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At the monthly Meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday 13 April
2010 in the Welcome Room of Methodist Church, the following were present:

                                     Mr Peter Brittin (Chair)
       Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker              Mr Hugh Burton
       Mr George Gasiorowski                       Mr Steve Griffiths
       Dr Peter Hacking                            Mrs Jane Lewis
       Mr Michael Rogers                           Mr Peter Thorn
       Mrs Janet Witcomb                           Mrs Louise Chapman (County Councillor
       Mr Colin Dingwall (District Councillor)     Mr Toby Morris (District Councillor)

In Attendance: Mrs Frances Hancox, Clerk; Mr Graham Haynes, Finance Officer.
Members of the public attending: 9 members of the public were present.
210. Apologies for absence.
Mrs Gill Battams and Mrs Laura Rostron.
211. Declarations of Interest.
Mr Michael Rogers: (personal) in respect of his membership of the HPFA Management Committee.
Mrs Janet Witcomb: (personal) in respect of her tenancy of a Cottsway garage.
212. Minutes of the Last Meeting.
Agreed: Members approved the Minutes of the Meeting of 9 March 2010 as an accurate record of
the meeting with the typographical correction in Minute 109; Mrs Laura Rostron.
213. Visiting Speaker: Mr Rodney Rose, Cabinet Member for Transport.
The Chairman welcomed Mr Rose who was attending the meeting to discuss residents’ road safety
The PC had reported recent incidents of speeding in Church Road and a number of ‘drive-through’
incidents at the Church Road pedestrian crossing. The Council had asked for Police and County
Council support to improve safety there, given that it was the major crossing point in the village for
parents with young children.
Mr Rose confirmed that the County Council Road Safety team had contacted him about the matter
and asked the PC and residents to report any such incidents to the Road Safety Team as well as the
a. Information from Residents.
Mrs Julie Partlett had experienced the ‘drive-throughs’ carrying out her duties as the School
Crossing Patrol officer in the parish. She had reported the most serious events but not every
incident. A resident informed Mr Rose of the several incidents she had experienced with her young
b. Drivers’ ignorance of the Highway Code.
In one incident a young driver was stopped and had explained that she thought it was all right to
drive through behind pedestrians completing a crossing because there was enough space to do so.
c. The meeting noted the following points:
     The mornings were the times of greatest pressure from speeding cars.
     The worst offenders were travelling from the direction of the Co-op.
     Cars overtook on the crossing.
     Mrs Partlett had tackled some drivers only to receive considerable verbal abuse.
     The Police had responded quickly to her concerns with site surveillance. However, if
        drivers spotted the Police and tracking devices they slowed down but this effect did not last
        once the Police left.
     Cars did not stop at the crossing even for adults waiting to cross.
     The entry to Church Road from the co-op roundabout often created problems for drivers
        with parked cars reducing visibility, after waiting to pass parked vehicles drivers speeded
        up as the road widened towards the junction with Roosevelt Road which coincided with the
        location of the pedestrian crossing.

