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									Healthy Lifestyle

Related section of pack: Health

Aim:           To discuss ‘sick days’ off work and how to avoid them by
               having a healthier lifestyle.

Materials:     A task sheet for each learner

ESOL level:    Access 3 upwards

SCQF level:    3

Time:          60 mins

Preparation:   Photocopies of the task sheet

In class:
    1) Write ‘sick days’ on the board and tell learners that we are going to
        look at the problem it is in the workplace. Managers want to find ways
        of reducing the number of sick days.

   2) Discuss and compare proverbs related to health.

   3) Divide class into small groups, for Q & A (1-3). Higher level learner
      can relay information from their group to the class.

   4) Look at healthy/unhealthy activities. Answer yes/no.

   5) Follow instructions to add suggestions to the manager’s list. Encourage
      lots of discussion.

   6) Divide class into threes, each group with a higher level learner. The
      higher level learner is the manager. Follow instructions.

Assessment:    The task helps prepare the learners for the following summative
               Access 3 Personal and Social English Outcomes 1 & 2
               (DA9K 09)
               Access 3 English for Work and Study Outcomes 1 & 2
               (DA9H 09)
Healthy Lifestyle

1. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

This is an old proverb. What do you think it means?

Do you have a proverb in your language that means the same?

2. What do you understand as ‘healthy’?

              1. Do you think you are healthy?
              2. When did you last visit the doctor?
              3. Have you ever been to hospital? Why?

In groups of two or three, ask each other these questions.

3.Which of the following does a healthy person do? Put a tick ( )for
‘yes’ and a cross (x)for ‘no’.

                                                             yes   no

Takes the dog for a walk every day

Has a hamburger and fries for lunch

Eats five portions of fruit and vegetables every day

Goes to the pub after work

Eats breakfast before going out in the morning

Drinks lots of water

Smokes 20 cigarettes every day

Plays on the play station all week-end

Plays tennis at the week-end

Watches movies every evening
4.You are the new manager of a small factory. There is a problem with
staff taking ‘sick’ days off work. The factory is losing money. You want to
find an answer to this problem. You are going to give staff two hours off
every week for six weeks for an activity that will make them healthier.

The manager suggests the following:

 1. Get a ‘diet and fitness’ expert to help staff lose weight
 2. Offer hypnotism to smokers to help them stop smoking
 3. Cookery lessons for learning to cook healthier food
Add three more suggestions that would make the factory staff healthier.

5.Discuss these suggestions.
Choose the activity that would be best for you (put a tick in the box).
Tell the class which activity would be best for you and why.

6.The manager is pleased with his idea. He sits back in his chair with a
large mug of tea. There is a knock at the door. Two of his best workers
want a word!     They are not happy. The only way to make employees
healthy and happy is to pay them more, they say.

Role play

The employees
You don’t like all these new ‘healthy’ ideas. You want more money. This
will make you healthy and happy.

The manager
You must try to convince these two employees that your idea is a good
one. Good luck!

7.Six months later, are employees still taking a lot of days off ‘sick’?
yes/no (discuss).
What do you think the manager should do next?

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