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									Corporate Lactation Programs:
 Good for Moms,
    Babies, and

Wednesday, August 1
    Today’s Panelists

              Shelly Kelley                           Harriet Smiley
              HR Benefits                             Senior Lactation
              Manager                                 Consultant

              Marianne Stook                          Allen Baler
              Managing Director                       Senior Vice President

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    About Today’s Webcast

    •   Introductions and World Breastfeeding Week

    •   Business Case for Corporate Lactation Programs

    •   Key Components of Corporate Lactation

    •   Cisco’s Tips and Best Practices

    •   Highlights of LifeCare’s Corporate Lactation Program

    •   Q+A Session

    Introducing LifeCare
    •   Founded in 1984
    •   Headquarters in Westport, CT; call center in Shelton, CT
                                                                              LifeCare offers
    •   Exclusive provider of Life Event Management® services                  education and
        serving 1,500 employers and 4.5 million employees
                                                                           referrals for a full
         –   50 clients are on top “Best” lists
             Fortune, Working Mother, Diversity Inc., AARP, and others             continuum
    •   Partner with Aetna Behavioral Health since 2003
                                                                               of care needs.
         –   Fully integrated 24/7/365 telephone and web services        Whether employees
    •   Flexible program design                                           are single with no
    •   Highly skilled specialists                                            dependents or
                                                                               married with
    •   Best-in-class content
                                                                          children, LifeCare
    •   Benefits integration
                                                                              can help them
    •   Holistic marketing campaign                                      manage their work
    •   Quality assurance                                                      and personal
    •   Comprehensive reporting                                             responsibilities.
    Our workplace breastfeeding program is
    just one part of a comprehensive benefits
    service from LifeCare.

    Introducing Cisco Systems, Inc.
    •   Founded in 1984 by Stanford grad students
    •   Headquartered in San Jose, California
    •   56,000 employees globally
    •   Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings
        are used to create internet solutions that allow
        individuals, companies, and countries to
        increase productivity, improve customer
        satisfaction and strengthen competitive
    •   #11 on Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work in
        America and also on Fortune’s list of America’s
        Most Admired Companies
    •   Recognized as and Employer of Choice for
        women in Australia
    •   One of Latin America’s best employers by Hewitt
        Associates and AmericanEconmia

    August 1st-7th is World
    Breastfeeding Week!
    The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) has
    designated today as the kickoff for a weeklong celebration
    and promotion of breastfeeding advocacy and awareness.

     "The burden should no longer fall on women to
     choose between breastfeeding and work.
     The burden is on society to facilitate
     breastfeeding and indeed child care."

            --James Grant, former
              Executive Director of UNICEF

    Business Case for Corporate Lactation
    Non-breastfeeding mothers in your workforce can profoundly
    hurt your company’s bottom line.
    •   Pregnancy and childbirth costs account for 10-49 percent of                It’s the Law!
        employers’ total health care bills                               California, Connecticut,
                                                                         Florida, Hawaii, Illinois,
    •   Many companies find that childbirth-related expenses often        Minnesota, Tennessee,
        are their single largest health care cost                            Texas, Virginia, and
                                                                            Washington have all
    •   American Journal of Health Promotion conducted a study of           passed legislation to
        two corporate lactation programs, which reported that infants    promote the benefits of
        who were breastfed had 33% fewer illnesses than formula-fed         breastfeeding in the
        infants and 21% fewer illnesses that led to a parent’s absence    workplace. And many
        from the workplace. The programs’ overall impact led to a                other states are
        28% decrease in absenteeism and 36% reduction in sick child           considering similar
                                                                                   support as the
        health care claims                                               legislation continues to
    •   Parental absenteeism due to infant illness is three times                         evolve.
        greater among the parents of formula-fed babies
    1Business Courier Serving Cincinnati—North Kentucky
    2March of Dimes
    3Staying Abreast of the Law, Gretchen Reynolds

