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									                                                               Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                          GALILEO VICTORIAN

                                                                 Number 1: 1st of March 1884. Price: 2D

                    Scandal in the best school in London
A Little boy killed by his teacher in the middle of the class and in front of all his mates.

A boy called William asked his teacher
a question in the front of the class and
in   a      rage    the   teacher     hit   him
on the head leaving him unconscious on                 February it would have been his 40th
the floor.                                             year of being a teacher.
This happened last 7th February, in a                  The Queen’s police are looking for the
classroom in one of the best Victorian                 teacher because he disappeared. Last 8th
schools,      the     teacher       disappeared        of February all his workmates and
because he was afraid of William’s                     mates assisted a mass and after that they
parents.                                               went to a wake in the village that
They thought         the teacher was at his            William’s parents had organized so as
house all the day because he was scared                no one will forget William, and also to
of what could happen.                                  let people see how bad the laws are.
This school lost many children because
the parents were frightened about the                  William’s parents want a reply, they
situation of their children and the drama              say: ``We want answers and we want
at   that     school.     The   school      told       them soon´´.
William’s parents that they aren’t going               The village and the other teachers of the
to do anything ``it is not our fault´ ´they            school are with William’s parents.
say. The teacher’s name is Mr Johnson.
                                                                               By Mario Serrano
He is 53 years old, and on 9th of

                                                           Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

    Man is kicked by his own horse.
Last week Graham B. Nelson died when                This is an image of the horse. His name
his horse kicked him. All of London is
                                                    was Charles and he was born in
concerned about this event and the
                                                    Cambridgeshire in 1992. He’s one of
deceased doesn’t believe what has
happened to him.                                    the best horses the dead owner has had,

The horse will be sacrificed to prevent

this kind of accidents in the future.

The animal protectors don’t agree with
this decision of killing the horse. They
say it is cruel to kill this animal because
it was just an accident, the horse got
frightened and kicked him accidentally.
They say “It wasn’t its fault”.

                                                    he said. We wish he would be safe and
The family of the deceased will have to
                                                    far from the community that is trying to
go to the judge to describe what had
actually   happened.      If   the      judge       kill him.
considers the horse may be dangerous                The laws say that no animal has more
for society and this kind of accidents
                                                    rights than a person, so this horse has to
can happen again, the horse will be
sacrificed. If it considers that it was just        be sacrificed because he has killed a
an accident and that it wasn’t the                  person, and the family is very sad
horse’s fault, the horse will be sent to a
                                                    because of this accident.
farm in Oxford, where it could be
raised.                                                                  By Adrián Crespo.

                                                              Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

Victorian people have been submitted to              discovered a pill that remedies the
medical tests. This is because a lot of              grains, the fever and the vomits ... but
people are ill. With these tests doctors             not THE DEATH.
have discovered a new disease: “The
Typhus”.                                             Queen Victoria is supporting all this
                                                     investigation. She said: “Our city is in
Typhus is a set of inspections produced              danger, and my labour as Queen, is to
by   several     species      of    Rickettsia       protect it from all the the bad things”.
bacterium, which is transmitted by the
arthropods stings, like fleas, mites and             People are terrified of this disease. They
ticks that different birds and mammals               don’t know what to do. They are getting
carry.                                               crazy.
                                                     The majority of the families don´t go
Dr.Archibal is the greatest doctor in                out to the street because they are afraid
London.     He      has     discovered    this       of being contagious or what they are
epidemic    after     one     month      doing       really afraid about is that their children
different medical tests to people. He                are contagious and only the idea of that
said that the disease causes Fever,                  they could die, terrifies them.
Grains,    Rash,     Vomits        and   even        Rich people aren’t forced to work.
DEATH. Already 25 people have died                   Therefore poor people have to go to
in less than one month. Other 50 are on              work everyday.
the verge of dying.10 are in critical
state. Dr. Archibal said: “If a remedy is            One quarter of the population is infected
not found rapidly more people could                  or suffers from typhus.
die”. Because of it, his assistants and              Doctors said that it’s continuing to
some scientists are trying to find a                 expand and this disease could possibly
medicine, which at least, reduces the                reach ONE HALF of the population.
Day after day they are looking for a                                            By Silvia Pelayo
solution. Of the 24 hours of the day, 20
spend them trying to find a remedy. By
means of the investigations, they have
                                                     Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                                                 The owner of the factory had to pay
                                                 a fine of 20.000£ to the family.
Many children start to go to school but
many others are still working in                 The authorities are looking for other
factories. That’s why last Monday an             children that were working in these
eight year old child died in the bread           factories. If a child is found in a
factory. He was cleaning a machine               factory this factory will be fined.
when he fell down and the machine
killed him.