d. Speed and Police Action.
A Councillor was concerned that in a recent speed survey the police had logged a car travelling at 37
miles per hour and at 34 miles per hour but had not logged this as an offence.
Mr Rose explained that the Police accepted a 10% extra speed to allow for speedometer error plus 2
The Chairman asked if there was anything the village could do to ensure drivers reduced speed in
recognition of a zebra crossing: a raised crossing would ensure cars slowed down. Mr Griffiths
pointed out that Oxford had introduced 20 mph speed limit for side roads. Mr Rose confirmed that
OCC would not be considering extending this policy until a 2 year review of its effectiveness and
safety benefits had been carried out. Effectiveness of speed limits depended on police enforcement.
Mr Rose assured the PC and residents that he would take immediate steps to investigate what
follow up action could be taken.
1. He would hold a site meeting with the OCC traffic manager to discuss what options were
available to ensure drivers reduced speed on approaching the crossing.
2. He would arrange for vehicle speed to monitored for a week via a discreet monitoring box. Such
monitoring devices were not highly visible.
e. Safety concerns at the Co-op roundabout.
The Chairman reported that vehicles travelling from Witney (even Police cars), often signalled left
as if to access the Co-op, only to drive straight on in the Bladon direction Pedestrians and vehicles
leaving the Co-op site had experienced near misses. Highways had observed the problems and
introduced signage and extra highlighting of the roundabout but the problem recurred daily.
Mr Thorn reported that the NAG meeting arranged for the police to come and observe traffic
behaviour. He suggested that an article in the Oxford Times might help.
Mr Dingwall pointed out that new safety thinking suggested removing most or all signs so that
drivers did not feel so comfortable and remained more alert. Unfortunately there was a basic
confusion because the Highway Code required drivers to indicate left for the second exit from a
f. Safety issues during the snow including hazardous conditions on pavements.
Mr Rose reported that at the end of April the County was arranging a review ‘wash up’ event
focussing on county problems experienced during the winter, involving social services and schools.
The aim was to learn from the response to the snow and how the County services could improve a
County wide response in similar conditions. For instance Highways would publicise clearer
information on which routes were being salted and gritted.
Pavements generally were lethal in the snow, but residents had been uncertain whether it was
legally permitted to clear them. OCC was double checking the law and would be putting out a
leaflet. It would need a bye law to require residents to clear outside their homes for the good of the
g. The problem of deep, multiple potholes.
Members reported the number of hazardous potholes at key junctions and the delay in patching
them. Up until Christmas, potholes reported as hazardous had usually been repaired in 24 hours.
County Councillor Mrs Chapman reported that OCC had made considerable extra funding available
specifically to address the repair problem which was county wide.
A new contract had just been negotiated for this work which should provide a better deal. The
tighter contract terms owed a great deal to the input from Mr Rose. Highways’ infrastructure had
suffered in the SE from lack of national investment. In relation to grants for bigger Highways’
projects, OCC had not been treated generously in the allocation of funding by the SE Regional
Council and Central government. But in delivering road maintenance in the County there should be
a much better performance.
The Chairman thanked Mr Rose for taking time in a busy evening to respond to residents’
problems. Mr Rose left the meeting.
214. Report of County Councillor.
Mrs Chapman reported the following:
The assessment of access to a Blenheim allotments site was is still in progress. Cottsway was
committed to holding an exhibition following the survey but there was no date yet.
She was delighted that Mr Rose was aware of local issues and she wished to be kept in the loop.
Mrs Chapman left the meeting.

215. Report of District Councillors.
Mr Dingwall and Mr Morris reported that outline planning permission was being sought to develop
extra car parking for the station.
216. Highways and Footpaths.
216.1. Problems at Riely Close.
a. The recycling facility.
Residents attending the Annual Parish Meeting had voted to remove and re-site the bins. Members
emphasised that the bins filled up even during a day following emptying due to firms depositing
trade waste.
Mr Dingwall agreed to ask for temporary use of a mobile CCTV camera to monitor this problem.
b. Discussion of Riely Close parking problems.
This raised the following points:
No designated parking bays created poor use of the car park
The car park was much easier to use during school holidays
If the parking was restricted to 3 hours monitoring would be needed and some Councillors thought
that it would not stop people parking round in Riely Close.
The District Councillors advised that if there was a time limit which was being abused the PC could
take the matter up with the authorities. In addition there were now street wardens who could come
and spot check.
Agreed: Mr Dingwall would look into the possibility of a time restriction on the car park and
parking bays.
216.2. Church Road.
a. Proposal to request a raised pedestrian crossing in Church Road.
Agreed: The PC would consider whether this was needed once the impact of any improvements
Mr Rose could introduce had been assessed.
b. Transit van and trailer had been parked on Church Road footway near the engineering works,
Members noted that this was an obstruction and walkers had to go via the road way to get to Field
Agreed: The PC would ask PCSO Phil Workman to check any recurrence and put a ticket or notice
on the van.
c. Proposal to consider a 20 mph limit.
Mr Dingwall suggested the PC investigate the ‘Quiet Lanes’ initiative.
216.3.Church Hanborough.
Nothing to report.
216.4. Lower Road.
Fly tipping on Burleigh Mile was reported. Members noted that centralising recycling at Stanton
Harcourt tip created the disincentive of 16 mile round trip for residents.
216.5. Footpaths and Footways.
Oxfordshire Conservation Volunteers were due to cut back the edges of the Coffin Path on 25 April.