    Business Case for Corporate Lactation
    Programs con’t.
    Supporting employees who breastfeed can improve your
    company’s bottom line.
    •   Employer medical costs are lower for fully breastfed infants than never-breastfed infants since
        breastfed infants typically need fewer sick care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations (American
        Academy of Pediatrics, The Benefits of Breastfeeding, 2004)
    •   Social/economic benefit: artificial infant milk costs $2400/year, while breastfeeding costs $200/year
    •   Employee productivity is higher among breastfeeding mothers: breastfeeding mothers miss less work,
        as their infants are sick less often (The Benefits of Breastfeeding, 2004)
    •   Whether by choice or necessity, 70% of women with children under the age of 3 work full time (US
        Department of Labor)
    •   UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities found that one company’s corporate
        lactation program revealed a savings of $240,000 annually in health care expenses for breastfeeding
        mothers and their children; and another $60,000 was saved through reduced absenteeism among
    •   Enhances retention and recruitment
    •   For every dollar spent on a workplace lactation program, the employer saves $1.75 to
        $4.00, according to a study conducted by Medela. The savings relate to the reduction in
        maternal absenteeism, lower medical claims and reduced pharmacy costs

    Business Case for Corporate Lactation
    Programs con’t.
    Employer medical costs drop because of the proven health
    benefits to infants and mothers.
    For infants, breastfeeding lowers:
    • Infant mortality rates reduced by 21%
    • Respiratory infection
    • Ear infection—by 4 months, 61% less
    • Insulin-dependent diabetes
    • Crohn’s disease
    • Allergies—7 times less
    • Chronic digestive diseases

    For mothers, breastfeeding lowers:
    • Decreased postpartum bleeding
    • Earlier return to pre-pregnant weight                American Academy of
    • Improved bone density                           Pediatrics Policy Statement
    • Decreased risk of ovarian and breast cancer   of Breastfeeding and the Use
                                                            of Human Milk, 2005

 Key Components of a Corporate
 Lactation Program
 A good program can (and should) include the following:
 •   Expert and immediate (24/7)                      •   Prenatal/Breastfeeding classes,
     assistance from certified lactation                  which might include:
     consultants                                           –   What to expect the first 6-8 weeks

 •   In-home support, often in the form                    –   Latch-on and positioning techniques
                                                           –   Common challenges and solutions
     of a kit, which might include:
                                                           –   Pumping, milk collection, and storage
      –   Interactive audio/visual component (CD-
          ROM or other software)
                                                           –   Tips for transitioning back to work
      –   Book or guide
                                                           –   How to coordinate feeding with your
      –   Journal or diary for documenting milk
          output and intake
                                                           –   How to involve your partner
      –   Breastmilk storage guidelines
      –   Breastmilk collection and freezer storage   •   Access to a discounted, high-
          bags                                            quality pump
      –   Breast cream
                                                      •   Promotional strategies and tools
      –   Bra pads
                                                      •   Quality Assurance and
                                                          ROI data

 Key Components of a Corporate
 Lactation Program con’t.
 A well-equipped lactation room is a great start and should include:
 •   A private room or area with a door that locks or has a “Do Not Disturb” sign
 •   Cleaning supplies for washing hands and cleaning equipment; disinfectant solution
     for cleaning spills
 •   A place to put clothing (e.g., a hook, clothes rail or closet with hangers)
 •   Good lighting and an electrical outlet (for the pump)
 •   A sink (or nearby access) with hot and cold water
 •   Table or counter at approximately desk height for
     placing pump and/or other equipment. (Note—Make
     sure it is close to the outlet so the pump can easily
     be plugged in.)
 •   A comfortable chair located near the table or
 •   Window coverings to ensure privacy
 •   Instructions for using the facility (pump
     instructions, schedule/sign-up sheet, etc.)
 •   Waste basket for refuse

 Key Components of a Corporate
 Lactation Program con’t.
 Creating a good lactation room is a necessary start, but
 there’s more to consider:
 •   Breastfeeding is a learned skill
 •   Many physicians do not have the time or
     specialized training to offer optimal support
     for breastfeeding issues
 •   Hospital lactation consultants have limited
 •   New challenges emerge throughout
     breastfeeding duration
 •   Hospital-grade pumps are essential
      – Employers who subsidize the cost are
        more likely to have more mothers
 •   Breastfeeding mothers need supportive

 Cisco’s Tips and Best Practices
 Cisco supports breastfeeding in the workplace with the
 Mothers at Work Program.