His father Albert said: "I am really
sad because I thought that my child
Robin was at school"; The child’s
                                                                        By Angel Soria
mother Melissa said: "I knew that my
child Robin          was working    but I
thought that he only worked one
hour in the afternoon"

Queen Victoria is going to find out
who is responsible for this tragic

She is going to shut down the factory
because       they    allowed    forbidden
children to work in factories.

The new law says that ¨Children under
ten years old have to attend school"
"No factory can have a child under ten
years old like a worker "

                                 Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

       The hard life of a
    Chimney Sweeper

These people clean your chimney at a low price and very
quickly. Don’t worry if the chimney sweeper dies, it is his
job and you save your money.

                                                        Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                    Welcome to our city
London is the perfect place for leisure
and entertainment. We get the best
musicians, actors, directors, theatres...
We’ll include some suggestions.
                                                Other options are “The Haymarket
                                                Theatre”, many prominent actors are
                                                known to have their debuts here: John
                                                Handerson, Robert Gilliston, Charles
                                                Matthews and John Liston.

                                                                                Or “The
Visit our theatre “The Adelphia” where
you can enjoy melodramas and dramatic
adaptations of the works written by
Charles Dickens.                                                               musical

                                                                               drama and
Or come to “Sanger’s Grad National”
                                                opera are staged. Michael W. Balfe
where many successful spectacular
dramas are staged. Its fame came with           (opera singer) is going to perform this
the adaptation of Byron’s poem

                                                Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

      People and Events:The lastest news
           about THE SATURDAY NIGHT

The dance began around sundown on
Saturday, with the Grand March and the
first waltz. Music would continue until
around midnight when the revelers
would break for supper. After eating a
meal, followed by sweets, and the
libation of choice, it was back to the
dance floor until dawn. Finally, the last
waltz would echo into the hills just in
time to the Sunday morning church

                       By Rut Pedreño

                                                       Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

Fashion Clothes
For Ladies Only
According to the best seamstresses and
tailors, this spring we are going to wear       Head gear will be as fashionable as
the most fashionable dresses we have            ever. From large decorated hats,
ever worn in our lives.                         covered with feathers and flowers to the
According to Mrs Barbarella, upper and          close-fitting bonnet, also covered with
middle class young single ladies are            feathers, lace and flowers.
going to wear the brightest and most            On the other hand, we will see lots of
colourful dresses made of the lightest          umbrellas this year.
material. These fragile gauze dresses are       The umbrella will be used as a social-
covered with bows or flowers so as to           scale barometer.
catch their future husband’s eye.
If the pocket-book didn’t allow such            The Well-dressed Gentleman
individual attention, families can make         There won’t be such radical changes
their own Victorian clothes or find used        with men this year. But coat lengths do
garments.                                       vary over time and the cinching of the
Ladies have to be sure to cover their           waist gives way to the ease-of-breathing
legs completely.                                loose jacket.
The baring of the shoulder and upper            White tie and tails is still the formal
part of the chest is strictly for evening       eveningwear for gentleman, the tails
parties.                                        being the former daytime coat.
Because of the exposure of flesh to cool        Like his female counterpart, a male
air, shawls will join the Victorian             monger will be worn with a bright silk
costume.                                        scarf around his neck. Atop their head
Satins, silks, and heavy velvets for the        men will be wearing a closely fitting
older generation are the norm.                  cap which completely covers his hair. A
This year, we are still going to wear a         long waistcoat and seamed trousers will
corset in order to have a cinched-in-           complete his costume for this season,
waist.                                          ending with the sight of polished boots.
For younger ladies, having a waist in
inches the same as your age is the goal.        So all the single ladies put your best
For example, if you are seventeen years         dresses on and prepare to catch your
old, then you will strive for a seventeen       wedding ring!
inch waist (43, 18 cm).
For the well-dressed female tradesman,                      By Irene Huerta Del Valle
a bright silk scarf can be worn around
the neck, and a flower-strewn bonnet
can adorn the head.
Brightly polished boots will be proudly
shown beneath a many petticoat skirt,
which just reach to the ankles.
The skirt will be spread over large