217. Matters Arising.
217.1. Vans for hire on the Church Hanborough verge. (192.2)
These had not been parked out during the past few weeks. Planners had advised verges were
Highways responsibility but complaints about advertising might involve planning issues; if the
problem recurred the PC should write to Highways copied to the Planning Department.
217.2. Request to sweep cycleway/footway free of debris and grit. (195.2.)
Mr Lightfoot had placed this request on the WODC schedule. He would work to organise the sweep
up though there were unexpected staffing problems since The staff member for the Hanborough
area was on sick leave following a heart attack but he would arrange for the work to be done as soon
as possible.
217.3. Overflowing dog litter bins. (195.4b)
Dave Austin had asked his staff to make arrangements for the Woodstock Crews to service the Noo
28 Millwood End bin a minimum of twice weekly. If it continued to be full he would need to
consider installing a 35ltr bin

217.4. Minerals and Waste Development Strategy. (197)
Mrs Witcomb reported that the result of the consultation would be issues at the end of the month
217.5. Emergency access to the Pavilion. (202.b.)
The HPFA Chairman had met with the Clerk and agreed a telephone extension point. Copies of
essential keys were being cut.
218. Parish Council Matters
218.1. Parish Council Historical Documents.
Members attention was brought to the archive of Parish Council documents which had been
discovered preserved in a box in the Playing Fields changing rooms. The financial records covered a
number of years following 1895 when Parish Councils were first introduced. Receipts of Parish
expenditure on various coronation celebrations were among the ‘treasures’.
Agreed: The documents should be stored in the County Record Office.
Agreed: The Herald could publish the contents of some documents for all residents to share.
Members interested in specific documents could inspect them at the Clerk’s home before they were
deposited in Oxford.
218.2. Annual Parish Meeting.
Members noted that 46 residents attended. This represented a significant increase on the number
attending 10 years ago. The café format was very successful but the PC needed to encourage even
more support. The presentation on the new Parish Hall plans had been excellent and very well
received. The Chairman of Governor’s Report on the Manor School would be published in the
Herald for all residents.
Agreed: The Agenda should ensure that the reports of the District Councillors and County
Councillor were presented earlier in the proceedings to enable residents more time to question
Following reports from hard of hearing residents the Clerk would check whether there had been a
problem with the loop system.
218.3. New Parish Hall Project.
a. The Chairman had begun the task of completing initial forms required to get outline planning
permission for WODC by 2 November 2010. The process of obtaining required information was
complex and included costings for the build.
b. The Steering Group had arranged to meet officers from ORCC to get guidance on the next stage
including best approach to a parish survey to gauge residents’ support for the project.
c. The Steering Group was interested in obtaining a tender from a German firm specialising in
vandal resistant wood framed buildings. Their designs were attractive and had the advantage of
being completed in 6 weeks reducing the need for longer term hire of portacabins to house Playing
Fields activities following demolition of the Pavilion. The firm would provide drawings at a cost of
£700 and would adjust the design to incorporate client suggestions. Although full drawings were
not required in order to make an outline planning application.
d. Mr Dingwall recommended that the PC contact Sarah Allinson at WODC who manages
documentation and guidance for EU grant applications and lottery funding. Charlbury parish was
building a new library. By offering Cottsway part of the building for affordable accommodation
Cottsway was providing financial and practical support carrying out all the documentation for the
tendering and building regulations and covering architect’s fees. This provided a significant cash
advantage. Adrian Miller from Cottsway was very experienced at obtaining planning permission for
affordable Housing.
e. Guidance from the Finance Officer.
Mr Haynes reminded the meeting of the following guidelines:
1. Although, in exceptional circumstances, the PC Financial Regulations allowed transactions with
only one tender (carefully documented to justify that), normally expenditure involving public funds
required three tenders.
2. The project had to be a Parish Council Project for VAT to be refunded; it should be clearly set out
who would be the manager and owner of the project.

