INTERGENCY AGREEMENT
                            BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS (BIA)
                        (Insert Regional Office/Field Office/Branch Name)

          Insert other agency (USFS, Corp of Engineers) or other Bureau (BLM, NPS)
                        Insert Office/Branch Name (Branch of Forestry)

        INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT NO.                      (To be assigned by Contracting)

                                        Short Title/Purpose

                               Economy Act Determination (EAD)


1.   Description of the Need and/or Agreement.
     (Provide a brief description of the agreement, purpose and why an interagency
     agreement is necessary.)

2.   The supplies or services cannot be obtained as conveniently or economically by
     contracting directly with a private source.
     (Provide a brief explanation why the BIA cannot contract for the services directly, i.e.,
     Other Agency has the ability to perform the services with its own in-house staff or the
     authority to contract for the services as part of their mission.
     Example: ___(name)______ Agency has the ability to perform the services with its own
     in-house staff or the authority to contract for the services as a part of their mission.)

3.   The proposed acquisition is authorized under the authority of the Economy Act, or other
     authorizing statute.
     (Identify other authorizing statute, Title, and Statute number.)

4.   Adequate funds are available.
     (Identify the fund cost code and amount.)

5.   If the Economy Act order requires contracting action by the servicing agency, the
     D&F shall also include a statement that at least one of the following circumstances is

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       a.      The acquisition will appropriately be made under an existing contract of the
               servicing agency, entered into before placement of the order, to meet the
               requirements of the servicing agency for the same or similar supplies or services.
               (Provide the contract number and contractor name and address. If a schedule or
               delivery order contract, include maximum ordering limitations, (i.e., quantity and
               dollar limitations).)

       b.      The servicing agency has capabilities or expertise to enter into a contract for such
               supplies or services which is not available within the BIA.
               (Provide authority to enter into contracts.) Or

       c.      The servicing agency is specifically authorized by law or regulation to purchase
               such supplies or services on behalf of other agencies.
               (Provide the authority citation, and brief synopsis of language.)

6.     The cost to the BIA for the requirement, including the administrative fees charged by
       [insert servicing bureau/agency name] appears to be reasonable. The fees proposed to
       be paid to the servicing agency do not exceed the servicing agency’s actual cost (or
       estimated costs if actual costs are unknown) of entering into the administering of the
       contract or other agreement under which the order is filled.

7.     All approvals and authorizations required by the BIA and/or Department of the Interior
       policies for acquiring the supplies or services have been obtained.


Based on the above findings, I hereby determine that it is in the best interest of the government
to enter into an Interagency Agreement with [insert servicing bureau/ agency name] for the
purpose of [insert the short title or brief statement of purpose], under the authority of the
Economy Act.

Signature (BIA Contracting Officer)          Date

The Economy Act Determination has been reviewed and found to be legally sufficient. (if over

Signature (Solicitor’s Office)

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Approved (if over $100,000):

Signature (Director, Office of Management   Date
And Administration

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