                                                               Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

             Interview with Queen Victoria’

Hi, I am Albert Frank and I’m going to interview Queen Victoria’s Protestants. A group of people
were shouting and throwing stones at the Parliament because they disagreed with Queen Victoria’
rule, because they think she was too young to be a Queen and also she has changed the wages. Now
most of the workers are earning low wages so they complain about the changes made by the Queen.
I decided to speak with the leader of them
Albert: Hello sir, can I ask you some questions for a newspaper?
Paul: Yes, of course.
Albert: Ok, let’s start, first of all what’s your name?
Paul: My name is Francisco Paul Philip but you can call me Paul.
Albert: Ok Paul, What is your job?
Paul: Now I’m working in a small tavern but I have been working for a long time as a bricklayer.
Albert: And why are you against Queen Victoria?
Paul: Because she has changed our wages and now they are very low and I cant support my family
with these wages.
Albert: And why don’t you try to change your job and look for a better one?
Paul: I only can work as a bricklayer or barman and if I work as a bricklayer I would earn less
money than now.
Albert: Why don’t you try to create a union and speak to someone who can help you?
Paul: We have tried it but they don’t pay attention to us.
Albert: Ok, thank you now I have to go. Good bye
Paul: Ok, good bye

Paul returned to the group of people and they started to throw stones again. I think people like them
need help from someone to change their minds.

                                                                               By: Armando Barbero

                                                        Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884


                                        Make your shoes look as clean as
                                        the first day! How? It is as easy as
                                        using “Shoe Cleaner” everyday.
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      A bandage divine Victorian garment made in tapeta and organza white.
                 Black has details of lace and 2 roses of organza.

                                      Price: 34.95£

                                                                     Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

              Jack the Ripper strikes again
Mutilated corpse found yesterday morning in Hanbury Street. The policemen don´t know
what to do to catch the killer.

Yesterday morning Mr. Wynne E. Baxter, the Coroner for the North-
Eastern Division of Middlesex, opened his inquiry in the Alexandra
room of the Working Lads' Institute, Whitechapel Road, respecting the
death of Annie Chapman, who was found murdered in the back yard of
29, Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, on Saturday morning. Detective
Inspectors Abberline, Helson, and Chandler, and Detective Sergeants
Thicke and Leach watched the case on behalf of the Criminal
Investigation Department and Commissioners of Police. The court room
was crowded, and, due to the number of persons assembled outside the
building, they had to be guarded by a number of police constables.
The jury having been empaneled, proceeded to the mortuary to view the body of the deceased,
which was lying in the same shell that was occupied a short time before by the unfortunate Mary
Ann Nichols. John Davis, a car man, of 29, Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, deposed that he occupied
the front room, which was shared by his wife and three sons. About 8 o'clock on Friday night he
went to bed, and his sons came in at different times. The last one arrived home about a quarter to
11. The witness was awake from 3 to about 5 o'clock, when he fell off to sleep for about half an
hour. He got up about a quarter to 6. The front portion of the house faced Hanbury Street. On the
ground floor there was a front door, with a passage running through to the back yard. He was
certain of the time, because he heard the bell of Spitalfields Church strike. The front door and the
one leading into the yard were never locked, and at times were left open at nights. Since he had
lived in the house witness had never known the doors to be locked; and when the doors were shut
anybody could open them and pass into the yard. When he went into the yard on Saturday morning
the back door was shut; but he was unable to say whether it was latched. The front door was wide
open, and he was not surprised at finding it so, as it was frequently left open all night. Between the
yard of 29, Hanbury-street, and the next house there was a fence about 5ft. high. When the witness
went down the steps he saw the dead woman lying flat on her back:
She was horribly mutilated; her throat had been cut from left to right and the intestine had been
removed and put on the victim shoulders.
Since then, the police continue without any clues about the identity of the killer.
                                                                              By: Álvaro Hernández.

     Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                                                                      Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

I would like to introduce the latest inventions of the year…!
I will start by explaining a a very important invention to the world of science, the endoscope. René
Laennec was embarrassed to listen to the chest of his female patients, so he invented the endoscope.
It is a tube approximately 30 cm long to allow René to hear the beat of their patients without putting
his ear up to their chest.
This is an important discovery in the world of science because you can hear the heartbeat more
However Im not only speaking about medical inventions, there were also two important inventions
for the home, a vacuum and an iron. The vacuum was built by Melville Bissell, who built a vacuum
for his wife.
The vacuum caused a revolution in the world of house cleaning, because it saved time and effort.
Henry W. Seely invented a cordless electric iron, its price wasn´t for the poor so I`ll have to wait to
buy it.
But there were also other inventions that are not home inventions .Some examples are the
phonograph, the tire, the electric light and the phone.
The Frechman Edouard- Leon Scott has already patented the first machine capable of recording
sound, the phonograph, although still not been able to hear what he has recorded. Hopefully he will
soon come to find out how to listen to what his invention recorded.
Thanks to the tricycle of the son of John Boyd Dunlop, now we have the tire, it is also one of the
most important inventions nowadays.
The most important invention lately is the electric light, it was invented by Thomas Edison,
although still lacking a bit to get to our homes.
Which is not far from being the best invention of recent years is the phone, although it is believed
that Mr. Alexander Bell invented it many theories suggest that the true inventor was the Italian
Antonio Meucci, the idea of the phone was because Antonio was in the need to speak with his wife,
who had mobility problems and stayed in her room most of the time.
                                                                                       By David Martín

                  Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

   Price: 2p
Just for Angels

                                                                       Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

Albert´s Death
Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel of
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was born on 26 August
1819 at Schloss Rosenau, in Bavaria, the
younger son of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-
Gotha. When he was seven, his father divorced
his mother on grounds of adultery, and she was
sent to live in Switzerland and forbidden to see
her children. Albert was educated at Bonn
University. In 1840, he married his cousin,
Queen Victoria. The marriage was unpopular in
some quarters, and parliament resisted granting
Albert what his wife regarded as a suitable
allowance. Albert's role as advisor to his wife
came into full force after the death of Lord
Melbourne, the prime minister, who had exerted
a strong paternal influence over Victoria.
Albert began to act as the Queen's private secretary. He encouraged his wife a greater interest in
social welfare and invited Lord Shaftesbury, the driving force behind successive factory acts, to
Buckingham Palace to discuss the matter of child labour. His constitutional position was a difficult
one, and although he exercised his influence with tact and intelligence, he never enjoyed great
public popularity during Victoria's reign. It wasn't until 1857 that he was formally recognised by
the nation and awarded the title 'prince consort'. Albert took an active interest in the arts, science,
trade and industry. He masterminded the Great Exhibition of 1851, with a view to celebrating the
great advances of the British industrial age and the expansion of the empire. He used the profits to
help to establish the South Kensington museums complex in London.
In the autumn of 1861, Albert intervened in a diplomatic row between Britain and the United States
and his influence probably helped to avert war between the two countries. When he died suddenly
of typhoid on 14 December, Victoria was overwhelmed by grief and remained in mourning until
the end of her life. She commissioned a number of monuments in his honour, including the Royal
Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens completed in 1876. Albert and Victoria had nine children,
most of whom married into the other royal houses of Europe.
                                                                                   By Pablo Rodríguez