3. The arrangements on which the demarcation of management responsibilities of the HPFA and
Parish Council were now 50 years old and the original documents were poorly drafted and
confusing. A review of the working relationship between the PC and HPFA was required. A new
legal agreement setting out a new management structure under which the PC would delegate
management responsibilities should be drawn up, with the PC in control of the finances and
delegating the tasks of day to day management to the HPFA.
Mr Rogers strongly supported a review and redefinition of the management responsibilities of the
HPFA. He welcomed clarification, as following joining the HPFA he had found difficulty
comprehending how the responsibilities were delegated.
Mr Griffiths had experience as a PC member and at one time Chairman of the HPFA and regretted
the lack of clarity on ownership and management. A review was overdue.
Agreed: The Clerk would write to the Chairman of the HPFA suggesting that a joint working group
be set up to revise the details of the day to day management tasks and financial control of the
Playing Field, in order to clarify and rationalise the current agreement. The Finance Officer would
research models of management contracts.
219. Financial Matters.
219.1. Retirement of Financial Officer.
The Chairman reported that Mr Graham Haynes had informed the PC that he wished to retire from
the post of Finance Officer with effect from 31 July 2010. He was looking forward to having more
time to pursue other interests and projects without the restraints of Parish Council work.
Parish Council Appreciation of Mr Haynes’ years of service.
Mr Brittin expressed the feeling of the Members in saying that he accepted Mr Haynes’ resignation
with regret but he fully understood that after seven years commitment to the PC Mr Haynes needed
to enjoy more personal time. Mr Brittin paid tribute to the splendid work Mr Haynes had done for
the community finances: he would be missed. The PC wished him many years of enjoyment in
Agreed: The PC would advertise this post in the OALC circular, Hanborough Herald and in nearby
Agreed: The salary range would be advertised as a pro rata salary of 10 hours based on the
National Salary Scale for a parish in the group 28 to 30.
219.2. Accounts for Payment-Hanborough Herald Grant: Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker and Mr Griffiths
declared a non-pecuniary interest; Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker as Treasurer of the Hanborough Herald
and Mr Griffiths as a member of the Herald Group.
219.3. Monthly Schedule of Accounts for Payment.
Agreed: Members approved the following Schedule of Accounts for payment.
                Payee                       Description of payment       Payment         Cheque
 Hanborough Herald                   grant/publicity                      £1,250.00        102394
 Data Protection                     Exempt Information                    £250.00          102395
 WODC                                cemetery business rates                 £92.59        102396
 Thames Water Utilities ltd          water charges                           £10.80         102397
 Peach                               it's a knock out deposit             £1,175.00        102398
 OALC                                annual subscription                    £481.83        102399
 Cottsway Housing Association        garage rent                              92.26        102400
 Margaret L Johnson ltd              printing & office supplies             £454.53         102401
 WODC                                ROSPA report                            £54.45        102402
 Data Protection                     Exempt Information                      £571.12       102403
 Data Protection                     Exempt Information                    £523.30         102404
 Data Protection                     Exempt Information                     £351.35        102405
 Data Protection                     Exempt Information                     £197.96        102406
 Post office ltd                     PAYE & NI                             £348.68         102407
 Long Hanborough Methodist Church    room hire                               £45.00        102408
 Wicksteed Leisure ltd               play area gate                       £1,199.68        102409
 Public Works Loan Board             pavilion debt charge                 £1,703.66         102410

