Sign Language Dog Training Commands by 9N066m


									                   “Dogma” – The New Trainers Mantra
     Dogs were bred to work with man
     Dogs communicate with man – Partnerships are built on
     Dogs can solve simple problems
     Dogs can be taught to remember – Commands are given
        only once
     Dogs remember best when they discover
     Dogs learn my trial and error – Allow dogs the right to be
        wrong. No corrections if they don’t understand what they’re
        being taught
     Dogs have excellent hearing – Commands are given in a
        normal voice
     Dogs can learn to pay attention
     Learning is stressful
     Fear of failure hinders learning
     Behavior can precede learning – Don’t assume
        understanding. Proofing defines. Understanding takes time
     When learning, dogs often slow down – Confidence
        builds speed
     Training should make sense – Have a reason. Be fair and
     Not all dogs are equal – Believe in yourself

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