                                                                 Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

       Dracula: vampires attack in books
Nowadays vampires are common in our lives,             London. When Jonathan arrives to London,
most of the people think they could be                 Jonathan, Dr Van Helsing, and his wife
attacked by a vampire one night walking in             Wilhelmina Harker begins a persecution
the street, women are scared of being seduced          against      Dracula:      Mina       (Wilhelmina)
by a vampire, but this time the vampires               demonstrates his love to Dracula, a friend of
attack in the book:                                    Mina dies and then she becomes a vampire…
“Dracula”.      The                                    everything will become more confusing.
author Bram stoker                                     At the end Dracula will return to his home,
has written a gothic                                   Transylvania, and will be persecuted by
story in which he                                      Jonathan Harker, Dr Van Helsing and his
shows the adventure                                    love Mina Harker. Everything finishes with a
of a group of people                                   fight in Dracula’s castle between Dracula, Dr
against a vampire.                                     Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker. Dracula is
The story is written                                   killed by Harker, who nails a knife in the
in different points                                    chest of Dracula.
of     view,     the                                   In my opinion the story is excellent, because
beginning            is                                it mix up different genres in one novel: love
Jonathan Harker point of view, the body is             between Mina and Dracula, action when
written in the point of view of Wilhelmina             Harker and Van Helsing fought with Dracula
Harker and in the point of view of the Dr.             and of course horror in places like the
Abraham Van Helsing, the end is written in             Cemetery where Lucy Westenra, the friend of
the point of Wilhelmina’s view.                        Mina, is seen like a vampire.
Jonathan Harker is a new English solicitor his         I would recommend this book to those people
new mission is to travel to Dracula’s castle in        who like gothic horror and to those people
Transylvania, to sell a property to Dracula.           who like mystery and action transformed into
But when he is in the castle he discovers he is        an adventure with moments of tension. I
the prisoner of the Count Dracula. Later he            wouldn’t reject it, in my point of view, to do
discovers the darkest secret of Dracula: he is         that is like sin, but I don’t think everybody
a vampire!                                             would like it.
Then the story gets entangled when Dracula             In conclusion this book is a perfect gothic
goes to London on the ship “Demeter” and               novel, I like it a lot, and I would give this
Jonathan escape from the castle to return to           book 9 out of 10. By Christian Pérez

                                                       Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

         Queen Victoria´s Biography
Alexandrina Victoria was born in                attempt to exert power over her. As
Kensington Palace (London) on 24 May            soon as she became Queen in 1837,
1819. She was an only child. Her                Victoria banished Conroy from the
parents were Prince Edward Duke of              Royal Court.
Kent and Strathearn and Princess                When Victoria became Queen in 1837,
Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. The           Lord   Melbourne       was     the    Prime
Duke of Kent was the fourth son of              Minister; he was fifty-eight years old
George III and Victoria Maria Louisa            and a widower. Melbourne was the
was the sister of King Leopold of               leader of the Whig party. Victoria and
Belgium. The Duke and Duchess of                Melbourne became very close. Victoria
Kent selected the name Victoria but her         ordered to build an apartment on
uncle, George IV, insisted that she be          Windsor Castle for Lord Melbourne.
named Alexandrina after her godfather.          Victoria's feelings for Melbourne were
Victoria's father died when she was             clearly expressed in her journal. On one
eight months old. The Duchess of Kent           occasion she wrote: "he is such an
developed a close relationship with Sir         honest, good kind-hearted man and is
John Conroy, an ambitious Irish officer.        my friend, I know it." In the autumn of
Conroy acted as if Victoria was his             1837 a rumour circulated that Victoria
daughter and had a major influence over         was    considering      marrying       Lord
her as a child. In 1830 William IV              Melbourne. Queen Victoria wrote in her
became King. William had no surviving           diary that she was growing very fond of
legitimate children and so Victoria,            Melbourne and loved listening to him
became his heir. William's health was           talk: "Such stories of knowledge; such a
not good and he feared that Conroy              wonderful memory; he knows about
would become the power behind the               everybody and everything; who they
throne if Victoria became Queen before          were and what they did. He has such a
she was eighteen.                               kind and agreeable manner; he does me
William IV died 27 days after Victoria's        the world of good."
eighteenth birthday. Although William           Queen Victoria's cousin, Prince Albert
was unaware of this, Victoria disliked          of Saxe-Coburg, visited London in
Conroy and she had objected to his              1839. Victoria immediately fell in love