 March receipts                                                          Amount
                                         Description of receipt

                                     bank interest                             £0.24
                                     Cemetery fees                          £400.00
                                     WODC interest                            £13.17
                                     HPFA                                 £1,000.00
                                     Community first responders             £470.00

The Finance Officer reported that the payment to Margaret Johnson Ltd included over £300 for
printing the Parish Transport Survey. County Councillor Mrs Chapman pointed out that OCC had
reserved funds to contribute towards these surveys.
219.4. Acceptance of Accounts for 2009/2010.
Agreed: This matter would be deferred until the next meeting.
219.5. Proposal to release £1,000 from the New Parish Hall Fund to prepare plans.
Agreed: This matter would be deferred.
219.6. Community Responders’ Equipment Fund.
The Council considered a letter from the Hanborough Community First Responders (circulated).
The FO reminded the council of its commitment to hold monies on behalf of Hanborough First
Responders and to support them by the purchase of a Pulseoxymeter.
Agreed: It was agreed to transfer £400 to the Responders Fund for this purpose.
220. Planning
220.1. Comments made on recent planning applications.
10/0284/P/FP. Erection of two storey rear extension. Ox Close Main Road Long Hanborough
The Parish Council has no comments on this application.
10/0291/P/FP Alterations to existing frontage including new cladding, revolving door entrance and
mounted full size mini model. North Oxford Garage, Main Road, Long Hanborough.
The MINI sign is far too large and combined with the horrible car feature it is felt that these are
lowering the whole tone of the building.
10/0320/P/FP. Erection of detached garage/store with room above. The Rectory Farmhouse
Pigeon House Lane Church Hanborough
This proposal appears satisfactory. The Council asks that if approved the screen planting be made a
condition of the consent.
10/0424/P/FP. Erection of two detached dwellings with garaging. Alterations to existing access.(To
allow insertion of dormer window to garage of unit one) 42 Witney Road Long Hanborough
The Parish Council considers that the proposal is an acceptable amendment to those already
granted planning permission.
220.2. Planning Applications: decisions notified by WODC

10/0119/P/FP: Erection of single storey extension to provide double garage & work room and
construction of detached, self contained ancillary living accommodation. Keswick Church Road
Church Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The roof and walls of the proposed extension and annexe shall be constructed of materials of the
same colour, type and texture as the materials used in the construction of the existing building.
REASON: To ensure the appearance of the extension matches the original building. (Policy BE2 of
the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011).

