.
   Good opportunity for people interested in a career in refugee resettlement, social work,
    employment counseling, nonprofit administration, human rights advocacy.

IRC San Jose is pleased to offer _______________________the position of Vocational ESL Intern at
the International Rescue Committee - San Jose. This is an unpaid position and requires 15-20 hours
per week for a period of 3 months. The position will begin on ______________and conclude on

During this internship _______________________will report to his/her direct supervisor Jennifer
Babaie, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator.

This agreement is to ensure that the intern and IRC managers agree with the goals and expectations
of the internship.

We have read the internship job description and the IRC Policy Manual. We are clear about the
expectations for the intern and employer. We understand that violation of the rules of conduct may
result in termination of the internship.

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