                                                              Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

with Albert and although he initially                  as reading all diplomatic despatches.
had doubts about the relationship, the                 However, she completely withdrew
couple was       eventually married in                 from public view and now spent most of
February    1840.     During         the   next        her time in the Scottish Highlands at her
eighteen years Queen Victoria gave                     home at Balmoral Castle. Victoria even
birth to nine children.                                refused requests from her government
In the summer of 1850 Queen Victoria                   to open Parliament in person. Politicians
asked Lord John Russell to dismiss                     began to question whether Victoria was
Palmerston. Russell told the queen he                  earning the money that the State paid
was     unable   to    do     this     because         her.
Palmerston was very popular in the                     In 1885 the Marquess of Salisbury
House of Commons. However, in                          became Prime Minister. He was to
December     1851,      Lord       Palmerston          remain in power for twelve of the last
congratulated         Louis          Napoleon          fifteen years of her reign. Victoria
Bonaparte on his coup in France. This                  shared Salisbury's imperialist views and
action upset Russell and other radical                 was thrilled when General Kitchener
members of the Whig party and this                     was successful in avenging General
time he accepted Victoria's advice and                 Gordon in the Sudan in 1898. Victoria
sacked Palmerston. Six weeks later                     also enthusiastically supported British
Palmerston took revenge by helping to                  action against the Boers in South
bring    down    Lord       John      Russell's        Africa. Queen Victoria died at her
government. In 1855 Lord Palmerston                    house on the Isle of Wight on 22nd
became Prime Minister. Queen Victoria                  January 1901.
found it difficult to work with him but                Queen Victoria became queen that
                                                       reigned more time.
their relationship gradually improved.
When Palmerston died she wrote in her                                   By Alberto Fernández
journal: "We had, God knows! terrible
trouble with him about Foreign Affairs.
Still, as Prime Minister he managed
affairs at home well, and behaved to me
well. But I never liked him."
Prince Albert died of typhoid fever in
December 1861. Victoria continued to
carry out her constitutional duties such

                                                          Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                 The Independence War
The independence war began in 1775
and lasted until 1783. This war was a
conflict that confronted the thirteen
original British colonies in North
America against the kingdom of Great
During the war, the French helped the
North      Americans,       Spain      and
Netherlands too.
The war started in1775 in Boston with a
                                                   When the war finished in 1783, both
protest against the tax that they had to
                                                   sides signed a Treaty in Paris. The end
pay for some indispensable articles like
                                                   of the war led to the independence of
paper, glass and paint.
                                                   the United States, the recovery of
During the seven years that the war
                                                   Florida to Spain, the annexation of
lasted there were many battles like the
                                                   Tobago to France and the Netherlands
battle of Bunker Hill of the 17th of June
                                                   to the United Kingdom.
                                                   During the war the United Kingdom
Many important people from that time
                                                   used   more     than     16000     German
fought in the war; Some of them were
                                                   mercenaries and had the help of some
George Washington, Benjamin Lincoln
                                                   Canadian Indians.
or Horatio Gates, who fought on the
                                                   The war produce 1.030.000 deaths( the
North American side and on the other
                                                   equivalent to a 3% of the population),
side    people   like   Jorge   III,   John
                                                   among this number there are 620.000
Burgoyne and Charles Cornwallis.
                                                   dead soldiers, of which two thirds were
                                                   caused by diseases.
                                                                          By Carlos Martín

                                                           Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

               Cricket Match
                                                    score. They were tied. The London CC
Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport.               played as hard as they could and it was
Many variations exist, with its most                the last chance they had of winning the
popular form played on an oval-shaped               game. But they failed to capitalize
outdoor arena known as a cricket field              London CC that golden opportunity and
at the centre of which is a rectangular             lost the match.
22-yard (20.12 m) long pitch that is the            A few minutes before finishing the
focus of the game. A game (or match) is             game, a star player from Manchester
played between two teams of eleven                  CC was injured, and then a deputy
players each. One team bats, trying to              named Robert William came to replace
score as many runs as possible while the            him. He was the latest release. Everyone
other team bowls and fields, trying to              thought Robert William would have
dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the              missed the shot but he was confident of
runs scored by the batting team. A run              hitting the shot. Then, Robert William
is scored by the striking batsman hitting           made the best throw of his life. The
the ball with his bat, running to the               Manchester CC won the championship
opposite end of the pitch and touching              and became the champions. All thanks
the   crease        there   without    being        to Robert William who was the best
dismissed. The teams switch between                 juice of the whole party. All Manchester
batting and fielding at the end of an               CC celebrated Vitoria, some players
innings.                                            even wept with joy while others raised
Yesterday,     in     England,   the   most         the cup they had won. It was a tough
anticipated match of the season was                 game to end. London CC congratulated
played. The two teams are trying to win             Manchester on the big game.
the championship. The London CC                                               By Iván Jaroso
played against Mancheter CC. London
CC began winning, but by the end of
the match Manchester CC tied the

                       Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

The best bread in town...
       1332 Victoria Avenue
       Don´t miss out!

     Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

                                         Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

DDT is one of the most well-known synthetic pesticides. It is a
chemical with a long, unique, and controversial history.