3. The living accommodation hereby approved shall only be occupied by members of the family or
staff employed at the dwelling house known as Keswick. REASON: As the provision of a separate
dwelling would be contrary to the locational housing policies (Policy H4 of the West Oxfordshire
Local Plan 2011).
4. The existing hedge along the south west boundary of the land shall be retained and that any
plants which die shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of a similar species and
shall be retained. REASON: To ensure the retention of a valuable landscape feature in the interest
of visual amenity. (Policy NE6 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011)
10/0194/P/FPEXT: Alterations and erection of two single storey extensions and front porch.(To
extend time limit of planning application 07/0439/P/FP)
 Silk Hill 5 Swan Lane Long Hanborough
Granted subject to conditions.
1. The development hereby permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the
date of this permission. REASON: The time condition is imposed in order to comply with the
requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended).
2. The external walls of the building shall be rendered in accordance with a sample panel which
shall first be laid on site and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority prior to
development commencing and which shall thereafter be retained on site until the development is
REASON: To ensure that the development is in keeping with other buildings in the locality. (Policy
BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011)
3. The roof of the proposed extension shall be constructed of materials of the same colour, type and
texture as the materials used in the construction of the existing building, unless otherwise agreed in
writing by the Local Planning Authority. REASON: To ensure the appearance of the extension
matches the original building. (Policy BE2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011)
4. Detailed drawings of the following items to a scale of not less than 1 :20 shall be submitted to and
approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority before work on that part of the development
takes place; details of the proposed aluminium pergola framework at a scale of 1 :50.
REASON: This information has not been submitted with the application. (Policy BE2 of the West
Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011)
10/0242/P/FP: Erection of single and two storey side extension. 4 Evenlode Drive Long
That the proposed extension, due to its design and form, particularly the high eaves height, would
be an incongruous addition to the detriment of the character and appearance of the main dwelling
and the wider street scene. As such the proposal is considered to the contrary to policies BE2 and
H2 of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011.
221. Village Amenities.
221 1. Leisure Facilities Management Report.
a. Retirement of the Manager.
Mr Stephen Braybrooke-Tucker had informed the PC that he would be retiring as Leisure Areas
Manager with effect from October 2010. Mr Braybrooke-Tucker provided his services on a
voluntary basis and received an honorarium to cover expenses. Announcing his retirement at this
stage should give the PC enough time to recruit a replacement Manager.
b. The Pit..
Steve Foster, OCC, had checked and agreed the records and agreed that the willow should be
removed. The Clerk would investigate when the work would be completed.
c. Children’s Playground.
Wickstead had at last installed the new gate. The Manager was extremely dissatisfied with the
standard of work. The flagstone threshold had not been counter sunk and had posed a trip hazard;
Mr Braybrooke-Tucker had embedded the stones correctly. The ‘new’ gate had been expensive but

arrived in poor condition with chipped paint. The Chairman had inspected the substandard work
and Wickstead had been informed of the problems.
d. Multi Sports Court.
The bolts had sheared off the plywood surround boards due to the pressure of footballs aimed at
e. Hurdeswell.
The site was fine.
221.2. Playing Fields Matters.
Members noted that, in the Annual Police Report for the Annual Parish Meeting, PC Richardson
had asked whether the PC wished to request the Playing Fields gates to be locked for the evenings
given that youngsters with cars frequently congregated there.
Mr Rogers pointed out that an issue such as that highlighted the perennial quandary about what
decisions and responsibilities were solely the HPFA’s or should be a combined decision with the
PC. He had only recently joined the HPFA Committee and recognised the need for greater
clarification of the logical as compared with the historical separation of roles between the PC as
owner of the Playing Fields and the HPFA.
Members agreed that establishing a new Parish Hall would require a new agreement and definition
of responsibilities shared between the HPFA and PC.
Agreed: The Clerk would write to the chairman of the HPFA suggesting holding a meeting to
examine the management needs of a new hall and combined and separate responsibilities set out in
a new legal agreement.
221.3. Reports from other Community/Council Working Groups.
No other reports.
221.4. Other Community Initiatives.
No reports.
222. Transport Matters.
a. The Transport Representative had e-mailed that Stagecoach had just had introduced two new
bus services in Oxford, including a new Sunday service for Greater Leys. Allen Field, OCC Bus
Services Manager, had replied that the new Oxford services were funded by savings as a result of
the two main operators taking over some City services commercially. OCC would be happy to
recommend improvements to subsidised bus services in West Oxfordshire within the money
223. Community Police Report.
1. Greens had been stolen from the allotments.
2. Community visit of the Mobile Police Van. Several people had visited Phil Workman at this visit.
224. Allotments.
The FO reported that all the allotments’ rents but one had been paid. The vacant allotment had
been let and the tenant of another allotment had given notice terminating their tenancy at the end
of September.
225. Cemetery Administration.
The FO reported that a grave had sunk. The memorial was to be removed by monumental masons
and the groundsman would fill the depression. When the ground had settled the memorial would
be replaced.
226. Clerk’s Report. Nothing to report.
227. Miscellaneous Reports from Members. No Reports received.
The Meeting ended at 9.30 pm.
The Date of the Next Meeting.
The next meeting of the Parish Council would be the Annual Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 11
May 2010.

The Chairman. 11 May 2010.


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