 • Offering discounted pumps and a
 $100 subsidy

 • Mothers’ Rooms

 • 24 X 7 intranet site access to our

 • Classes in multiple locations

 • Health fairs

 Cisco’s Tips and Best Practices                           con’t.
 Building the case for the program:
 •   Get senior management buy-in
      – Both for the room and the program as a whole
 •   RFP process – key drivers:
      – Comprehensive breastfeeding website
      – Online pump order form
 •   Attraction and retention

 Once you’ve got approval, how do you choose a provider?
 •   Understand what is important to the provider’s
     own corporate culture
 •   Telephonic and online support
 •   Breast pump subsidy program administration
 •   Learning (traditional and e-learning)
 •   How is it unique?
      – Technology
      – Comprehensiveness

 Cisco’s Tips and Best Practices                 con’t.

 Now that you’ve got the program, encouraging utilization is key.

 • Promoting the program:
       – Flyers
       – Onsite visits
       – At the health fairs
       – Intranet
       – Childcare center

     LifeCare won the 2006 Magellan Gold
     Award for our client communication
     campaigns—we’ll get the word out on your
     Mothers at Work Program.

 In Their Own Words ...
 Cisco employee comments about the breastfeeding program:

 “This second time around I found the service just as
 good 4 years later. I was amazed that the pump arrived
 so quickly after ordering! I love the convenience of
 ordering via the website. I appreciated the follow up
 emails. I just referred my coworker to your services as
 she is going on maternity leave. Thanks!”

 “My Lactation Consultant was extremely helpful and
 informative! I appreciate that she followed up with me
 several times to ensure I did not need additional support.
 Very useful service!”

 “Still going at 7.5 months and planning now on a year.”

 Cisco’s Tips and Best Practices                                         con’t.
 Improving business . . . and life!
 •   Of those women who have chosen to breastfeed, approximately 77% use the
     lactation program (approximately 426 employees annually)
 •   Based on the medical research on decreased conditions among breastfed infants,
     estimated medical savings due to breastfeeding is nearly $424,000
 •   Based on the number of days of parental absenteeism associated with infant illness
     (Cohen R., Mrtek MB, Mrtek RG; American Journal of Health Promotion) the program
     has saved approximately $92,000 in absenteeism costs

 •   For every dollar we invest in Mothers at Work,
     we see a return of the original dollar plus
     approximately $7.34
 •   Analysis included a very conservative salary
     level; further customizations of the tool will
     likely increase ROI
 •   Next step is to collect and analyze new data
     being captured at 6 and 12 months into the
     program on employee-reported medical
     incidence and absenteeism

 Highlights of LifeCare’s Corporate
 Lactation Solution
 We helped pioneer corporate lactation programs.
 •   Our breastfeeding education:
      – We have International Board Certified Lactation
        Consultants available 24/7
      – We won 6 awards for our interactive CD-ROM,
        Preparing to Breastfeed: What You Need to
        Know Before Birth
      – Our call center was named a “Certified Center
        of Excellence” by the Center for Customer-
        Driven Quality at Purdue University
 •   Our breast pump discount program and pump
     subsidy administration:
      – Pump subsidies increase breastfeeding success
         rates! In order to maintain milk supply, working
         mothers must use a professional grade pump.
         Because these pumps tend to be expensive, a
         pump subsidy can lead to significantly higher
         breastfeeding success rates.

 Highlights of LifeCare’s Corporate
 Lactation Solution con’t.
                                                          Mothers at Work Kit

         In addition to our Mothers at
      Work breastfeeding kit, we also
     offer pre- and post-natal support
      for expecting and new mothers.

              Prenatal Kit                          Child Safety Kit

  Provides valuable education to help       Provides parents with life-saving
   employees proactively manage pregnancy     products and education
  Promotes employer of choice status        Geared to children ages 0-3

            Caring today for a better tomorrowSM

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