                                         Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

               ACCESSORIES FOR MEN
         FROCK COATS                  DRESS SHIRT

£20.55                       £30.59


£75.99                       £40.99

                    Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

   Attention all
Do you want your house to look
     like picture A or B?


                                                               Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

Hippopotamus polka: Our parents forced us to get married to join our lands.
Beautiful girl: Yes, Nowadays it is normal for our parents to agree their children’s marriages.
Now, are we going to go to the party tonight?
Hippopotamus polka: Yes, but I don’t know how to dance!
Beautiful girl: OK, I will teach you because my rich family taught me how to do it.

                                   Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

               4556 QUEEN AVENUE

             MONTH OF MARCH

                                                                Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

The man who doesn´t support children

This story is about two boys who live near an old man and they make his life impossible
because they don’t stop making noise and playing.
One day the old man gets angry and looks for the children to punish them but they start to run
and while he is following them he falls down and he breaks his hip.
After that he couldn’t walk any more and the children looked after him for the rest of his life.

                                                     Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884


            The brilliant 3ºBilingual Company will be presenting:
                     “SCHOOL DAYS NOWADAYS”
                   Showtimes: 13:00, 15:00, 19:00, 21:00
                (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)
                                   Price: 2p
                  “SCHOOL DAYS IN THE FUTURE”
                   Showtimes: 13:00, 15:00, 19:00, 21:00
                       (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
                                   Price: 2p


                                           “SCHOOL DAYS IN THE FUTURE”

                                                                  Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

     Cast of characters:
           Narrator: Adrián Crespo
           Lilian: Silvia Pelayo
           George: Mario Serrano
           Paul: Armando Barbero
           William: Pablo Rodríguez
           Elisabeth: Irene Huerta
           Henry: Iván Jaroso
           Nicolás: Carlos Martín.

     -Teacher: White shirt, Long black skirt, big glasses
     -The students wear uniforms: Grey Sweater, White shirt and Black Trousers .
     -Slates, cloth; Dunce’s hat
                                           SCENE 1

     A small Victorian class with high closed Windows, curtains and Joint desks.

-Lylian: Good morning children. Stand up straight! Nail inspection!
-NARRATOR: The teacher starts to check the children’s nails.
-GEORGE: Oh no, my hands are dirty!
-LYLIAN: Show me you hands George. The other side!
-GEORGE: I was sweeping my chimney and my hands got dirty.
-PAUL: I have been working too, but I have cleaned my hands.
-LYLIAN:Well done Paul; Come here with me.... George, you are punished!
-WILLIAM: Can I hit him too?
-LYLIAN: You are being disrespectful to me. Put you hands!
-NARRATOR: but suddenly... Nicolas and Elisabeth enter the classroom.
-NICOLAS-ELISABETH: Sorry Ma’am, we ran as fast as we could to get here on
-LYLIAN: Both of you are punished. Go to the corner and put your Dunce’s hat on!
-PAUL: are we going to read today Ma’am?
-LYLIAN: Yes, we are. Paul, Start reading Henry. Go to page 69.
-NARRATOR: Henry started reading but he pronounced a word wrongly.
-LYLIAN: Henry, I have already taught you how to pronounce this word before. You
haven’t studied.
-HENRY: So, sorry Ma’am, I will repeat it again: TEMPERATURE.
-LYLIAN: No excuses; you are punished!
-ELISABETH: Can we return to our seats please?
-NICOLAS: yes, please Ma’am.
-LYLIAN: Sure Elisabeth come here.
-NICOLAS: and me?
                                                        Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

-LYLIAN: No You can’t, you will return when you are dressed properly!
-PAUL: Well done Ma’am.
-WILLIAM: Paul, don’t be a smart Alec.
-LYLIAN: Be quiet, now we are going to practice arithmetic.
-NARRATOR: The teacher started to write down sums.
-LYLIAN: George, to the blackboard.
-GEORGE: Ok Ma’am...mmmm... (thinking) but... I don’t know how to do it.
-LYLIAN: but you should know how to do it!

