The Center For Human-Animal Interaction by 9N066m


									                  “Improved health and well being through human-animal interaction”

                        Accomplishments – 2008


     Community Education
      o St. Mary’s Hospital AORN (Association of PeriOperitive Nurses)
      o Bon Air Presbyterian Church Women
      o SOTA (Occupational Nursing Students)
      o Governor’s School
      o Bon Secours Nursing Student Project
      o Fetch-A-Cure
      o Numerous telephone calls and emails responding to questions about Center
     VCU
           o Medical Student Chapter of Dogs On Call
           o Center Sponsored Inpatient Psychiatry Conference – Dr. Joan Esnayra,
                President of Psychiatric Service Dog Society
           o 4 year medical student elective with the Center
           o Center elective in Honors in Psychiatry Program
           o Psychiatry residency elective with the Center
     External Professional
           o National Institutes of Health Staff Training in Extramural Programs
                (STEP) Forum, Betheda, MD – invited presentation on health benefits of
                interacting with companion animals
           o Invitation only conference, Directions in Human-Animal Interaction
                Research: Child Development, Health, and Therapeutic Intervention,
                Sponsored by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child
                Health and Human Development and The Waltham Centre for Pet
                Nutrition – presentation on Evaluating Animal-Assisted Interaction


     VCU Children’s Medical Center Telethon
     VCU Medical Center Auxiliary Newsletter (Dogs On Call therapy dog named
      “employee/volunteer of the month”)
     “Virginia Currents” television production feature

     “Power in Personal Philanthropy” VCU brochure/website article highlighting
      Center Research and Advisory Board Member and supporter Bill Balaban with
      his dog Bitz
     V Magazine
     Skirt Alert
     Healthtalk Radio interview
     “Virginia This Morning”, WTVR-Ch 6, interview
     Best Life Magazine
     Chicago Tribune newspaper
     Dog Fancy Magazine
     Thrive Magazine
     Talk Therapy radio (97.3FM) interview
     Women’s Magazine


     Completion of 9 minute Center video for promotion and fundraising (courtesy of
     Participation in Henrico Humane Society Annual Pet Expo
     DOC teams participation in Connections 2008 (Children’s Hospital VCUMC)
     Participation in the 2008 Anthem Gurney Tourney (given “honorary guard”
     Center relationship established with “Fetch-A-Cure” foundation
     Center information packets redesigned for team and public relations use
     Center Offices in West Hospital were updated and resource materials were
     Development of Dogs On Call program “identification” for the therapy dogs (to
      be worn during hospital visitation and public appearances)
     Met with representatives from Eukanuba External Relations and the American
      Kennel Club about possible collaboration
     Met with representatives from Richmond SPCA about possible support of pet
      loss support group


     Article in press: The benefits of human-animal interaction: A review. Journal of
      Veterinary Medical Education. (Authors: S. Barker and Wolen)
     Invited Chapter in press: Physiological correlates of health benefits from pets. In
      Directions in Human-Animal Interaction Research: Child Development, Health
      and Therapeutic Interventions. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for
      Child Health and Human Development. (Authors: Friedman, S. Barker, and Allen)

     Completion of National Institutes of Health intramural grant- Effect of AAT on
      distress on cancer patients being treated for pain (trilateral agreement between
      NIH, The Iams Company Division of Proctor and Gamble, and the Center) –
      manuscript in preparation (Investigators: Berger, S. Barker, Knisely, Hoehl)
     Completed pilot study of Brain activity during interaction with a pet dog – 1
      manuscript submitted and a second in preparation (Investigators: S. Barker,
      Knisely, Pandurangi, McCain, Murphy, Schubert, Burakgazi, & Dalkilic)
     Completed preliminary study of the effect of animal-assisted therapy on stress in
      adults undergoing hemodialysis - study completed and preliminary data included
      in grant application submitted to NIH. (Investigators: S. Barker, Knisely, McCain,
      Cobb, Allen, Schubert, and Call)
     A pilot investigation of the perception of the impact of companion animals in the
      workplace on employee organizational support/satisfaction, stress, and
      commitment - study protocol undergoing IRB review (Investigators: R. Barker,
      Knisely, S. Barker, Cobb, and Schubert)


     Dogs On Call
         o DOC teams – As of Dec 2008, 34 teams were participating in the Dogs
            On Call program. Several new teams were certified throughout the year
            while 7 teams retired from the program.
         o Visitations – 440 visits were conducted Jan. through Dec. 2008. Multiple
            patients, family and staff were seen during each visit. Visits were made in
            all areas (except the OR) of Main and North Hospitals with the addition of
            the Critical Care Tower in the winter of 2008, along with the Adult Day
            Care and Outpatient Children’s Pavillion
         o Requests – ongoing coordination continues between Volunteer Services
            and the Center to enhance the handling of increased requests for DOC
         o DOC teams participation in the annual VCU Massey Cancer Center
            Palliative Care Retreat
         o Therapy Dog evaluations (Delta Society) were conducted in Jan. (2 new
            teams passed, 2 recertified), March (4 new teams passed, 1 recertified),
            July (4 new teams passed, 6 recertified), and Sept. (7 new teams passed,
            4 recertified). These evaluations were made possible through funding
            from the MCVH Auxiliary and generous private donations.
         o Pilot “therapy dog” class initiated in September to aid new teams in
            passing the Delta evlaution and learning about the Dogs On Call
         o Dogs On Call new member folders updated
         o Dogs On Call team information files updated in coordination with
            Volunteer Services.

         o     Fourth Annual Center appreciation picnic for DOC teams and program
               staff held in October, 2008
         o Reimbursement of Delta Registration ($75.00/2yr.) was awarded to those
               teams who have shown extraordinary commitment to the Dogs On Call
         o Talks began with the Evans-Hayes Burn Unit for Animal Assisted Therapy
               programs with pediatric burn patients
         o Ongoing plans to organize regular visits of DOC teams to the Outpatient
               Children’s Pavilion and the Adult Day Care areas
         o Participation of select teams in Pediatric Unit memorial services
     Pet Loss Support Group
         o Continuing support by veterinary community and Dog Services for Pet
               Loss Support Group
         o Support of group by Fetch-A-Cure
     Facility Dog addition to Dogs On Call
         o The VTCC (Virginia Treatment Center for Children) was approved to
               initiate the use of a Facility Dog onsite. “Bahia” was trained by Canine
               Companions for Independence as a facility dog and is owned and lives
               with VTCC nurse, Tess Searls.


     Secured endowment bequest agreement with private supporter.
     Close At Heart Fund
         o 555 condolence letters sent in response to donations made by 80 donors,
             honoring living and deceased pets, pet owners, veterinarians, and others
         o Promoting fund to area veterinarians
     Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign – participation in kickoff activities
     Dogs On Call Calendar for 2009
         o Brought in new sponsors from the community
         o Increased sales dates
         o Increased use of calendars mid year as a media/information and public
             realtions tool
     Verizon and Wachovia provided matching funds through employee volunteer
      programs and participating DOC team members
     Gumenick Suites bake sale supported the Center and Dogs On Call
     Appointment of Center Advisors to guide drive for endowment, fundraising,
      growth, etc.


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