-GEORGE: So, sorry.
-LYLIAN: Have you practiced?
-GEORGE: Yes; I have...
-LYLIAN: Sure? So, Why can’t you do it?
-NARRATOR: Henry giggles in a low voice.
-GEORGE: Ok, I haven’t studied.
-LYLIAN: Henry, Ca you please tell me why you are laughing? Comer over and do it!
-HENRY: But, I wasn’t laughing!
-TEACHER: Are you shouting at me? I heard you. If you don’t do the sums correctly,
you’ll be punished.
-NARRATOR: Henry did the sums correctly.
-LYLIAN: Ok Henry, but... Why are you speaking William? This is a complete mess, I
can’t teach like this, you’ll be stupid for the rest of you lives. I’m leaving.

                         THE END

                                                                 Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

            “SCHOOL DAYS IN THE
Cast of characters
Bob - David
Gilbert - Álvaro
Jake - Angel (narrator)
Mr. Taylor - Cristian
Ashley - Vanesa
Susan - Leticia
Mr. Johnson - Alberto

-Two shirts (director and teacher)
-The students wear their favourite clothes.
-Pencil cases
-mobile phones
-Chewing gum
-One hat
-Lap top
We are in Galileo High School. We are in 9th Grade. We are in Maths class on Monday at 8 am
and the teacher’s name is Mr. Johnson, he is very strict. We are in a messy classroom with
computers and the students are very lazy and impolite.

                                            Scene 1
            A large classroom, students are entering in the class. Leticia arrives late.

TEACHER: Why are you late?
SUSAN: I woke up late and I missed the bus.
TEACHER: You're always late. If you are late one more time you'll come to school one
SUSAN: But I was very tired.
TEACHER: That's not an excuse.
                                            Scene 2
        In math class, Ashley and Jake are talking in class and bothering other students

ASHLEY: Have you seen what she looks like?
JAKE: Yes, She's childish!
ASHLEY: She looks like she is 4 years old!
JAKE: She is a baby... (Pretends to cry)
SUSAN: Stop!
ASHLEY: Oh stop, stop. Jajaja.
                                                              Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

MR. JOHNSON: What are you talking about?
ASHLEY AND JAKE: Nothing, nothing.
MR. JOHNSON: If you don't stop talking you're going to copy from the dictionary.
(Susan trips)(Ashley and Jake laugh a lot)

MR. JOHNSON: OK. Stop talking; you're going to copy from the dictionary.
ASHLEY AND JAKE: OH. No! Please! Please! We will stop, we promise.

           Jessica is throwing things and speaking. Jessica is making paper airplanes

MR. JOHNSON: Jessica, what are you doing? This isn’t origami class.
JESSICA: But I haven’t made anything. Somebody passed it to me.
MR. JOHNSON: I saw you folding paper two minutes ago. Go to the headmaster’s office.
                                           Scene 4
                         In headmaster’s office. Jake is chewing gum)

MR. JOHNSON: What are you eating?
JAKE: Nothing (he swallows the gum)
MR. JOHNSON: Are you sure?
JAKE: Yes, I am
MR. JOHNSON: I saw you and also your breath smells like mint.
JAKE: My breath? But I’m not chewing anything.
MR. JOHNSON: OK. I’ll believe you, but it’s the last time.
                                            Scene 5
                       Gilbert is painting and drawing on the notebook.

MR. JOHNSON: What are you doing?
GILBERT: Nothing (and closes the notebook)
MR. JOHNSON: Bring me the notebook. (He looks at his notebook and wrinkles the page)
GILBERT: No! My homework was on that page!
MR. JOHNSON: (write a note in the agenda) you’re going to miss recess today.
                                             Scene 6

               Bob is playing with the mobile phone, suddenly the mobile rings.

MR. JOHNSON: Who is using a mobile phone? (Silence)
                  Who?! (The mobile sound continues)
                  Bob, go to the headmaster’s office.
MR. TAYLOR: Why are you here?
BOB: I don’t know
MR. TAYLOR: You know
BOB: No, I don’t…
MR. TAYLOR: Are you here because you had used your mobile phone?
                                                        Galileo Victorian Times 1st March 1884

BOB: Mobile phone? But, I don’t have a mobile phone.
MR. TAYLOR: Are you sure?
BOB: Completely.
MR. TAYLOR: OK, you can return to class.
 (The mobile begins to ring again)
MR. TAYLOR: Don’t lie to me. (Writes a punishment paper) Take the paper and come this
BOB: But it was my clock.
MR. TAYLOR: Get out of my sight.

                               THE END


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